Help a Sista Out

I NEED NEW MUSIC!! My ipod is begging me AND I'm getting bored of my workout (ahem, Madam, WHERE is this new site?). I am just 9 days from going home and am terrified at how wack I will be in the club. Soon as I figure out what dance it is all the kids are doing around me, the song is off never to be heard again. DAMNDAMNDAMNJames!!!!!! Sigh. So I need all of you, especially the Southerners (this includes you La, my favorite hoodrat) and Southern transplants. WHAT is going on down there??????

Can I tell you how much I love food? I can't wait to go to Showmars and Bojangles. MMMMMMM. Oooh! And Lupie's. And MY MOMMA'S!! Oh buddy. If you're gonna be in Charlotte March 21st-28th, holla at me. March 25th? Food party!!!!!!!! Oh yeah. Ridiculous. I'm gonna lose my mind when I go home. I'm already on the verge.

*Side note: someone PLEASE tell Justin Timberlake to sit down. You can NEVER be bad enough to come at Prince. EVER. You are out of your mind. Makes me want to throw away your cd because you have no respect. LIL' BOY YOU ARE TRYING TO STEAL HIS STEEZE AND THAT OF EVERY OTHER BLACK SINGING ICON!! SIT. DOWN!!


Anonymous said...

I do not think I can help you. All I have been listening to is Soca and Reggae. Hot Wuk!!!!

Southerner in Suomi said...

I hope I'm not your favorite hoodrat from Louisiana...am I?
Ok, ok. In Baton Rouge, Lil Boosie has blown up. (he's even on MTV now)

-Do you know how to do the ratchet? Lol. Yep that's a real dance. Can ya break ya back?

Ok to move closer to Queen City, I'd say give da heizman a try.
Tryna holla, no bank? Do da heizman on dat hoe!!

I just go to the club tipsy and get drunk and stay posted on the wall and flirt. But you can't do that, so scratch

Madam DLBG said...

Oooohhh..you just played me! I don't know how i'm supposed to feel about that...i think I'll choose *offended*, lol.

No...i did forget about the site
yes...I just finished an outlinefor the site and now I think I want to make it an EMAG
Yes...grad school is kicking my butt, but I'm working my butt off to please you Jam...LOL :-)

Girl, all my new music is from MTV... **begins singing cupid's chokehold at this time**

If you really need a new one, tell me what you wanna do different adn want to focus on more nad I got you. i should be charging you for this...smh

Adei von K said...

favorite hoodrat!! LMAO

you know i don't know. i'm still loving 'throw some d's on it' and that was soooooooooooo january '07

the joy said...

I will attempt to email you. I don't know names but I'll email you when I get the chance. Yay, sharing.

Sha Boogie said...

I'm withya!! WTF is JT thinking? He is defenitely smelling himself, BIG TIME. My farts sounds more soulful than him!

Jameil said...

epsi!! poo.

v... hahahaha. SHOW ARE! lil boosie.. don't think i like him.. i will youtube the ratchet! hahahah. y'all lousianans have some DANCES!! i used to learn them all from my girls from the NO at hampton. it was hilarious. I LOVE THE HEIZMAN SONG!!!! there was this dance on youtube w/these dudes in the dorm i watched over and over and over crackin up AND dancing along. it was great. i have never been a wall poster. i can do that at home. i'm on the floor!!!

madam.. hahahaha. glad you aim to please (me)! Its not so much that i want to focus something i'm just getting bored with what i'm doing. its the same thing everyday. I NEED MORE!

stace... but i hate the remix. ew.

joy... checked the email... still nothing! get to it!!! lol

sha... jt is on that bullllllll! get it together. and i'm not even a prince fan but he is TRIPPIN!!!

shani-o said...
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