Guess Who's Back?

Ahhhh yeah! So the weather is doing its best to beat the crap out of any residual joy I may have over those days in the 40s and one or two in the 50s over the last week. Today? Wind chills in the single digits and teens with snow! PASS!!! Sick of it. Ready for spring like yesterday.

Kyle and I had a great time! I'll touch on that when I have more time. I will say the last couple of hours before he leaves are uber depressing. Like smother me with a cornhusk pillow then kick me in the spleen depressing. Sigh.

I just finished ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff's book with his wife, Lee, called In An Instant. It was really good. Did you know he was in a coma for 36 days after he was injured by a roadside bomb while covering the war in Iraq? That's insane. He also had traumatic brain injury and had to re-learn much of his vocabulary. His recovery is ongoing as it is for all traumatic brain injuries. Another good biographical TBI book is Where is the Mango Princess? It was my first TBI book and I loved it. It was fascinating. I pick all books by their titles which explains why I even picked that one up in the first place. The Woodruff's book also made me look at my own journalistic aspirations. Very good book. I consider it a must read for all journalists and aspiring journalists.

16 days until I go home!!!!!!!!! Can't wait. I'm about to lose my mind. Vacay is great.


Dreamlover said...

Welcome Back Girl. I've been going crazy waiting for an update.

Don't keep us waiting too long on the Kyle update!!

Enquiring (nosey) minds want to know!!

Adei von K said...

16 days? i can't wait for you!

CNEL said...

So glad you've returned, we need the J wisdom.

Glad you enjoyed the time with the bf.

I definitely want to read Bob Woodruff's book. I was a big fan of his and Elizabeth Vargas's, but with them back, I went back to Brian Williams.

Yay for vacas.

the joy said...

What's a TBI book?
I know this weather is boogie. I'm telling you Ga is turning into a desert. Nice in the day and freezing at night.

Jarrod said...

As much as I love hate, I'm glad you and the boo had some good quality time. And what is a TBI book?

Jameil said...


y'all can't read.

dream... you know i get lazy.

cnel... if you're such a fan (i clearly was talking directly to and thinking of you when i suggested it) you should def read it YESTERDAY.

you will NOT complain abt GA weather. not allowed. i know i said that on an earlier post. still true. its 13 degrees here and supposed to snow 2-4" over the next day.

the joy said...

You don't have to yell...