Budget Conversation: Groceries

Y'all already know I love food.  I also love going to the grocery store!!  It brings me great delicious joy!  I could wander the aisles for hours!  Especially when I have... COUPONS!!!  So Rashan and I are constantly trying to spend the least amount of money possible at the grocery store.  Between in-store deals and coupons, I'd really like to one day walk out frequently paying less than 1/3 of our bill.  I know Rashan would love that, too.  We usually end up paying about half.  But sometimes... that dude is crazy.  A conversation from Monday, if you will.

Rashan: Here's my debit card. How much are you going to spend?
Me: (knowing I'm going to at least 3 stores including Whole Foods) Uhhh... how much do you want me to spend?
Rashan: $40.
Me: (Thinking: I was thinking more like $50 but that's reasonable.) Okay. I can do that.
Rashan: Or less.
Me: Don't push it.


The day when I have an unlimited budget and a personal chef to cook them all when I just don't feel like it?  It shall be a happy day indeed.


sayitlikethis said...

Jealous that you can buy groceries for two people for $40. How long does that last???? Enjoy it. Because if/when you have children, those days are FAR behind you.

Jameil said...

LOL If my pantry is stocked, about a week!