More Mindspace Wandering! Yay!

I've been hanging with the work homies. Wednesday we went to this place called the Locker Room owned by Super Bowl LX MVP Hines Ward. Its ok. There wasn't really anyone there. Some dudes were trying to get with L so they bought us shots of SoCo and lime. (That's Southern Comfort for those of you who don't drink). I'd never had one until April's grand good-bye two months ago.

Then of COURSE b/c they bought us shots WE DIDN'T ASK FOR (but drank), they felt the need to act stalkerish. So we bounced. Walked down the South Side less than a block to Town Tavern. Went inside. There weren't a whole lot of people inside but the music was decent, ESPN was on a million screens and we were just chillin actin up. Some dude came up as the ice breaker for his two shy friends (so lame). So they were standing off to the side, then slid up when they felt the ice was sufficiently broken and we weren't evil.

K said she wanted to have a dance competition. I did one moderately low dip and she backed off. Hilarious. You don't challenge Jameil to a dance! Know ya place! Last time I went out w/my co-workers, one of them asked me why I wasn't a Wild 'N Out girl. Um... because I have a college degree and I hate Nick Cannon. He's the worst.

So when the two dudes walked up they asked my name. I had forgotten my fake name for the night was Tanika for just a second because "My Love" by Justin Timberlake was on. I told the first dude my name was Tanika. 2 seconds later, the other dude asked me my name and what did I say? Jameil. STOP DISTRACTING ME JUSTIN!! The first dude looked at me crazy but I was like oh well I don't care. I'll never see you again anyway and even if I did. I'd tell you a third name. I had to walk the one dude through getting at L. He bought her a drink, then stood on the other side of the table. I was like, "WRONG SIDE OF TABLE." (in his ear) Silly man. So he moved.

But I know most of all you want to know... WHAT WERE YOU WEARING?!!! i was wearing a light weight cream sweater, a navy blue velvet blazer, big gold and green circle earrings (the green looked blue next to the blazer), skinny jeans, and tan cowboy boots. i know what you're thinking. why are you wearing all these CLOTHES?!! but it was 42 degrees. 42!!! in SEPTEMBER! i'm leaving. *throws down the mic* (malik b, get on the mic, get on the mic)

Anyway me, K and KK are going to Houlihan's for lunch tomorrow. Then Wednesday, me and L are supposed to go out again. Look at me getting a life! Ooh la la! My Panthers finally won a game after an 0-2 start. Biotches!! Act right! Ain't nobody payin all that money for you to lose games!!!

How about I talked to the bf for 18 minutes last night, well at 130am, and he fell out. Just sleepy. Can someone give me and the bf the same off days again please? We had the same ones at least once a month for the last 9 months. Now there's a conspiracy and IT MUST END!! If you watched any of the ESPN coverage of the Bills game yesterday, then you saw the bf's work and why he was not able to stay on the phone longer. So sad. We're turning into the elderly.

Also... I just saw two of my fave episodes of Cosby Show back to back. The one where Rudy's taking tap lessons and Cliff goes in w/the old dude and they're cutting up and saying, "Challleeeenge!" So hilarious. Then the one where Cliff, Elvin and Martin are all competing to be the most romantic for $25 or less and they say they won't but then they all love their gifts. Fab.

Also the folk at work still look concerned when I talk about haters or people hating... How do I explain this term to the melanin deprived??? I thought everyone knew what it was... but I've been at this conundrum for months now... So odd.


Dreamlover said...

Yeah a post. That outfit sounds nice!

Thats cool that you guys are going out together, nice to have a good working relationship w/ peeps.

Dance contests, woohoo!! I would sooo lose.

Also, I love the Cosby Show.

Madam DLBG said...

"Challllllenge!!!" LOL ;-). I just paid attention to the bf working at ESPN, but somehow I think I kindof read that before? Maybe? A good friend of mine is a production assistant there and won an Emmy at 22 with ESPN.

Karamale said...

nice weekend-in-review, jameil...uh...tanika...uh...whatcho name is?

Karamale said...

betta yet...whatcho game is? (shawty)

4EverJennayNay said...



I love that episode!

Dreamlover said...

oh and I love the Tanika thing, the wrong name mix-up has happened to me as well.

I also pull the "i'm a lesbian card"


Jameil said...

dream... thanks! :D i stay fly. hahahahaha. i always win dance comps unless its reggae then i go sit in the corner.

madam... aisha? people who work on sportscenter always win emmys.

kara!!!! YOU'RE BACK!!! I MISSED YOU SO!!! oh i'm so glad you're back!! yaayyyy!! and crackin me up. hahahahaha.

jenn.. hahahahaha! i was crackin up as usual.

dream... lmao @i'm a lesbian. i never use that one b/c then the guy usually says, can i watch? and then you really can't get rid of him. my friends have tried it. so lame (the guys).

Ladynay said...

Don't blame Justin for the slip up! LOL That's a good method for giving people the vibe your not feeling them, every time they ask you the same question give a different answer! LOL

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

damn...you kicked it didn't u...."CHALLEEENGE!!!" that is one of my favorite too...my 2yr old sit and we watch the cosby's...

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

damn...you kicked it didn't u...."CHALLEEENGE!!!" that is one of my favorite too...my 2yr old sit and we watch the cosby's...

courtney said...

Hey Soror!
Make sure you add your site!
Thank ya!!

Chris said...

You're about as much a Tanika as R. Kelly likes grown women. How those lames believed you is beyond me.

Madam DLBG said...

Yes...Aisha...that's my people's!!!

Adei von K said...

Who buys ladies shots of SoCo? That's rude!

LMAO at "ice sufficiently broken" I don't want guys to slink over after they send their homies! Wack!!!
"One moderately low dip and she backed off" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL JAM Dameil!!! Why did u do it to her?!?! Why you had to shine on her?? oh gosh, Nick Cannon is the worst. A wack WANNABE Will Smith.

Are we really going to get mad at Justin cause you're slippin in your pimpin?!?! Tanika?!?! LOLOLOL I'm Tiffany but since I lost my necklace, I'm Stankeela. I give them my brother's cell and tell them to ask for Stan. LMAO!!!

"Challlllennnnnge!" I think that is one of the best episodes!

the joy said...

cosby is timeless.

gosh that is alot of clothes. i'm wearing a spaghetti strap to a wedding next week.

Jameil said...

lady... not feelin them? try could care less if they know my name or anything else.

sarcasstik... now THAT'S a good show. one you don't mind watching w/your 2yo and its not a cartoon...

khalli... were you on another planet??? how did you never watch that show??? i'm so concerned. i need a cold compress. bently!

chris... you've never met me. i don't act like i am on my blog when i go out. i'm much freer. i've used that name for at least 8 years now. people always respond, "you look like a taneka." hilarious. you love talkin bout arrah.

madam... knew it. i'm a genius.

stace... i don't know why people always try to buy me shots. do i have a shot face??? they really did slink over. so wack. i had to do it to her b/c she tried me. i was dancing and she said let's have a competition. a what??? come on now.

not slackin in ya pimpin when ya really don't care. ow! ew. stankeela is so ugly. so mad them fools agree to that. ugh.

joy... I DON'T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT!!! why you gotta rub your warm weather in my face? you so mean!!