Monday Mindspacing Vol. 141

1) Those goals I posted for the month? I'm so ready to smash them! I'm on fire right now and I'm not sure why. BUT I LIKE IT!! Leggo!
2) I got the details on sister-in-law's wedding dinner! She's doing a pasta bar with a couple of desserts. I'm making a vegan dessert. She loves chocolate so I'm thinking a vegan chocolate cake with homemade orange curd. I also need to make and freeze ginger snaps for my MIL but I'm kind of afraid we'll eat them all before they make it down there! LOL
3) If you ask me something on facebook and I answer, then we don't have to talk about it in person. In other fb news, my dad is now on there. SMH
4) I'm working on a list of things I've learned in the first year of marriage & awww! It's making me mushy just thinking about it!
5) Rashan and I watch Jimmy Fallon religiously. The games and songs on that show are HILARIOUS! Maya Rudolph's "Let Us Play with Your Look" is a family fave! I'm less pleased that a recent performance on the show has Rashan singing "Call Me Maybe" over and over and over!! WHYYYYY?
6) I have too many magazines in my house taking up valuable shelf space. Although part of me doesn't want to part (heh) with the food magazines especially, the other part wants them gone. Even my heavily bookmarked magazines are too difficult to sort through compared to the ease of googling recipes. I almost never read the magazines again. Someone tell me to get rid of them. Anyone local having a vision board party? Maybe I can donate them to a local school. Whatever. I'm just going to recycle them. That was easy. Thanks guys!
7) I always remember I want to volunteer to read at an elementary school at the end of the school year. Why??? Someone help me remember in a more timely manner next year, please!
8) My fitness clothing issue is becoming a real problem. I need so much of it! Yoga pants used to be my old staple so I have more than enough of those but now I need compression pants and capri tights.
9) I did a true chest & arms workout on Friday for the first time in months and I'm still sore. Clearly this is one of my areas of improvement. I struggle with balance when lacking a gym membership. I get cardio gung ho or strength training out of control but I haven't done the two simultaneously since Pittsburgh. And even then I didn't really know what I was doing.
10) I removed word verification from the comments because it was doing almost nothing to stop spam. I still could get 5-10(!!!) spam comments PER DAY. Seriously? And the word verification is harder and harder to read? Nope. Removing anonymous commenting also led to a huge drop in spam.
11) If you pray, pray for Mrs. TDJ. I'm so flabbergasted by her loss and pondering more than ever the futility of words. What can you possibly say? Almost everything sounds hollow.


Sparkling Red said...

1) If you could bottle and sell that motivation, you'd be a kazillionaire in short order.
2) Mmm, orange, chocolate, and ginger. Can't go wrong with those.
4) I can't wait! I think you should do an annual list. (Trust me, the learning never stops.)
10) That's nuts. I rarely get spam. And yes, the word verification pictures are eye-boggling.

Jameil said...

1) If only I could bottle it!
2) Right??
4) I should! :)
10) I get it all the time!