Jameil and Kyle

Wednesday I see Kyle has called me 2 additional times since the first 3 calls to let me know he'd actually gotten out of Hartford this time (gasp!) I got worried. Was there some snow on his layover I'd forgotten to ask the weather people about? (It's so convenient to work somewhere where there are meteorologists on site who can tell you these things. Even more convenient when they like you enough to look it up! Hurray!) I call back because I'm sure he'll only be on the ground a few more minutes. He prefers when I listen to his messages, THEN call him back (annoying).

He answers, then asks if I listened to his message. Sigh. I explain the above. He says, "Please go listen." ARGH!!!!!! I listen... "blah blah blah... cancelled flight (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!)... blah blah blah, but transferred to earlier flight, blah blah blah, I'm here. " Huh? YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! There's also one talking about how he can't even think straight because he needs something to sleep! Hilarious. Po sleepy baby. But I'm WIDE awake.

I head to the airport. Scoop my darling, then head to Robinson Towne Center, eat some Chick-Fil-A. I buy a speaker for my iPOD so we can have something to listen to in the hotel room. Then we head to the hotel. He falls asleep within minutes and stays knocked out for 4 hours. BORING. I nap, then read some of In An Instant. He finally wakes up, remember when I said I hope he can tell I've been working out and Epsi said he wasn't going to mention it? He did mention it! He said he could tell I was smaller all around. Knew it. I had already told him he better notice, but I could tell he wasn't just talking.

We get dressed and head to South Side Works and McCormick and Schmick's for dinner. He had pecan encrusted tilapia with mashed potatoes. I had salmon penne with asparagus and mushrooms. Both delicious.

I'd called my work homie Lauren to meet us on the South Side to hit a couple of bars. I was the d.d. so I had one beer the whole night. Aren't you proud?! :) Our first stop was Fat Head's. We watched another dismal Duke loss... sigh. They are so pitiful this year. But I still love them. We also watched another one of Kevin Durant's insane games. Acie Law lost his mind as well. Double OT. Fab game.

Next stop, Casey's. Sigh. This bar is known for something referred to as Midget Madness. An excerpted description from BarSmart, "When someone buys the bar a shot for ten dollars, Man Boy comes out of his box at the end of the bar and poors a shot into everyone's mouth!" Man Boy is a midget... they keep him in a CURTAINED BOX?!?!!?!?!?! Foolishness. He was not in the box this night, just walking around. But there were all kinds of other uncomfortable things in there including a GIANT CONFEDERATE FLAG. Interestingly enough, I haven't discussed my feelings about the confederate flag. In an nutshell, it's a symbol of racism in that it was proudly waved when fighting to keep Black people enslaved, burn and bomb Black homes and crosses in Black yards as intimidation and during the lynchings of Black men. It is also currently used by skinheads and members of the KKK. If that's the "history" you want to remember and the legacy you want to uphold, please allow me to distance myself from you. Thanks. Only good thing: $1.50 Yuenglings. Not enough to entice me back.

Final stop, Tiki Lounge. By the time we were headed back to our hotel in Greentree around 2 a.m., the bf was quite tipsy. Another time asleep within minutes. Wow... YOU ARE BORING!! Lol. I tried to wake him up at 8. What? I was awake. I was not successful. I tried again at 9. No dice. 10 am!!! HEY!! Finally awake. THANKS!! We lay around for hours and hours and hours until both of us are so hungry we are eating each others' arms. (too strange to eat your own, right?)

We finally make it to my fave breakfast/trip place, Cracker Barrel, yay!! We both got breakfast, of course. Then we headed to Mt. Washington to ride the incline and see the view. Uhh.... we did NOT have that view. It was a typical Pittsburgh day... cloudy and overcast. It was still fab-o looking at the city from that high up (he was not the fan, too high for his taste, which is odd since I consider myself afraid of heights). He also said, "Ehh... it would be prettier if the water wasn't brown." LMAO!!! This ain't Cabo, baby. Speaking of lovely water, anyone else need a Bahamavention? I love those commercials and that website. Paroxysms of joy I tell you, paroxysms!!!

Anywho... then we went to the South Side again to attempt to see a movie but nothing good was playing. So we left, went back to the telly to watch... telly... and giggle and be silly. It was inordinately fun. Quite possibly my fave part of the trip. I LOVE hanging with him. He is fantasmirawesomlous. It's great. We watched most of Just Friends, mildly amusing and laugh out loud funny at times, and Prime featuring Meryl Streep and Uma Thurman. It was amusing. The only reason we didn't finish "Prime" is because SOMEBODY could not take the hunger 5 minutes longer. WHAT fresh hell? So we went to Subway. Guess what he asked me the next day. "What happened at the end of the movie?" You are joking right? Hilarious! Who does this?

We ate our sandwiches at the telly, then went to sleep for a few hours, woke up at 3:30 a.m., ate breakfast together, then I took him to the airport. Lovely trip. Can't wait to see him again.


So...Wise...Sista said...

Well that has effectively made my day. :)
I LOVE him.

the joy said...

Yay! Boys are so sleepy. Besides that, sounds fun.

Leela said...

awww...fun times. glad you finally got to spend some time with kyle!

Anonymous said...

im glad you got your kyle fix ... give me hope in the future!!!

Anonymous said...

Traveling can wear a man out! No wonder he so tired!! Plus yall are getting old!! Hahahahahaha

CNEL said...

LoL you sure you don't want to host on the Food Network, sounds like you explored enough restaurants.

* I have to look up paroxysms. Hmmm my Latin skills are so rusty I can't even begin to pretend I can define that word.

Don't fault the man for asking how the move finished, he fell asleep. I would have done the same damn thing. Cause you don't want to be curious, and want to be in the know.

At the end of this why did that Babyface song, "When Can I See You Again" pop into my head. I swear I'm starting to think in music, as if life were a big musical.

Dreamlover said...

I am sooo hungry after reading that, please for some of that deliciosio sounding food.

Sounds like you and Kyle had an awesome time!!

Lucky ducky!

Jameil said...

wise... yay!! i love him too! :)

joy... it would be fun if i was sleepy too! i never was but forced myself to go to sleep.

leela... me too! :)

ai... there's always hope! keep hope alive!

epsi... uh... day 2 we had not been travelling. i def understood day 1. we are so near to elderly. we always sleep a LOT when we're together. its so funny. its b/c these are our off days so we're used to catching up on sleep and need to prep for the upcoming week.

cnel.. i should! it would be so fun. plus they need a black host!!! wth?!! as much as black people love food and have been in kitchens and there are NO regular Black hosts on that channel?!?! this is a problem!! they had that sugar rush guy but i don't know where he went and he was only on once a week. as for the movie, he did NOT fall asleep. he claimed he was so hungry he couldn't wait 5 mins for it to end before we went to subway!!! what is your issue?!!! insane he is.

dream... lmao!! i've moved from describing my clothes to describing the food. ijust realized i didn't describe any of my clothes. i wasn't that impressed with anything i wore... hmmm... and we did have a great time! :) yay!

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

Paroxysms. Great word! i have now successfully added this to my vocabulary.

Tasha said...

Aww, that sounds so cute! Sounds like you guys had a great time. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly boys fall asleep, lol!

La said...

Aww how lovely :-)

Madam DLBG said...

:-)...that's so wonderful...**tear drop and smile**