Monday Mindspacing Vol. 66

1) Can I please get more consecutive hours of sleep?  Please?  Thanks.
2) Please stop including grape or cherry tomatoes in your recipes.  I hate how those things taste.  My tomato pickiness hasn't ended... if you thought it had.
3) Sometimes I just want to lay in my bed and ignore the whole world.  I'm not depressed.  I just do a lot during the week.  So on the weekend?  I'm like, "Bye y'all!!"
4) I stopped saying y'all when I went to Hampton and people were making fun of me.  Foolish New Yorkers.  I think being in NC I'll get my y'all back!!
5) When I comment on your blog minutes after you post it, I PROMISE I'm not stalking you.  You're just on my google reader blog roll... which I check constantly some hours of the day.  Just wanna throw that out there.  Lol.
6) Rashan said sometimes he thinks he has more in common with Stace than with me.  ROTFL!!  At least I know my love and my BFF can get along!  Don't worry, this does not mean the end of us and the start of them.  LOLOL.  Y'all so messy!  Rah & I have complementary personalities.  Both of them are insanely laid back... as am I... LOLOL.  I couldn't even finish that with a straight face.
7) I miss Atlanta. :(


Ladynay said...

1.& 3. understood
4. You type as if y'all is a bad word! LOL!
7. Hop in a ride and go visit. It's only like what...6 hours or so.

Anonymous said...

1. Ugh! I'm in the same boat. I've averaging about 2.5 hrs - TOTAL!

5. Bwahaha! I do that to people too and I can tell that it freaks some people out.

7. I've got family and friends in ATL, but perhaps I haven't spent quite enough time there to actually love it. Sorry that you miss it! Hopefully NC will grow on you.

K. Rock said...

1. I know the feeling.
4. I could never change my venacular for some Northerners. "Y'all" is here to stay!
5. I know the feeling!! Sometimes peoples posts pop up while I am in my reader. So I pounce on it like a tiger. I don't mean to scare anyone.
7. We miss you back...

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. Right! I'm up at 2 and 3am. I need to go to sleep!
2. Umm grape and cherry tomatoes are deelish in salad ONLY!
3.Exactly! I hate when somebody asks what did you do this weekend? me: Nothing! them: Whaaaaat? me: O_O
4. I've started writing ya'll again fooling with the internet. You all sounds so funny! Ha!
5. Funny how we feel the need to make announcements about blog stuff. I did trip out once I said to myself how she do dat? LOL! but then you mentioned it in a post.
7. Awww! Is it the food too?

Sparkling Red said...

3. Yes yes yes and again yes! Been there. Done that. Will do it again.

Jameil said...

4) the opposite, really. i welcome it back into my vernacular.
7) less than that but i don't have time right now. it's just not prudent. i'll head back soon enough.

mrs.tdj... 1) HORRID!
5) lolol EXACTLY! like why is she popping up like that all fast??
7) i had a ton of restaurants i really enjoyed there. that's really what i'm missing. winston just needs to feed me better!!

k... 4) lol. i got tired of hearing about it as an 18yo. now? it's been so long and really other than that, my accent is pretty neutral idk if it'll come back. but it's a possibility. plus in journalism you need the neutrality so it wasn't totally w/o merit.
5) lolololol. YES!
7) awww :(

gp... 1) always up at those hours!
2) MAYBE. if they're super fress
3) stay out my business! dang! lol
4) lolol you all is ridiculous!
5) b/c people get to acting funny! lol

Red... LOLOL! Oh.Let's.DoIt!!

Adei von K said...

1. How much sleep are you getting now? Take an advil pm and call me in the morning :-)

2. When Stanley and I were younger, we used to crush crudités for the cherry tomatoes! We loved the "Pop" that you don't like!

4. 'Y'all' is great! So comforting! Bring it back, B!

6. Just with music alone, we have a huge commonality. We only disagree on Trey Songz. I do not know why your man LOVES his music! Sheesh!
And can I tell you I LOVE the term 'messy' in social context?! I think it's HUH LARIOUS when people say, "y'all so messy" or "don't be messy. Mind ya bizness" HAHAHAHAHA!

FavRoomie said...

2) Me too!!!! HATE tomates PERIOD!
3) Me too!!! I call it "Going in my dark place".
4) Y'all is great! (Better than "you all) I'm also a fan of "making groceries and keepin' 'em" ;)