Monday Mindspacing Vol. 13

1) When I told someone I'm in school for doc filmmaking she said, "Well if you ever need a singer or actress, remember me!" ... That's not really what i do... I just said, "Umm... okay." Faster than explaining.
2) I like having cable when I want to watch tv but it really doesn't add that much to my life except on Wednesday: this week Top Chef AND Top Chef Masters!!!!! and Thursday: Project Runway. SCORE!!!!!!!! I rarely turn on the tv in the first few hours I'm awake. This stems from my never having a tv in my room until I went to college. I'm not used to it and therefore don't like it.
3) Instead of saying wonderful, I used to say wunderbar (the German version of the word-- pronounced voon-der-bar). I don't know when or why I stopped but maybe I should start again.
4) Guys are beyond not sexy with nose rings. *shudder* So fey.
5) Come September I'm going to use the things I don't get for my birthday on my Target list as a shopping list. Oh. yeah. Can't wait.
6) I hate that all the power drains from my ipod when I don't use it for a while even if I don't use it at all between charges. So annoying.
7) I unintentionally pick very stupid things to get all freaked out about. Like having fewer movies on my netflix queue. Not freaked out like I'm losing it but freaked out like I need it to happen. What is the point of that? But it's like when I reach one goal or come close to reaching one I become intent of finding a new one, no matter how silly.
8) I'm in horrible shape after a month of inactivity and sparse activity for the last year. Nerd Girl posted Self's workout which I'm going to begin and I'm getting back to thrice weekly workouts starting last Monday.
9) The best toast ever is the color of my mother's skin as Stace and I discovered in MS. Lol.
10) I need a name for my inner fat girl... suggestions?
11) On why he did Top Chef Masters, Rick Bayless (the winner and Mexican food man and therefore keeper of part of my heart) said, "Every year for the last seven or eight years I’ve tried to do something completely out of my comfort zone. Something to keep me on my toes, to keep me alive." AWESOME. I need that.
12) I had issues the night before and morning of my birthday. Details to come this week. I recovered nicely at Disney World, though so the birthday was by no means a bust!


Anonymous said...

Rick Bayless is the man! I am so glad he won Top Chef Masters. He seems like a really cool dude.

I have been waking up every morning and watching preseason football. I am a football addict. I think I need a meeting.

I could never get a nose ring. It looks awkward to me. Plus I am afraid of needles

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

I heart Rick Bayless. Michael Chiarello really teed me off when he was picking his sous chefs - so glad he didn't win! I liked Hubert too. Doesn't Hubert sound soooo much better in French???

School starts for me today. Ask me how prepared I am. Not. At. All.

Adei von K said...

speaking of toast in MS, I have a scar from your grandmother's toaster. I thought it would've disappeared by now but apparently not. maybe it's from the ice i SHOULDN'T have put on it.

so we're not feeling guadalupe? I'm still a fan of Consuela. Consuela Dominguez. there it is!

Jameil said...

epsi... he is! i like him a lot. you addict! lol. nose rings are so unhot on a guy. why are so many guys afraid of needles?

nerd girl... thanks! chiarello hit my bad side at the same time!! i never was a fan of his show anyway but after that!? no sir!! hubert sounds way better in french lol! AND i liked him, too. i was okay w/either of them winning. i feel a bit overwhelmed by the school thing. the first week is nerve wracking when i'm TAing a new course.

adei... i knew you'd have a scar. i typed that back when i hadn't decided on guadalupe. how are you gonna pick my name? you're not. i def. don't like consuela. it's guadalupe.

Southerner in Suomi said...

eps...you do NOT need a meeting for football addiction! It's important.

@Jam...wunderbar makes me think of a bar that has like 100 beers on tap. That would be voon-de-bar!!! LOL!

Adei von K said...

edit your mindless posts!! f you already decided on a name, why have that as a point!?!?!?

Jameil said...

v... ahhhh 100 beers. tho the place like that in gainesville has some ridiculous prices. how do you have a $7 draft? come on. the point of drafts is to be cheapter. get it together.

adei... are you done? go sit in a corner somewhere.