Birthday Party!

Me, my mom, my sister & Rashan went out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant, then Krispy Kreme-- YUM!, then dinner at what's supposed to be the best sushi in town.  Why was that sushi terrible?  All the fried stuff was fried too hard and had too much breading.  HORRID.  I also took a look at the reviews after going there and they were like, "Good FOR WINSTON."  Are you serious?  Not good, but good for here???  I'll be saving up my sushi visits for other cities, then.  Greensboro isn't that far.  They've got to have better sushi.  That's just not right.  I was pissed.  I wanted to have a delicious meal, possibly trying a meat I've never had before.  I ended up disappointed. 

I'm sure of my list you want to know what I actually got accomplished or received.

1) Nude or grey pumps (like these)-- No, put my godmother sent me enough money to get both! :)
2) A Giada de Laurentiis cookbook & An Ina Garten cookbook BOTH from Stace! YIPPEE!! :)
3) An awesome meal in a cute, delicious restaurant -- EPIC FAIL
4) A yummy trip to one of the many bakeries or ice cream shops here-- INDEED!  Kernel Kustard absolutely did it for me!
5) A tour of the Krispy Kreme Doughnut Factory (WHICH IS JUST MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE!!!!!)-- Tour is too strong a word.  I stood and watched doughnuts get drenched with glaze. MMMMM.  I'll take it.  Lol.
6) A film.  Ooh!  Got it!  I'm going on a search for the history of the grandfather I never met.
7) To win that awesome & incredibly expensive mattress I entered a contest for!  FAIL. :(  I was really convinced I'd win.  Blech.
8) Find the random items I'm missing from among my things (my silverware, a bag of shoes I haven't been able to find all summer, aluminum foil (see what I mean by random??))-- I didn't find ANY of this stuff.  Scowl.  But Ladynay will be pleased to know I did get some replacement foil.  LOLOL
9) A really sharp knife.  Why?  Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies. OMG!!  I won a contest on Therapeutic Musings' blog and she sent me one.  WHY have I ever cooked without this knife??  Cooking is so much more a joy with a good sharp knife!!!
10) Le Creuset wasn't on my list and it's a stretch to call this a birthday gift but since I loved it and we're talking about kitchen stuff, I LOVE this brand and got my first piece the other day.  I salivated, sighed and smiled.  I may have hugged it, too but I'll never tell.  So in love are we two!

Overall, pretty great though I was soooo disappointed in the food.  I have tried to more than make up since then!


K. Rock said...

Man you got some great stuff!!

Didn't we just talk about stuff fried too hard. SMH at that restaurant.

Ina Garten is the best!

Krispy Kreme is the Best!

I just ordered a new knife too since my knives wont cut through butter. It wont be here until November though :(

I love the few Le Creuset pieces that I have. You will love yours too. They are so sturdy.

Ladynay said...

MMMMMMMMM Krispy Kreme

*goes back to read post again due to derailment of train of thought*

Oh yeah. Wasn't your b-day last month? You know it will be October in a few days right? :-) Just pickin'. Glad you got a good bit of what you wanted and spent it with who you wanted to.

Not so Anonymous said...

I love the film idea! Go you!

And, you got almost everythign you wanted..lucky girl!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I was thinking the same as Ladynay. August, Sept...Oct LOL!

Well you cleaned up to me! If you get to buy both pair of shoes SCORE!

I'm so stalking a Le Creuset dutch oven in red.

Now to make ya'll gasp. Krispy Kreme doughnuts are too sweet! I use to LOVE them now I don't *shrug* All the close stores have went out of business.

Anonymous said...

Damn! Bad sushi is the WORST! Sorry lady. Sounds like the other parts of the bday were good though. I've been seconds from pulling the trigger on a fancy knife set. It's so expensive, but I want it really, really bad. Might be a xmas gift to myself.

Nobody not really... said...

A good knife makes any meal better.

Anonymous said...

oh wow. a while back i was blogging a lot and used to read yours all the time, i took a break and lost people's blogs i used to read. now i'm back and i can't believe i found yours again. nice

Sparkling Red said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I hope your whole year is happy, actually. :-)

That's a pretty good birthday score. Seriously, what I want to know is how do you lose aluminum foil?

She Draws said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday except for the food and you did a good job on your list I thought. When I read the word "Nude" I bucked my eyes, I was thinking. I don't remember her saying anything about being nude. I was ready to pull the halo out.


Jameil said...

K... I did! And we did. That restaurant will NOT be getting my business again! Love Ina! I had no idea she had so many haters until I started telling people I liked her! Rashan is so not a fan of her personality. KK is love! KNIVES!! Love em! Seriously?? November?? Is someone personalizing them for you and they have to GROW steel??? I mean what the heck!? Le Creuset PIECES?? *goes to rob your kitchen*

lady... mmmmmmmmmmmmm. you should really stop being a hater. #justsayin

nsa... thanks! :)

gp... hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. it was clearly NOT oct. when I wrote this!! the shoes are off the market again. :( maybe they'll come back next year/season. i swoon over le creuset in cobalt AND red! i can't allow KK disparaging up ini here!! CAN'T HAVE IT!

mrs.tdj... isn't it!?!?! bad sushi *shudders* UGH!!! other parts were delightful but the food really had me down for a minute. you should totally gift yourself with some great knives. changed my cooking life. i get into a zen state with that bad boy!

nobody... MAN!!! it really does!!

real talk... ha! welcome back!

red... thanks red! how do i lose a whole bunch of the stuff i lost!? an entire tray of silverware???

she draws... thanks! now you know i am the blog prude over here! lol

FavRoomie said...

ROTF! I miss you! You are soooooo random but understandable at the same time (maybe that's why we get along so well)! Since I wasn't there...AHEM, "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to my fave roomie and fave poodlllllllllleeeeee!!!!! Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! Ahahahahahaha!