My mom's birthday surprise was AWESOME!!!  I started planning months ago when my mom kept asking me when I was coming home.  In the last week she asked me at least 4 times.  It was really ridiculous.  Even more so if you know my mom.  Shej is all about people doing things in their own time.  She NEVER talks to me about coming home.  I'm like, "Really mom?  What is your deal??"  In my head, of course, all along I'm making plans.

So Sunday she asked when I'm coming home and I said, "Soon."  Indignantly, she replied, "SOON?!?!? What does that mean??  Soon.  Hmph.  That could mean any time."  I said, "Mom... that's the best I can do."  Ooh chile.  She did not like that!  Hilarious!  When I get on the road or in the car, the first person I think to call is my mom.  It's free to talk to her and I enjoy it.  This time I know I can't do that.  I can't open a bag of chips without her saying, "WHAT'S ALL THAT NOISE???"  It can really work my nerves!!   If she answers the phone and I talk to her and she's on the road, she'll say, "Where are you going?"  This woman hears everything!!! 

But at soon as I get to my destination, she answers the phone and we talk for a while.  I say, "Tomorrow is your birthday!! How excited are you??"  She said, "You're more excited than I am."  I said, "As usual!"  She's never excited about her birthday.  How boring!  Then somehow WetWillie's comes up.  She said, "I should go there tomorrow for my birthday!"  I said, "OOOOH! You should!  I wish I could go with you!"  She said, "Me too!  Why aren't you coming?  You aren't doing anything but sitting around in Atlanta.  You should come."  I just sat there silently then whined, "Mooooom."  She said, "What? You should be here. Don't make me come down to Atlanta."  CRACKING UP!  She says she's going to the movies after work, will probably go straight there.  I start panicking a little.  I get off the phone and go upstairs to enlist my sister in the mayhem.  Fix it!

She calls my mom to ask her to dinner.  My mom says she's going to the movies but she'll come home first to get Elaina and they can go together.  I'm like, "Okay that's much better."  So I drive to the neighborhood pool to hide my car and we wait.  My mom drives up, walks in the house and I pop out and say, "SURPRISE!!!"  She looked so stunned like, "Who's that??"  Then the recognition & the, "Heeeey! Where's your car?"  LOLOL!  That's your first question?  I start cracking up, jumping up and and down and squealing.  Then I say, "And I have a special guest..."  She's looking around when Stace jumps from behind the living room armchair.  "SURPRISE!!"  My mom goes, "Stacey! What are you doing here?!?"  Stace says, "I came for your birthday!"  M says, "Awwwwww!"  She can't stop cheesing!  It's so cute!

She had no idea I was coming!  So funny and cute!  Best birthday surprise ever!!  And tonight I'm making her some fancy dinner from Tyler's Ultimate.  She's gonna love it.


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Awwwww!!!! That was a great surprise for her. You had her all stressed and you were coming all along LOL! such a sweet daughter! A gourmet home cooked meal. NICE!

Not so Anonymous said...

You're such a sweet daughter! Funny how your mom hears everything..my mother is the same way.

K. Rock said...

I love it! Surprises are the best. I love how she was all sour until you guys showed up.

Naima said...

Awwwww!! How cute!!!

Jameil said...

GP... Lolol. Her reaction was the cutest!

NSA... lol! Turn down those ears for a minute!

K... Right!??! So funny!

Nai... :) It was!