Monday Mindspacing Vol. 64

1) What is a casual running shoe?  Is it a casual shoe or is it a running shoe?  Figure it out, people!  And somebody let me know.
2) FYI for you facebookers: when you do a hashtag a la twitter (i.e. #ihatequotes (TRUE STORY!)), N O O N E is tracking that.  It looks ridiculous.
3) People who post quotes and platitudes, things meant to uplift people just generally make me want to take a plastic spoon and end it all.  That's how much I mean it.  I will take the least likely effective means just to have something, ANYTHING to save me!!
4) Can I just say I hated everything Martha Stewart Weddings sent to me for a straight week?  They really think fall colors mean depressing, dying stuff.  Soooooo ugly.  Dusty oranges and sickly yellows don't scream wedding to me.  Fix that.
5) I saw a 65+-year-old man swinging his feet while sitting on a high table a few weeks ago.  <3 and LOL!
6) ROTFL @ this fb status of the week: "Richmond people do NOT need to dance to GOGO ever .....and I mean ever lookin like drunk babies."
10 minutes later... "I hate richmond ....this [person's] suit jacket has no sleeves ....I feel sick" LOLOL!!
7) I hate when I'm at a function and there's a little bit of beer, wine, whatever in the bottom of a glass and I have to tip my head back to finish it.  You can't not look like a lush/alcoholic like that.
8) Dude... sometimes my bug-killing prowess shocks even me.  I'll be like, how is this possible???  And then I'm around some people now who find killing flies OR EVEN SHOOING THEM OUT OF FOOD cruel and/or pointless.  o_0
9) Why are p.anties identified as pairs?  What makes it a PAIR of p.anties??  Pants, too for that matter.
10) When I tell people Rashan and I met on the internet some of them look at me like I'm gross.  Then they ask for details and I say we met reading each other's blogs and they think it's so romantic.  Er?  I don't get it.  It's still the internet.  If it's crazy, it's just crazy.
11) I've been eating quite well so far this month and I'm very proud! I went to Chickfila and got a salad instead of the french fries I wanted soooo badly!!  I need to limit my fry intake since if I could I would eat them daily... probably several times a day...  My frust (fry lust) is the reason I gave them up for Lent one year.
12) I'm getting old... The other day I was looking in the mirror as I laughed and saw laugh lines around my eyes!!!  HOW AM I OLD ENOUGH TO HAVE THOSE??? 28 you cruel mistress.  At least they're not frown lines! #thelittlethings
13) Why is using hashtags okay on blogger but not fb for me? #idontknow LOL


Not so Anonymous said...

2. It seems like everyone does it...I just hate hashtags in general...overused.
3. I love uplifting quotes...seriously, I do, lol.
5. How adorable!
8. Cruel and/or pointless?? Whatever, I'm a bug killer. I kill them on sight, no questions asked, lol.
9. I've always wondered that about the pants, but never the panties...now I have to think about that..lol.
10. You two are so darn adorable!
11. Yay!! Funny thing, Alyssa calls residual floor trash that won't go in the dustpan Frust. I'll have to tell her there is a new meaning...haha!

Ladynay said...

1) You didn't want an answer but a casual running shoe is a running shoe. Serious runners (maraton, triathalon folks) wear something like a flat sneaker. Casual running shoes are more like tennis shoes.
5) You are never too old to have fun like a kid :-)
9) Good question. Why do we park in a driveway and drive on a parkway?
11) YAY!
12) Booooo!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1.Interesting question let me know when you find out.
3. Awwww I like uplifting quotes. I get, what is it? Oh yeah uplifted! LOL!
4. You are subscribed to MSW?????? Whaat! Hmmm and the plot thickens Do I hear wedding bells? LOL!
6. Richmond where? Va or Ca and what is GOGO?????? The no suit jacket sleeves are unfortunately NOT a clue! Bwhahahaha!
7. Well you have two choices be all dainty and leave it or turn that ish up and take to the head! LOL!
8.Total *blank stare* or *stank stare* at the people not shooing flies from food For Really???? I will KILL a bug dead Yep! DEAD!
9. I think for pants its because the legs are paired together when being contructed. The pair of panties I don't know. Is it because you are putting two legs in???????
10. No, I see the difference. People meet on dating sites and Craiglist with clear intent of hooking up and/or dating. With all the horror stories I hear about that. That is the CRAZY part. You and Rashawn took a chance of meeting after a long while of correspondence. Sight unseen without the intent of hooking up or dating it just happened. Awwwww!
11. OMG!! french fries, potato's nom nom! I LOVE it!
12. Girl stop! get you some eye cream.

Rashan Jamal said...

1. they are for people that run in khakis with a sweater tied over their shoulders.
2. #imadoitanyway #youcantstopme #tryandyouwillfail
3. you and I are in the same boat for that one. Especially when you consider the sources. Some of the most negative people post so called uplifting quotes.
4. so you don't want black and orange halloween/bridesmaid's dresses?
5. I wish I could have seen that. I woulda cracked up
6. I can't stand GO GO. And a suit jacket with no sleeves sounds hilarious.
7. well, you are what you are.
8. I'm still shocked at your bug killing prowess. Your picture needs to be on the Raid can
9. That sounds like a strange question that I would ask. Am I rubbing off on you?
10. I don't think I've ever told anyone how we met. when you tell people when you are together, I usually look away as not to see the reaction. They usually say "oh cool" which means that they are silently judging us. LOL
11. I've been eating really poorly over the last while. It coincided with you leaving and not cooking for me anymore. #fail
12. I've never noticed those.you look like a 14 year old minus the acne to me.
13. #hypocrite

K. Rock said...

2. All this stuff confuses me. I am not on Twitter so I have no idea how it even works.
5. Ha!
7. You are so right. I know the feeling.
8. Death to bugs!!! If they invade my space they have to die.
9. Good question.
10. Because it's only serial killers on the innernets. UNLESS you are a blogger.
12. It's all downhill from here.

Nerd Girl said...

2. Agreed!
3. "Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate..." Oh wait - my bad! LOL!
8. Should we call you Jameil-san?
10. Smoochy just called me out this weekend for meeting Psonya on the internet. Ah well!
12. I don't have laugh lines. I guess. I can't see without my glasses ;)

Sparkling Red said...

3) 100% yes. I believe our entire culture is choking on an overdose of well-meant platitudes.
12) I don't mind my laugh lines because I know that I like how they look on other people. My elbows are another matter. All the shea butter in the world can't rescue my almost-38-year-old wrinkly elbows.

Jameil said...

Nsa.... 2. LOLOL
3. Ahhhhh! They drive me bananas!
5. :) I know!
8. Both I think. I just sigh and roll my eyes.
9. LOLOL think hard!
10. Merci!
11. LOLOL. Why???

lady... 1) I DID!! So if I run a 5k, I can get a casual running shoe?
5) Nope!
9) Because we like to drive and park?

gp... 1) lady has part of the answer apparently.
3) lol. i can't stand them! they all seem so hollow!
4) really? is that really a thicker plot? were you absent the day i talked about weddings?
6) lol. you west coaster. VA. Gogo is DC music. Search for it on youtube. The dancing is quite unusual. I hated the music when I got to Hampton but now it reminds me of HU and I kind of like it.
7) :( At professional events methinks dainty will be the only way.
8) I mean. IN THE FOOD!! SMH
9) I don't think that's it either...
10) That makes some sense. But I'm not knocking people who meet in other ways on the web. If you're with the person you're supposed to be with, who cares how you met & thank God that means was there to bring you together!
11) mmmmmm
12) LOLOL. Send me some of your expensive rejects! I know you have some!

rj... 1) ah. so much clearer!
2) o_0
3) exactly!
4) that'd be a no
5) lol. i just looked away and smile. i didn't want him to get self-conscious if he noticed me looking.
6) i used to hate it. the suit jacket sound heeeelarryus!!
7) 0_o
8) i am too! but more shocked that you still are! lol.
9) i hope not!
10) you're odd for not telling. lolol @ looking away! they are almost always silently judging.
11) :(
12) :( 14!?!?
13) shut it

k... 2) lol. i'm thinking of doing a tutorial.
7) i's crazy!
8) i murder em!
10) lololol right.
12) way down! lololol the worst = you

nerd... 3) mess
8) mayhaps
10) i has no idea!
12) lolol you have a ton!!

red... 3) seriously! everyone is neither deep nor inspirational. get YOUR life together before you come help me with mine. i'm not saying be perfect but shut up!! please!
12) ROTFL @ elbows! Out of sight, out of mind!

Adei von K said...

2. stop being a hashtag hater. you know our messages are full of them!

5. what is it abt feet swinging that is so cute!? no matter the age!? I love that, too!

6. daaaang, someone went in on Richmond...! HAHAHAHA!

7. Or you can just leave that little bit of liq in the glass and not BE a lush that has to finish every single precious drop...

9. i was wondering about a pair of scissors today. why? can I have one scissor? nooooope!

11. awww yay laugh lines! when i get them, (prob in my 40s), I'll take them!

Jameil said...

adei... 2) not on fb!!
5) idk! maybe b/c it's what kids do w/o thinking. you see it and it's like, "what were you like as a kid?"
6) ya boy from HU!
7) says the one who can't finish a single drink anywhere ever
9) scissors makes way more sense. if i give you one half, you'll be looking confused trying to cut.
11) you already have them. they came in when you turned 29.