Monday Mindspacing Vol. 116

1) Atlanta was so fun!!  From the wedding to all the food we ate, Rashan and I had a blast!  We even met K. Rock & her husband and K. Rock & I took a pic for bloggers only!  None for you, Rashan!! LOLOL!  ATL post coming later in the week!  I saw a hat I can't stop thinking about but didn't buy.  Aye.
2) My aol email address spammed a bunch of people on Friday.  I had thought about getting rid of it just a few weeks ago and didn't.  How annoying.
3) Hotels kill me charging for the internet.  And parking.  I don't know which is worse.
4) Can someone teach my husband how to look at the camera (and look like a normal person)????  He used to be able to do this but in the last few months, we've had to take at least 5 pictures every time I try to take ONE!!  Seriously??  How am I the only person taking a picture AND counting and you're looking in the wrong direction or seem like I caught you completely off guard???  If I didn't have to live with him for 55 or more years beyond the next one, I'd show you an example but I'll have to keep the proof to myself.  Le sigh.
5) My laptop is quickly running out of memory and I need to do something to fix it.
6) I'd really like to get a job.  I got leads for two local ones ON FRIDAY that turned out to be duds.  One fell through.  The other was to drive an hour away five times per week to work a total of 11.5 hours each week.  Yeah... the ad was not nearly specific enough or I wouldn't have even applied for that one.
7) I'm not ever going to stop believing Rashan is trying to kill me when he leaves his size 12 shoes in the middle of the floor.
8) Do me a solid.  If you're going to comment on an article I post, at least skim it first.
9) Rashan took a serial killer quiz and got 9/9 questions right.  I knew he would.  Did I tell you he likes to fall asleep to true crime shows?  He's almost turned me into a narcoleptic when I hear a crime show.
10) It makes me want to cry when people yearn for the next season!  Unless the next season is spring.  The only winter I can stand is a mild one.  I like wearing my pretty coats but I don't like crying, rush from the house, below zero cold.  I find it morally repugnant.  I don't really like hot weather but I'd prefer that to cold as long as I have a/c.
11) I want some crazy high wedge heels.  Like these!  And I've been obsessed for months over these!!
12) Eeeeeevery time us black women get together in a large group we have to talk about natural hair?  The conversation is so incredibly and unnecessarily tedious.  And I don't really want to hear it in a running group.  Can we just talk about running, please?


sayitlikethis said...

I am completely and totally o-v-e-r the natural hair conversation, movement, journey, etc.

Here and there discussing it is fine but on every possible occasion? Shoot me now.

And the natural hair sorority? I need for every last one of them to go and play in traffic after drinking bleach smoothies.

Jazzy said...

the hair sorority always makes me snicker...i'm laughing as i type about it lol!

one girl on twitter was talking about a natural hair support group...o_O seriously though?!!!

Nerd Girl said...

3. Charging for parking is worse! Leeches.
6. I was mad for you about that bogus job. They were vague on purpose.
8. Do you a solid? You sound like one of my uncles with that one!
10. Don't cry. But I really wish it were fall.
12. I have a feeling that back when our mothers' (just mine?) went natural there wasn't nearly as much brou-haha about it. I guess when your only option is a pick and some Sta-Sof-Fro there's only so many conversations you can have.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1.Awwww two bloggers I read regularly. YaaaaaaY!! 3.OMG!! Ridiculously priced hotel parking kills me!! I'm already paying to stay and I gotta pay to park??? Boooo!! Ole stinkin price gouger!
6.Sending get a great job vibes your way! 11.*SCREAMS* loving this whole comment!!! The Lorrissa's were off my radar until I saw "What Not To Wear" they are so back on!! Those are the tamest Jeffrey Campbell's I've seen, but they're cute. I can't believe we like the same shoes!!

Sparkling Red said...

8) I'd like to comment on your post, but I couldn't be bothered to read it. ;-)

K. Rock said...

1. Glad you enjoyed your trip!
3. They are both pretty bad. Both should be a free service.
4. We need the photographic evidence. He wont mind.
7. I can so relate. I trip over my husband's boats all the time.
10. I like it hot. After the temp. dips below 60 during the day, I basically hold my breath and wait for April.
12. I haven't had that experience but I am kinda over the whole "movement" too.

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

Number 7.. Number 7!! WHY?!?!? I'm forever reminding D to not leave his shoe right in the middle of the floor or in front of the bed for me to trip over.. I use my sweetest kindest voice when I really want to yell, lol.

Jameil said...

sayit... It's so cliquish! Did you really 'go natural' so you could be better than eeeeeeverybody else? I'm all for seeking information but when you have to make everyone else out to hate themselves, act like it's the ONLY hair choice, ugh. Play in traffic after drinking bleach, tho??? LOLOL

jazz... ¡dios mio! it's just hair.

ng... 3) LEECHES!
6) Exactly.
8) LOLOL Do that for me tho!
10) You live in MS so I can give you that.
12) Mine too! There was probably a different sort of brouhaha from the older generation & more staid of the younger generation perplexed by the fro-ification of America.

gp... 1) Yay!
3) ESPECIALLY when I get a good deal that's no longer a good deal now that I have to pay $12-17/day for parking.
6) Thanks!
11) :) Now that I look at the JCs again, I like them a little less but I was trying to find something quickly. You like these, too? http://piperlime.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=37373&vid=1&pid=879938&scid=879938002

red... LOL! Mess!

k... 1) :) Me too!
3) Seriously!
4) LOL! Behave!
7) Not cool, dudes! Not cool!
10) LOL! Stop holding your breath!
12) It's OOC.

sha... WHY!?!? MURDERATION IN THIS DANCEREE!! They're tryin to kill us!! I need wife practice. I have not mastered the sweetest voice while raging against the machine on the inside!