June Goals

Man it's been a long time since I posted goals! "Baby I'm back!" (-Scooter, "Living Single") I looove that episode! It's neck and neck with the Grant Hill episode for my favorite in the series! For the record, I had an ENORMOUS crush on Grant Hill growing up!
  1. Make a budget & keep it.
  2. (Start &) Finish wedding video. (Today makes 11 months of marriage!)
  3. Write two syllabi.
  4. Attend a church service.
  5. Cook three more Tyler's Ultimate recipes
  6. Apply for 15 jobs. I seem to be on a roll right now finding and preparing materials for jobs in various states (Georgia, NC, Maine, Alabama) so I might as well keep the momentum going!
  7. Finish the books I've been "reading" (aka storing next to my bed) for months Blur and Light in August. It's shameful how long they've been there.
  8. Read at least 2 other books.
  9. Get my professional website up.
  10. Change my name. (LORD!)
  11. Run at least 70 miles. I ran 62 in May and 64 in April.

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