There's no doubt that even if you were residing under a rock, you noticed there was an earthquake on the East Coast on Tuesday.  If you had any contact with me on that day, you're aware that since it was indeed my birthday, I deemed it...


That's right, folks.  The world shook because I was born.  And on the east coast!  For the first time in more than 50 years!  (All Californians who want to act superior, please exit stage left.)  Before I get into my birthquake experience, let's talk about how another one hit Denver, then one hit the Bay area!  LOVE IT!!  *chants*  BIRTHQUAKE, BIRTHQUAKE, BIRTHQUAKE!!!

So it was my first earthquake birthquake and to say I was confused would be a bit of an understatement.  I was sitting on my bed listening to Luke (HAHAHAHA! Who else among you can say that???) when the bed started shaking.  I was like, "Now I know Luke is exciting but listening to it shouldn't be making the bed shake like that."  I was so confused I started looking around for something that could be manually shaking the bed.  Then I stopped the music like I was so excited about my birthday that I was imagining it.

Rashan was in the bathroom 10 feet away and I was like, "Rashan! Why is the bed shaking??"  "What?"  "WHY IS THE BED SHAKING??? Come here!"  "What are you talking about? I don't see anything."  "COME FEEL THE BED! IT'S SHAKING!"  He's staring at me like I have 8 heads and just one nose.  He walks over and touches the bed and doesn't feel anything.  Then I'm REALLY confused.  Now I think I might have discovered I have the palsy on my 29th birthday.  IS THIS WHAT IT'S LIKE GETTING OLDER?!?!  "Well touch me. Maybe it's just me shaking & I think it's the bed."  He touches me, still nothin.  By this point I glance at twitter and MrsCount, her sister & another DCer had all almost simultaneously said, "EARTHQUAKE!"

Y'all.  I still didn't get it.  It was my first earthquake!  I THOUGHT I WAS CLAIRVOYANT!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I'm cracking up at this now!!  I tell Rashan they said an earthquake in D.C. and he's still staring at me like I'm touched in the head.  I was like, "I DON'T WANNA BE CLAIRVOYANT!!!"  While actually thinking... well maybe sometimes.  But I don't wanna SHAKE from it!!  Then the tweets start coming in from a Charlotte station I follow (Winston stations were USELESS but this is no shock) that it was felt down there, too.  That's when he finally started to believe me.  This dude said, "I thought it was all an elaborate ruse."  LOLOL!!  I said, "Why would I do that??? .... But it would be hilarious..."  "I know! That's why I thought you were doing it. I can't believe you felt it and I didn't! I'm jealous!"  LOLOL  So basically, I loved the quake!

Elsewhere in my family, my brother drives a truck so for him the ground is always moving.  He felt nothing.  My sister was in Raleigh at work and BAFFLED as to why it sounded like someone rolling a boulder outside.  She was like, "They are really doing the most out there right now."  LOLOL!!  When the building started shaking and she was on the second floor, she was not pleased!  They evacuated and went home early.  And now that Irene is heading for the coast, she's off work today.  Let me go call her to make sure she's leaving the area.  She has the worst travel lust so I'm sure she is.  (She did but went to DC for the King memorial as planned... side eye.)

My mom was also on the second floor of a building but in Charlotte.  She was on the phone and felt the need to act like nothing was happening even though she was extremely confused.  LOL!!  Especially since there has been a lot of construction near her building in the last few years.  She thought it was related to that but there was no one nearby to give her a look or anything.  Then she got an email from her boss saying, "No, you did not imagine that. Yes, it was an earthquake."  Oh man.  What a fun day!  More birthday updates coming over the next week!  Want a preview picture?  Us at the vineyard!


ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

"Birthquake" ....LOL! #sideeye. I was SO scared, whaaat! Stop playing. That's odd that your huuuusban' didn't feel anything, hmmm...

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

You and this Birthquake! Girl I was almost asleep...and being shaken awake is NOT the bizness.

But I'm glad your birthday is now and forever a historical event!

Adei von K said...


For you to be genuinely confused makes me laugh soooooo hard!!!!!! Jameil had the ill o_O face!!! HAHAHAHA!! "Brrrr? Uncle Luke, is that you??"

HAHAHAHA then "the palsy"!!! You are a messsssss!!!

The E's "They are doing the most right now..." Who? God!?!? LOLOLOLOL!!!

Sparkling Red said...

Careful, you know you're a trendsetter. Now everyone will want a birthquake. I know I do. Hold onto your hat on September 20th!

Mrs Count said...

Your recap is hilarious! I really enjoyed the earthquake, I found it exciting. I think it's funny that twitter was the confirmation that there was indeed an earthquake for most people.

At least once a week I try to diagnose MrC or myself with the palsy, we have way too much involuntary shaking going on around here.

Jameil said...

sha... what you scared for??? lol very strange that he felt nothing!!

gp... you live in CA!!! get used to it!! i'm delighted it's a historical event forever!!!!!! (already was)

adei... lololol uncle luke? why you do this?

red... lol! i would be so jealous if it wasn't my birthquake!! if i feel your canadian quake way down here, you might win birthquake aught 11!!

mrsc... lol! so exciting! twitter had to tell me or i wouldn't believe it!! :) not regular palsy diagnoses, tho!! lolol! only y'all!!