Monday Mindspacing Vol. 139

1) My body is too unused to running three days in a row. It absolutely rebelled on Saturday after the third day in a row. I did not tell it to do this and do not appreciate its disobedience. HMPH! But I shall listen and run two consecutive days more often to get my body in the direction of three days in a row in a few months. (I had Gu (a gel for running fuel to be taken during long runs) for the first time Monday and UGH!!! TEXTURE!!! It's like the unholy middle ground between pudding and honey!)
2) Our neighbors are probably two of the worst people in the world. They are at least the worst couple I have any sort of tangential awareness of. Four fights from Wednesday to Sunday. Guess they were saving it up. I hate them.
3) It's no secret that the internet causes people to overshare... but I really feel like I've gotten more than my fair share of people oversharing in my direction. I don't need to know everything that goes on in your household. Thank you ever so much.
4) I found a nearby half-marathon in August!!! Training started this week! Now all I need is a sponsor! :)
5) LOLOL @ Rashan, who wins tweet of the week: Jameil is reciting "Annie" like I do "Friday" or "Belly."
6) The NYT has cut the number of free articles available from 20/month to 10/month and it is CRAMPING MY STYLE!!! Literally. The Style section is my favorite.
7) Can we stop passing along every statistic we see sans attribution? If we're not gonna stop doing this, I'm going to start making up a stat every week. Actually I know people won't stop doing this. Here is your first fake stat: One in five Americans eats 5 steaks a week. Shocking, isn't it!?
8) I am witnessing punctuation mark abuse on a regular basis and it's making me nuts! You can't react to everything with !!!!!! and ????? and ?!?!!?!?!? How do I know when you're actually excited or stunned???? Plus you're making me really weary. Of course because it drives me crazy, this post is filled with them...
9) I've decided to talk about babies on the blog again. I have them on the brain. I alternate between joy at my childless existence [Sleep, not dealing with someone else's waste matter (!!!), Rashan had to point out to me that pregnancy will likely mess with my marathon training over the next decade.... :(((] to wanting one RIGHT NOW. The latter wins out far more often than not. But can we talk about how much I don't want to lose myself, this runner's body and all of the delicious foods I love (soft cheeses, sushi, over medium eggs, medium burgers)? Have you seen the list of "potentially harmful" things lately? It's ridiculous. Basically a modern version of sticking menstruating women in a hut. This article (and its comments) made me feel better about it. Some things (many) are really beyond our control no matter how much we restrict the things to which we're exposed. Cigarettes & salmonella for all! J/k.
10) There are so many movies I'm not seeing in theaters these days that I'm acutely aware of the time it takes for them to go from theaters to Netflix. PLEASE HURRY UP!!
*I thought this posted on Monday (since that's when I scheduled it) so just pretend like it did.


K. Rock said...

1. Say no to the Gu! I tried it a while ago and it was like squeezing hot mucus into my mouth. G.ross. The jellybeans are useless so I have decided on the the clif blocks. But I dont do too much long distance anymore so I dont bother with any of them lately.
2. Sorry your neighbors suck. Maybe you guys can get out of there soon.
4. You better start saving up! If its in August you can probably get a decent price now.
7. I totally feel you on this.
8. See! Now you see what I was saying! How will I know when you are REALLY excited if you use 50 (!) after every sentence?
9. Aww how cute. Babies are great. Now is a good time to have them because you are young enough to where your body will bounce back easily (If that's your concern). And please dont worry yourself about all these restrictions. People have been having babies fine since the beginning of time. Yours will be fine too.
10. Ditto I'll see a commercial for a new movie coming out and I'm like "That looks good! I cant wait to see it on Netflix in 4 months!"

Trish said...

1. I'd love to know what that mixture smelled like!! Nbr and I went walking at the park yesterday, I was proud.

2. I think your neighbors are second to my old neighbors. I feel for you though, I truly do.

3. I know a ton of habitual line steppers!

5. I love Annie! I have the DVD.

8. I don't think I'm an abuser, although I partake in it recreation-ally!

9. They do say kids change everything. I am starting to see that more and more, but one day.....

pserendipity said...

2. How many times have you called the po-po? They need to get up outta there before it becomes the scene of a crime.
3. Just when I was gonna tell you about every single thing we did, said, ate, and thought about for the last 48 hours.
4. Yay!
7. Tim's existence makes your fake statistic true.
8. I thought it was just me. But then again you could teach an online class where they use absolutely no punctuation at all and all the sentences are just like this then at the end of a very long paragraph which is actually only one long sentence they use !. Then you'll appreciate the overuse.
9. I thought the only thing was tuna. Sheesh, I coulda killed Aidan.
*No, thank you. I prefer the truth.

Kaligyrl99 said...

2.noisy neighbors suck!
5. Do you sing the songs too?
8. raises hand...... I am guilty!!..!

Sparkling Red said...

1) A good friend of mine has started running, and between the two of you I may have to try it myself sometime. Just maybe. But definitely without Gu.

6) I have a paid subscription to the New York Times. It's pretty great. I love the Sunday magazine.

Patti said...

3. I don't actually mind oversharing. Its just that most people only share the good or the bad. So you end up with this overly detailed one-sided view of their lives.

7. Similarly, I hate when people fire off statistics without any context. Its the researcher in me but it totally grinds my gears.

9. Those lists have just gotten stupid long and restrictive. Everything in moderation. If you want sushi, more than likely you're eating it from a reputable place. Same with lunch meat. Enjoy that ish. Oh, and Jase is starting to get the baby itch again. I'm not sure what about "not until Tyler's 2nd birthday" is/was unclear. Too bad he cant have his own babies - lol.

*I was wondering where this was yesterday. Not enough to actually ask, but you know...

Jameil said...

k... 1) i haven't tried the beans but I dug the blocks so I'll probably have those as my primary.
2) working on it!
4) actually i found one that's only $45 right now!
7) it's crazy! the worst is when people say, "I know it's not a credible source" or "I haven't seen this from a credible source"... so why are you spreading it!?!?
8) ehhh maybe. we are still on different levels.
9) i hope it bounces back easily. i'm not worried per se but baffled. they're ridiculous.
10) lol i'm more like HURRY UP!!

TRISH... 1) It was strawberry banana flavor which probably didn't help. the banana? not the bomb. yay for walking!
2) can i exist the contest by not having horrid neighbors?
5) LOL It was one of my sister's favorite films growing up so I know almost all of the words still!
8) i think you're fine.
9) it's kind of frightening.

p... 2) once... i'm trying to figure out how much i'm supposed to call.
4) yay!!
8) LAAAAWD! I can't! Sentences shouldn't = paragraphs!!
9) LOLOL The same thing all of our mothers/grandmothers/etc. think, I'm sure! It's amazing we all survived with the current restrictions, huh?? LOL

kali... 2) theworst.com
8) Nooooo!

red... 1) do it! you don't need gu if you're running less than an hour so you're good!
6) :/

p... 3) the mundane is probably the worst for me. i don't want every detail of anybody's life!
7) it's so annoying!!!
9) it would all be so much easier if they could have babies!!! the lists make me nuts. Basically eat boringly. Not the kid.

Nerd Girl said...

1. G.R.O.S.S.!!!!!
2. Horrible neighbors bite. Maybe you and RJ should try to out bad neighbor them and make them move?
9. My friend and I were pregnant together. We used to sneak off and eat blue cheese. 'Twas marvelous.
10. I now have Netflix. I don't like the fact that I kind of have to know what I want to watch. Yeah, I know...

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

The list of things you can eat while pregnant is about ten bullets long..!!!!!?!?!??!?!!!!!!?????!!!!!?????