Monday Mindspacing Vol. 67

1) Dooo Yoooou Knooow What Tomorrow Issss? It's my bloggerversary!  The day for me and meeeeeeeeeeeee!!  Tomorrow I have officially been blogging for five years!  Wow!  My life is completely different than it would've been if I wasn't a blogger.  I feel very enriched for this experience.  Yay!!!
2) I hate when I'm talking to someone and they're looking all around and past my head.  Do you have somewhere else to be?  With someone more important?  Please go there.
3) Is anyone else in BettyWhite overkill mode?  Yeah, me too.
4) If a full arm tattoo is called a sleeve, what's a full leg tatt?  Rashan and I decided on a stocking.  Lol
5) I like to throw around the fact that I'm a faculty member.  It makes people straighten up and act right.  You're talking slick?  I say I'm a faculty member and you quickly change your tone.  That's what I thought.
6) I'm at least 4 recipes behind on The Record Dish so expect posts daily or near daily this week between 11 and 11:30 a.m.  Lol.  Oh specificity.
7) I had to wake up at or near the crack of dawn LITERALLY TWO TIMES last week for things I needed to do.  Let's not repeat that this week... or ever.  But I'll settle for not this week.
8) I really like taking trips with people.  I went to a conference a couple of towns over and it was fun to chat with people in the car on the way and make stops on the way back.
9) My trainer is trying to murder me.  I NEED TO BE ABLE TO WALK, SIT AND STAND!!  I'm picky like that.


K. Rock said...

1. Congrats to you!!! 5 years is quite an accomplishment.
3. Yahe my brother was just talking abouthow funny she is but I disagree. I do, however, think that the Golden Girls was one of the best shows of all time! *in my Kanye voice*
4. Luv it!
6. I can't wait.
9. No pain, no gain. It's a good hurt.

Nerd Girl said...

1. Go you!
3. Goodness yes!
4. I laughed!
6. Get busy!
7. No comment!
9. Get right!

Naima said...

#1. Happy Bloggerversary!
#2. I hate that too! You LISTEN when I'm talking to you, dangit!!
#4. LMAO!!!
#6. Yes, please get on that. Most directly.
#7. You already know how I feel about waking up early. Any comment I'd make on this matter would not be pleasant.
#9. Walk, sit, and stand? That is a false message of lethargy. Bwahahahahaha!!!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. WOW freakin wow! Congrats!!! I think I found your blog in 08 lurked for awhile stopped lurking then started commenting in 09 you are hilarious!!
2. That blows but the worst is the dude constantly staring at your chest! Eyes up here FOOL!
3. I was diggin her at first but the over exposure is too much!! I am loving Cloris Leachman tho. She's a BOSS!
4. That was Laugh OUT Loud funny! Bwhahahahahahaha!
5. Ummkay
6. Yaaay!
7.I feel like a real live vampire. Eyes burning, skin melting (okay not really) I just can't! LOL!
8.Me too!!! I love road trips. The best is stopping at convenience stores and finding new snacks!!!LOL!
9. No pain no gain right? Naw he need to calm down too. You'll get pass the pain soon! Just focus on the smoking body you're about to have! I need to be rich so I can keep a trainer on the payroll!

Not so Anonymous said...

1. Congratulations!!! That seems like such a long time.
2. That is so annoying.
3. Not me, I like her...she's hillarious. I think she should guest star in the season premiere of every show on television, lol. jk.
5. I'm still so proud of you and happy about you fulfilling this goal!
9. LOL at you being picky. Who needs to walk, sit and stand?? As long as you can exercise you're trainer doesn't care.

Mrs Count said...

1. Congratulations!
3. I think people figure we have to enjoy her while we have her. She's old as dirt Jameil, let the old lady make her great grandkids some inheritance money.
7. Twice? Horrible! Please change that.
8. I hate taking trips with people outside of my mom, sister, and MrC. Absolutely hate it.

Ladynay said...

Congrats on the 5 years ma'am!

Don't hate on Betty White! LOL

I hate that you were ---> <--- that close to me and I still missed yah! :-( I got you next month when your undergrad beats mine in football but our band tears yours apart!!!!

Sparkling Red said...

1) Happy Bloggerversary!
2) You know some very rude people.
4) How about a "trouser"?
9) What? Crawling is a perfectly functional mode of locomotion.

Adei von K said...


and why not a Pant?

Jameil said...

k... 1) thank you!
3) LOLOL. Thx for the kanye voice. She's funny... but funnier in moderation.
4) Lolol
6) Oh goody!
9) Yeah... not really. It's a bit beyond the good hurt.

nerd... okay. lol

nai... 1) THANK YOU!!
2) Exactly! Or get thee behind me!
6) I'm on it! :)
9) ROTFD!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!! Oh JMM you slay me!!

gp... 1) thanks! :) Glad you started commenting! It makes blogging so much better to know people are reading!
3) Cloris is amusing... but old people really aren't immune to overexposure! I wish they'd learn that like the rest of us!
4) Lol
7) Right!?!? I'm so much more pleasant when I get to sleep past the sun!! BY HOURS!!!
8) LOL! Rah agrees with you on the snacks! Y'all are nutty!
9) She's a mess right now. I'm like really? Cmonson. Trainers are probably cheaper than you think.

nsa... 1) thx! it really does!
3) I think she's funny but cmon!
5) Thanks!!!! :)
9) I mean I'm sooo picky!

Mrs. C... 1) thx!
3) LE SIGH!!! I don't think she has any!
7) I'm really trying!!
8) LOLOL! Oh now that is COMEDY! Do expound!

Lady... Thanks! Hatin... I LOVED your campus! Super gorgeous! We kept saying it was a perfect movie set! Your band will bow down like your team!!!!!!

red... 1) thanks! 2) I really do! It's even worse when it's someone you just met.
4) LOLOL. That is also a distinct possibility.
9) LOLOL!! Not at my age!

adei... LOLOLOLOLOL. Pant is too boring! Trouser? Stocking? Both much better!