Monday Mindspacing Vol. 115

1) Y'all. My sister ain't right in the head.  She said, "I just re-read the 'I Have A Dream' speech, in my MLK voice. When I finished I got chills."  You gave yourself chills??? In your MLK voice??? I can't.
2) It's well-documented that I don't love chocolate.  But I reeeeeally don't like white chocolate.  I refuse to eat that cocoa butter product.  If I'm gonna eat chocolate, I want real chocolate.
3) Hey guess what!  This is like the 90th incarnation of BasketballWives (nope, don't watch it) so you really don't have to say EVERY TIME, "But they're not wives."  That isn't new information.  Move on.
4) Whyyyyy are you providing your unsolicited relationship "advice" daily when according to you, you've yet to be in a functional one?  Please stop.
5) The phrase 'needless to say' grates on my nerves.  If you don't need to say it... don't.
6) We're going to another internet wedding (they met on the web, too!) in Atlanta THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE SOooooooo EXCITED!!!!!!
7) I'm cooking up a storm!  I halfway wish I had someone other than Rashan to share it with.  Sometimes I feel like he's bored with my cooking.  Not bored but used to it.  Maybe he needs to eat some bad food w/o me so he can love me again.
8) I'm starting to need spices in my food.  My taste buds are increasingly rarely excited by just salt and pepper.
9) Guess who's started 5k training??? I loved my first run!  I felt so accomplished at the end of it!  I'm doing the Couch to 5k program.  Wheeeeee!
10) I loooooove these teaching books!!  I'm like a little baby whose head is wide open, ready to be filled with knowledge!!  I feel so inspired!  And ready to go change the world!!
11) Did you look out for the cook out?  Because nobody told me where the cookout is today!!!  For shame!!  For those of you who are actually reading on Monday DESPITE not being at work, HAPPY LABOR DAY!!  And to Nicole, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
[12) Avert your eyes, K. Rock! I'm just really, really excited by life this week!]


Adei von K said...


4. I blame steve harvey (and hill harper to a lesser extent) for the nouveau love gurus that have popped up every*dang*where

5. "with that being said" can cease to exist for me. i was at training and that is def the new "like" for WGs

6. i am so excited for that wedding too!!!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR PICS!!

9. Couch to 5k sounds inspirational. i will continue to support you from the couch. Run, Jameil, RUN!

K. Rock said...

2. I am not a fan either. It is much sweeter than chocolate IMO and tastes like cream.
4. Everybody thinks thay know something and folks love giving advice even on things they arent good at.
6. I hope that you are as equally excited that you will be meeting me the next day. I cant even front. I am super excited!
7. That's not a bad idea. Serve him up some regular stuff for a week until he is begging for your fabulotious cooking. Then make him say thank you after every meal.
8. I am a S&P girl. I do like spices but I like stuff simple a lot of the time.
9. Yayyyy! You are going to love it! Run Jameil run!
11. We din't have a cook out to go to either. It was a kinda boring rainy day.
12. Awww cut me slack. I am excited too!

akima said...

1) I snortled at this. LOL!!!
2) White chocolate is gross.
4) For me to accept your relationship advice, you have to be: a) in at least your second decade of happy successful relationshipping, b) really old (like 80+) or c) asked for it.

sayitlikethis said...

I had so much more to say but I'm stuck at giving yourself chills by using your MLK voice.

Shoot! I gave myself hiccups from laughing so hard at that one!

I agree with you on white chocolate. It's terrible. Unless it's a White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks. Those are dee-lish. Because they taste NOTHING like chocolate.

You & Rashan met on the innanets? Didn't know that! You're the second married couple I've heard about. The other met on Twitter. #InternetPowersForGood

I agree with Adei von K on "with that being said." It can go to hell on a scholarship. I had a trainer who said it at the end of almost EVERY sentence.

I despise, "for me, personally"

Sparkling Red said...

1) Next she's going to be presenting herself with an Oscar. ;-)
2) Agreed. 'White chocolate' is gross. Tastes to me like melted candle wax.
7) I'm coming over now!

beauteefullsoul said...

1.) I just had to refrain myself from hollaring at work.. because this sounds like something I would do...LOL

3.) I am so sick of ALL of the 'Basketball Wives, Girlfriends, Baby Mama's, Jumpoffs, and Boo Thangs'!! I'd rather watch LaLa and Carmelo's boring a** show.. At least she is a REAL wife!!

5.) *timidly raising hand* Guilty!!!

6.) Oh, cool!! Me and my boo met on the internet, too!!!! *playing 'Computer Love' in the background* LOL

8.) I started using spices from 'Pampered Chef'.. Their moroccan rub is the BOMB.COM!!!

grey rose (they/them) said...

hooray for the couch2 5k!


Nicole said...

2. I don't like chocolate either! I thought I was the only person on the planet!
3. I've never seen Basketball Wives but everyone is always talking about it. Like when Jersey Shore (another show I've never seen) was new. Sometimes I miss cable. I know those shows are trashy but I want to be in the know too! And I love trashy TV!
5. I hate "me myself personally." Do people say that where you live? It irks my nerves so much.
6. Me and my guy met online too! Almost five years.
11. Thank you for the birthday wishes! That was so sweet of you. Awwww. Hugs. Unless hugging a stranger freaks you out. In which case, head nod, instead. ;-)

Anonymous said...

1. She's funny!! In HER MLK voice, huh? Have you witnessed this particular rendition????
2. Ugh! I hate white chocolate as well. Reminds me of wax or unflavored butter.
7. Serve him some instant grits or fish sticks for a couple of days. He'll be appreciative again!

Jameil said...

adei... 1) so cray! so can i!!
4) but you're a regular chick who talks too much so why do steve/hill inspire you?? (not you specifically)
5) lolol! that is terrible! and not just b/c it's overly wordy and imprecise!
9) Yay!! Thank you!! You should come down for the fest Oct. 16th! :)

k... 2) exactly.
4) omg & i wish they would stooooop!
6) yay! it was so fun!
7) lolol i know that's right!
8) my mom's food is THE BEST w/s&p. my own i like heavily seasoned.
9) :) It's been great!
11) I guess at least it wasn't rainy here.
12) Yay!! :)

akima... 1) LOLOL Me too!
2) precisely.
4) Amen!

say... LOLOL. She's nutty with that! I don't like white choc anything. Bleeeeech. We met via this very blog! Not on scholarship! LOL The worst! For me, personally??? Who else would it be for since you're saying it???

red... 1) LOLOL! She should tape that one!
2) so gross. lol @ that comparison!
7) come on! maybe wait til dec. give yourself a nice vacay in some warmish weather! lol

bfs... welcome!
1) Lol! please don't be like that crazy chick!
3) I can't watch any of that stuff. Petty fighting wearies me! It's why I can't be bothered with CSPAN. LOLOL
5) Nooooo!
6) Lol @ computer love!
8) Ooh! I have so many spices I make a lot of rubs from them.

hs... thanks!

nic... 2) oh no! there are many of us! many more than you'd think! my grandfather hated it and my cousin doesn't like it either.
3) lol! rashan would never not have cable! and i'm quite okay with that! those shows make me crazy!
5) lol. that is terrible! i've heard it before.
6) yay!! please tell the story!
11) :) i don't mind hugging strangers!

mrstdj... 1) LOL I haven't!
2) LOL w/the wax! Y'all are funny!
7) lolol! I can't torture ANYONE w/instant grits! Not those individual packets. So gross! I like fish sticks. LOL