Monday Mindspacing Vol. 11

1) My mom also loves the word cacophonous. We're both word nuts.
2) While in Mississippi I realized I'm maybe a little too plugged in. I was in the car with my mom and grandma and the radio was too loud. I wanted to turn grandma up, got annoyed at myself and requested a turn down of the actual piece of machinery.
3) After working out I almost always want junk food.
4) I hate the smell of vanilla. The fake vanilla. I like the flavor of vanilla but vanilla lotions, etc.? Makes me want to vomit. My mom doesn't like it either. I also don't like the smell of cocoa butter.
5) I learned how to swaddle a baby and Rashan learned how to change a diaper (years apart so NO we don't have ANY sort of announcement looming) ... by watching youtube. Lol! That is funny!
6) OMG my mother gets on my nerves after several days. I need away from her!!!! Don't ask me in that tone, "Who used all the washing powder and didn't say anything!?" I don't live here and haven't even been in the basement for any reason let alone to "use all the washing powder and not say anything"!!! Crazy lady!!
7) Did you really call me high maintenance like it was a revelation, mother? I know even as a baby I never seemed like I wasn't so what would be your point?
8) I like peanut butter and jelly but not together. I like cheese and toast, but not together. I don't like grilled cheese either unless there's ham on it.
9) It is so uncomfortable when I go somewhere and someone offers me one of the many foods I don't like and I politely decline and they press me. AHHH! If I say, "Oh no thank you" that likely means I don't like something you've offered me. Take that so I don't have to elaborate and say "I don't like..." Thanks.
10) I'm back in Florida and I have mixed feelings about it.


Adei von K said...

I'd be the one to say, "Ooooh, okra?! No thanks! I don't like okra." and then a second later, realize how I could've done that better.

Momisodes said...

Uh oh. Mixed feelings?

I feel the same about my mom AND dad after a few days. And they're about to arrive for a 3 week stay.


Not so Anonymous said...

aww, the summer went by so quickly, dang the whole year is going by so quickly.

You learned to swaddle a baby on you tube??? LMAO...that's hillarious.

Jameil said...

Adei... lol & that's exactly what i'm trying to avoid after doing that for so many years. b/c people's faces fall when you say you don't like something they took the time to prepare. and when people don't like something i cooked and there are just a few of us i feel bad about what they're going to eat.

momisodes... explained in the moving post kind of, but it's also some sadness about leaving rashan after spending almost all summer with him. weirdness about this being my last year of this program. then there's also excitement about this being my last year and the things ahead. i just have a feeling my life will be very different after this year and that creates some mixed feelings. re: your parents... you can do it! lol

aretha... it really did!! geez! and i watched it several times. lol. i learned after meeting rashan's niece when she was a day old. her mom had forgotten how to swaddle so i learned. lol.

Sha Boogie said...

I absolutely can not deal with my mother for more than a few hours (if that..) at a time -- its to much I say!

Jameil said...

lol. i'm not around her enough for her to irk me seeing as we haven't lived less than 2 states away full time in 4 years. i always know i'll miss her when i'm gone so i try to appreciate her when she's around and not let her work my nerves. my first day here i called her 3xs in one day-- excessive, i know, but it was my first time alone for more than 10 or 12 hours in 3 MONTHS!! y'all know i need attention!!