Monday Mindspacing Vol. 136

1) Instagram is a tool, not a magician. It can not make your ugly pictures pretty. And please stop using 18 filters on every single picture. Love, everyone you know
2) When I meet another Jameil (Jamel, Jamelle, Jemele), I'm always excited! What do you do when you have a common name? Other than compare unusual spellings. I'm so used to having a relatively rare name that the idea of the opposite fascinates me. Any rarer names ever met anyone with their name? Do tell!
3) Ummm... Good Reads? Rating and getting book suggestions??? Yes, please!
4) I got Rashan GOOD for April Fools yesterday! Love it! LOLOL  He was like, "You got me." And then he laughed bemusedly.
5) I hate what Time Warner Cable On Demand did to exercise on demand. How can I take something seriously that's called "Exercise Sportskool" and looks like it was filmed in a grandma's basement circa 1987? It. is. TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!
6) I boycotted the Muppets movie because it was over promoted. I felt like they were trying to MAKE me see that movie. So I refused. I'm sure I'll see it eventually but I'm still not over it.
7) I still haven't seen a lot of the best pic Oscar nominees after seeing all of them before the awards show the previous two years. This must end! And soon!
8) Rashan and his brother geek all the way out over Wrestlemania. I sit here with the stone-faced.
9) Know what I love about our moms? They are not even the least bit pressuring us about having children. They are excited by the prospect but not pressuring us. Know what else I love? My mom's saving her sabbatical for my first born. Awwwww!
10) I've given up on saying I have no desire to run a marathon. The more I read about it, and knowing myself, the more I believe it's inevitable for me. Half-Marathon 2012. Marathon 2013. Triathlon 2014. Wow.
11) I got carded twice at the same store this weekend. Who wants the over under for when I stop being regularly carded? I'm 29 now. I'm going to say 34. Laaaawd it's gonna be a long 5 years!
12) Have I told you lately I love the first of the month? 9 months of marriage as of yesterday! Woot! Our first 9 months of living together were way more annoying than our 9 months of marriage. I also love that we're 9 months in and have 900 (or so LOL) more months to go! Yaaaaay!


Nicole said...

2. All throughout my school years, there was always another Nicole in my classes. I could never just be Nicole. I had to be Nicole L. Consider yourself lucky to have a relatively unique name.
6. They did promote the hell out of The Muppets movie. Like, enough already. And I say that as a muppets fan and someone who was totally pressed to see the movie when it came out.
7. I am 34 and STILL get carded. I may look young but do I look like I am less than 18 or 21 years old? That can't be.

Trish said...

1. Haha!! I may be the only person on FB who hasn't bothered with figuring how to use it.

5. I went to visit my sister and she has Cox. We tried to order a movie but customer service was closed. What is up with the cable providers?

6. I agree! They had those Muppets on everything promoting!

8. My sister's ex is the same way, I just don't get it!

9. That's great your moms are that way. My mom used to hound me about marriage. Since that last fiasco, however, she has left me alone but she did tell me last week that I had to be married to have a baby...

12. I definitely understand that first 9 months of living together. I see you two together 9,000 more months, easy!

Nerd Girl said...

2. I've never met anyone with my name. I seriously doubt I ever will. We shall see!
3. I think I signed up for an account with them and promptly forgot about it.
4. I've never April Fooled anyone. Must remedy.
6. LG loved that movie.
9. That's awesome. My mom faked medical leave when I had LG. When she went back people were like "how was your surgery?" She kept saying "what surgery?" We are not good liars.
10. All you blog runners are about to make me start running. I seriously contemplated it last week. Hmmm....

Sparkling Red said...

2) My name was relatively uncommon until I turned 16, when a movie featuring a main character with my name was released. Every since then, my name is all over the place.

4) Do tell! Details! :-)

6) It had its delightful moments, but it wasn't super-special overall.

8) It's a guy thing.

Naima said...

#2. Ditto on the excitement! And also on the spelling variations (I happen to think mine is best, LOL!).
#4. What did you do???
#6. It was actually pretty good. Cheesy, but it made me smile.
#9. YES!!!! Go moms!!
#10. Word? You better run like Forrest!
#12. Awwwwww :)

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

I can't keep up with my good reads... don't tell D, he got me a kindle and I've been treating it like a step child, I have to do better!

Jameil said...

nic... 2) I like it fine now. I haaated it growing up!
7) My goodness! Oh my future. Please let us know when you stop getting regularly carded!

trish... 1) Nope! I'm not on it either.
5) They are all horrible money suckers.
6) Sooo annoying.
8) And I don't want to get it!
9) One of my friends has TWO parents to hound her about marriage and babies. It wears ME out and I'm just hearing it second hand!
12) YAY!!!!

ng... 2) LOL Not even the shortened version???
3) Remember! Remember!
4) Yes! It's so fun!
6) And you???
9) ROTFL!!! This was definitely Tuesday's story of the day!
10) Do it do it!

red... 2) Rashan and I just sat here and tried to figure out your name. Our first thought was Amelie but that was too recent. Sabrina? IDK
4) LOL I think it would make me sound like a terrible person if I told you. He was amused afterwards but I want you all to still like me.
6) Boooo
8) But why do I know girls on twitter who love it, too??? fail

nai... 2) LOL Of course!
4) See response to sparkling red. LOL
6) LOL I'll give it a shot
9) Right?!?!
10) Right?!
12) :))))