See definitions 1-4.

Is it hilarious to anyone else that there is an urban online dictionary and you can just submit your definitions? That cracks me up.

Let's talk about a few problems. One: Tuesday it was 74 degrees. That night the low was 61!!! Ok. I'm not crazy. I know this is Pittsburgh. I don't expect that to happen everyday. Maybe in August. Summer is about 2 weeks here. That's from a Pittsburgher. I LOVE summer here. It's not oppressive like it is at home. But winter? And "spring"? Keep it. TODAY, March 16th, it is SNOWING (2-4" expected) and 27 degrees. MAKE IT STOP!! (btw I think there should be a degree on the keyboard and a cent key.)

Two: iTunes hates thugs. I will tell you how I know this. I went about researching for my trip by looking at radio website countdowns in Atlanta, DC, Houston and Dallas (Charlotte's Power 98 was not at all helpful which made me very unhappy!!!) Also remember all the help I asked my favorite hoodrats for (some of my favorites did not help at all! hmph!)? Well, I went looking for some of those things, particularly the Heizman (thanks V!!!!) because that dance and song CRACK. ME UP!!!!!! and I love that video, but guess what? Unavailable. I was also not able to find DJ Khaled's song with Baby and Lil Wayne, Da Shop Boyz or Huey's Pop Lock and Drop It. That one was on there but there was some odd version of it. IT'S NOT RIGHT!! So. I have no other choice but to conclude iTunes hates thugs. This is a problem when I'm trying not to be the wack one in the club.

I WAS able to add a few Unk songs. And not 2 Step or Walk it Out. I think both of those are stupid. I also got Mike Jones song Mr. Jones which cracks me up, Break 'Em Off by Paul Wall, though I normally don't like him, I like this song. The remix to Throw Some D's On It. Rock Yo Hips (Chris is celebrating, probably throwing up gang signs), and the Make it Rain Remix. That will have to do for now.

Three: I just realized on Wednesday that not only have I not been home in almost a year, I have not taken a week long trip since I came home for spring break in 2004. Do you know how many clothes and shoes and purses that is? I have to bring home every single pair of shoes I've bought in the last 11 months. I mean it's only 12 pairs or so but in addition to the normal shoes, COME ON!!!! Lol. Someone just looked at the screen like this girl is crazy.

I haven't bought anything in several weeks to prep to buy things at home which means I will also need to save room in my suitcase to bring back the spoils. NORDSTROM!!! There isn't one in Pittsburgh and I LOVE their shoe department in Charlotte. DIVINE. I'm gonna have a blast. AND one of my Hamptonians is having a wine and cheese the Sunday I'm home. Oooh la la! That's the same day my mom is cooking for everyone. I will have to dip out after a few hours. That's ok. I know I'm the guest of honor, but HELLO! I'm the social butterfly, this is how life is for me. Hang on for the ride or jump off! I can't wait y'all! Even if I just see my cousins, my friends, the beautiful Tristan Joshua and my mom, I will be overjoyed. I know we will go out at least one night which means I will have a BALL!! T minus 5 days!!

Guess what Chris? I'm listening to it RIGHT NOW!!!! Lol.


CNEL said...

Urban Dictionary and YouTube provide much amusement. I have to use UD to decode how videos are described on YouTube.

Your right about this weather it either moves up the eastern seaboard or down, so as soon as you or Eps say something we feel the remants. I need high 60's low 70's with a quickness. (Def need that degree sign).

Wine and cheese gathering I'm just a tad envious, J.

LoL @ "I'm the social butterfly, this is how life is for me."

Chris said...

up with Rock Yo Hips! The early favorite for the Hip-Hop Grammy award by group or duo...you heard it here first. Of course I'm bullshitting, but I'm glad you're on the Crime Mob bandwagon. Now Knuck if you buck!

Southerner in Suomi said...

Did you look up Lil Boosie? You gotta mayne!!

Gurl! Snow flat out scares me!! It's a perfect 60 degrees here and you know I loves it!!

And YES!! I just looked at this damn screen like you are crazy!! What is the appeal of all these damn shoes? Ugh!

In BR we say, either roll with us or get rolled over. Lol.

"Shawty move to da lef'"
*insert heizman*

Jameil said...

cnel... lol. oh the wine and cheese will be fab. up with folks in their early 20s throwing wine and cheeses. PIMP TIGHT!!! GO HAMPTON!!!

chris... i did not say i was on the bandwagon but i have to prep for my impending trip. clearly knuck if you buck was hot 2 years ago when i was still at home. i was also a fan of "stiletto pumps in the club" in a previous life and i didn't even know it was them.

v... i know who that is and i'm not impressed. snow is horrid. but i guess you didn't get the message. IT IS NOT OK TO TALK ABOUT YOUR 60 AND 70 DEGREE WEATHER WHEN I'M BURIED UP TO MY FACE IN SNOW!! I get very angry and try to cut people. I love shoes. I'm so fab. "Shawty mooooooove to the right. Now move left, move right, move left, move right."

TrinaBeingTrina said...

Ok..The urban online dictionary is definitely out of control...

Don't even get me started on the weather. I'm about to have a nervous breakdown over here.

That's a good idea to put a degree and a cent key on the computer.

Don't you just freakin' love NORDSTROM!!

Anonymous said...

i read you shoe info an felt ashamed ... cause well the amount of shoes ive bought in the last year ... and well i live at home ... oh know ... what gonna happen in Cali ... i aint scurred (I need to look this up in the urban dictionary)though ill have 3 years to collect there ...LOL

Southerner in Suomi said...

J, please don't threaten to cut people (mainly me!!) anymore. It's scary.

And Lil Boosie is not to impress, his music is to act stupid to. I'm sure chris doesn't love "Rock Yo Hips" for it's social commentary. It's for when he's concubinin' Lol.

the joy said...

i comented b4...

i was gonna send you all the songs you now have but the BIL took too long adding them to the computer.

Southern Girl said...

I feel like i've been neglecting you girl!! I had no clue you were going home, you know I would've helped you load your ipod!! But I am a little green eyed that you have friends that throw wine and cheese gatherings!! How sweet is that!? Have fun!!

Sha Boogie said...

I'm with ya on the 'extensive' packing, I mean thats what we girls do! I may possibly need to change my shoes and/or outfit 3 times in one day - men don't understand that! I went to Vegas for 2 weeks with my bf, he had one small suitcase, I had 2 large suitcases - one for the clothes, and the other for shoes, and lets not forget we need to leave room because of course we're going shopping!..lol