Monday Mindspacing Vol. 12

1) Why are white grapes green and red onions purple? Was there a color blind person giving fruits and vegetables their conventional names?
2) Let's make a pact. You know how before guys propose, they tell people they're going to? So the next person who gets engaged should have the guy call all the people he told and tell them she said no. It'll be hilarious!! Hahahahahaha!!
3) UF is mad late on the fitness trends for this one: stripperobics... really UF? And still I know that class will be extra full. One you have to get there an hour early to snag a spot for.
4) Summer in the south makes you think it will never be below 85 during the day again. I was putting my sweaters away during the move like "I can't believe I'll ever need those again"
5) My birthday is in 6 days!! How exciting!!!! I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!!! I made a Target list of things I want because my place is the emptiest in America right now! Mostly I need something to sit on (I find Target's prices for chairs to be outrageous, though so I didn't register for any of those), some tables and some LIGHTING!! There is no on board lighting in my bedroom or living room. Fix needed ASAP. I also want a plain black bikini top to go with the bottoms I have (the top that matched was too small and they didn't have a replacement when I sent it back) and Vickie's Secret's HU line and a couple more Gator shirts since I'm a season ticket holder! Ow! I'm going to need something to wear to those games!
6) I've cooked dinner for myself the last two days and I think that's a great and delicious start to my new school year. Mmmm!
7) I'm getting behind on my movies again and... not caring. Yep. I said it. Not. Caring. Know why? Because I'm busy enjoying my life in ways that have nothing to do with watching movies.
8) I am a Danity Kane song: sucker for love. I LOVE RASHAN!! :)
9) I gave up on him blogging, though. I deleted him from my blog roll a couple of weeks ago. That was weird. But a bit freeing because it was really vexing me that he wasn't blogging. IT'S HOW WE MET!! But it obviously doesn't define us. Boo on him.
10) Chopped went to a whole new level of crazy by putting celery for dessert AND something no one's ever heard of and calling it jaggery. Umm... okay. It looks like caramel and is apparently some sort of palm sugar product. What in the world? 11) But I'm in love with the fact that I have Food Network in my home again. Ahhhh. Free cable and internet rock my world!!


dejanae said...

while u cookin up a storm over there can u fix me a plate?

happy extra early bornday

Sha Boogie said...

LOL @ you deleting your boo from your blogroll, haha!

I love tar-jay furniture, but it can be a bit on the 'you can seriously be charging me that' side..

Southerner in Suomi said...

White wine is more of a beige color, but I guess beige wine wouldn't have sounded very appealing.
That's why we have root beer. It was originally called root tea. *shrugs*

Ladynay said...

I need to wish you an ultra fab birthday early cuz me and using the computer for recreation haven't been clicking well lately! LOL

Sparkling Red said...

Why do we call people with orange hair "redheads"? That's always bugged me.

Not so Anonymous said...

#2 would be hillarious...i'll be sure to make my fiance do that, lol.
#4 - I hate the summer...it's the worst season ever, and there is absolutely no point to it...other than my bday. BTW, happy early birthday!!!

#9 - Aw, so he is really done with blogging?? I thought he was having a "moment" lol. It's still so freakin cute how you two met blogging!!

Adei von K said...

yeah, as hot as it gets, I STILL don't ever think it'll get cold enough to wear winter clothes. So funny.

and as for calling fruits and veggies by different colors, I never got that either. I call them green grapes.

1969 said...

And tonight is the return of Top Chef and the finale of Top Chef Masters!!!

I love Chopped. Watch it all the time with Tali 1. He loves all cooking shows. (My kid!) LOL

Jameil said...

dejanae... lol very common request.

sha... it had to be done! he even admitted it was for the best. lol. tarjay furniture is very on the ridiculous side. you're basically a slightly higher scale (and only on certain things) wal-mart with in some cases outrageously higher prices. get it together.

v... idk.

lady... aw man! i like bday wishes ON my bday! i know... i'm bratty.

red... lol. i think that one's because i can't stand the color orange but like the color red.

aretha... yess!!! i love having someone down for the cause! summer is only good b/c of my bday, too!! lol. he's done for now maybe never to return. he hasn't decided. it's odd that that's how we met.

adei... lol. me either! i also meant to say in Pgh, you never forgot b/c summer was about 9 weeks long and winter was so freakin cold!! i think the reverse is true there except you would die if you thought it would never be warm again! even tho i don't like the incorrect color names, i insist on calling them by them... weird i know.

1969... I KNOW!!!! I'm with you! I was totally thinking I need a chef kid so they can go on these shows and prove THERE ARE BLACK CHEFS!! Top Chef Masters: none, NONE!!!; Top Chef: one per season, Chopped: next to none. IS IT THAT HARD TO FIND BLACK CHEFS!!?!? Craziness.