Monday Mindspacing Vol. 54

I know Monday Mindspacing is gonna have a great week when I start putting in new things on Monday! 

1) Cursing cartoon kids is the worst for me. I'll pass on the shows that have them.
2) I saw the Berenstain Bears somewhere and had an urge to read all of them again!  It was one of my favorite series in elementary school before I was put on the Babysitters Club.  I liked Nancy Drew just okay.  Same with the Boxcar Kids.  I really liked Sweet Valley High.  Judy Blume, WHAT!?!?  I read 'Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret' when I go to my mom's house every other year or so.  Love it!  I will definitely pick that one up again this summer!
3) I'm so glad I put a reading goal on my 30 Before 30 list!  I love reading and I really missed it when I was shoving in incessant films last year.  I have totally given up on watching 365 films this year.  I really don't care enough to do that.  I'll be fine with 300.  That means I'm still less than halfway there.
4) I won't say I'm already following EVERYBODY I want to follow on twitter.  Who knows what great tweeter may pop out the woodwork (I think Nerd Girl would be great on twitter!) but when I see people say they're on now, 9/10xs I think, "Ew. Your  fb statuses are horrendous, why would I want additional torture?"
5) I'm sitting in the car while Rashan pumps my gas when I hear this outrageously loud singing along to a horribly produced song.  I look over (shocked it wasn't him LOLOL) and it's old boy pumping his gas... I just know it's his song and this is his idea of marketing.  Mess.
6) I love driving in Atlanta when there are plenty of people on the road and you can go 75 in a 55 because you're going with the flow of traffic and people STILL pass you.  Once a cop passed me going AT LEAST 90.
7) My zip code at Hampton was 23608, it was 32608 in Gainesville.  I realized this when I couldn't remember my Gainesville zip code a few weeks ago!  Lol!  Nutty.
8) I love being able to say my highest completed education is graduate degree when filling out surveys!! :)
9) You sound dumb when you say game 7 is do or die.  Really?  So wait, if you lose this game... it's over????????
10) I don't like swimsuit ads with chicks laid out on the beach.  Are you selling sexy or a swimsuit?  Because I can see sexy & congrats and all but I need to see the swimsuit.  Thank you ever so much.
11) I'm a cartoon character.  I sneeze when I spill pepper.  LOL!! Mess!!
12) I don't like when people use twitter to be cruel.  It's so unnecessary.
13) And for the people using Father's Day as an excuse to release all of their bitterness, I hope you get the help you need.  No, really.  Despite the fact that some almost all of you should've known from day one he was going to only be a donor. #realitycheck


Adei von K said...

Yeah, I don't like how Father's day turns in Men bashing day. Like Valentine's Day for single people. Just stop with the hate.

Nancy Drew was too old for us. I tried to get into her, too. No thanks! I'll take babysitters and all the sweet valleys! Aww man, you're going to make me go on a spending spree at b&n.com... HAVE to own Judy Blume's collection!

Anonymous said...

Girl, don't say nothing bad about my girls Elizabeth and Jessica! I used to devour those SWH books like they were crack!

I just can't do twitter. I have a hard enough time keeping up my email, facebook and blog. I don't need anymore online time leeches! *lol*

Nerd Girl said...

2. Am I weird for loving the Flowers in the Attic series when I was in elem/jr. high? Yeah, I thought so...
4. You are too kind! Too bad I totally - still - don't "get" Twitter.
10. LOL! I feel this way about clothing ads. Stop standing with your left hip jutted way the heck out. Stop pushing up against the wall with your butt stuck out while you look over your shoulder. Stand up straight, arms to your side and take the pic so I can see what the clothes actually look like!!! Sorry...I have strong feelings on this one :)
13. Yup, yup.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. Normally no except the Boondocks too funny!
2.Judy Blume!!! yasss!Okay don't laugh but our school librarian was like 100 so she introduced me to Encyclopedia Brown mysteries and Beverly Cleary who is a CAL grad and has a Hall at the campus. Loves!
5.Bwhahahahahha He needed to stop
it! There is a lot of self promotion here as well.
7. Out of all the possible zipcodes that is really something.
13. Yeah it was overwhelming. I wished I was friends with everybody yesterday to say STFU!!!!

Trish said...

I had every Bernstein Bear and Baby Sitter's Club Book. I also liked Sweet Valley High.

Funny about the guy singing his own song, I can always tell a local song by the poor quality.

I said the same thing to Teddy Sunday about Father's Day. On Mother's Day there weren't any negative comments but after all the Father's Day wishes, there was an additive like "to all the real men!"

Ladynay said...

The B Bears still come on PBS maybe you saw it channel surfing.

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret was one of my ultimate favs back in the day. I am halfway tempted to pick it up at the library just for old times sake!

300 movies is still crazy! LOL

Toni Braxton was discovered at a gas station! Don't knock my man for trying to get on! LOL!

I hate when people use the internet to be mean in general! I can read a story about a little boy saving a kitten from a tree and after 5 comments there will be somebody insulting someone else! *sigh*

Sparkling Red said...

I read every single Nancy Drew book and every Judy Blume book in grade school. Classic! I'm glad they've stood the test of time. I recently read a book written by Judy Blume for adults. I can't recall the title. It wasn't fantastic. I think she's best at the young adult gig.

Sha Boogie said...

LOL@ #13! There were so many people talking about 'I don't know what he's calling here for?! Does he want recognition? NOT! This is my day! I'm the mommy and daddy! Happy Father's day to me!' Uhm.. not nice :((

K. Rock said...

1. I think alot tof the cartoons today are so dumb and they teach kids how to be rude.

2.I saved all my B. Bears books for my kids. My son reads them all the time. I used to be into SVH, Nancy Drew, and the BS club too.

Liz Dwyer said...

I like that you can check that highest level completed box, too! Yay!

I heard that there's going to be a Sweet Valley High movie. Not sure if that's true tho. I'd love if it was.

Jameil said...

adei... that was so lame. idk what nance's deal was. bring your spending spree w/you so i can read, too!! lolol

mrs.t... right?! i <3 twitter. sometimes it's my fave time suck.

nerd. 2) I DID TOO!!
4) figure it out! lol
10) RIGHT!?

gp... 1) that's only funny to me sometimes.
2) right!? bev was my girl, too! not so much with encyclopedia brown.
5) right??
7) seriously!
13) alla y'all!

trish... SVH was the bomb! Local songs are nightmarish! Lol. You know fathers were heated!

lady... i think i did see it on tv. AYTG? was SUCH a great book!! Yes, I know 300 is still crazy! LOL. Don't spread around that lil moment about Toni! No one else needs to know that!!! Internet evil is the worst & news comments are all there.

red... they really have! i agree about judy. just okay for adult fiction.

sha... very not nice.

k... 1) they really are terrible.
2) so cool!

liz... woohoo!! I would SO see that movie!