She Tried Me!!

So I took my dad to Olive Garden the other night. I ordered the Tuscan Garlic Chicken. A new entree. I saw the pic, with the whole roasted garlic cloves. That made me a bit wary, but I said what the hey? After a disgustingly long wait, (btw i wanted to get the stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer but she didn't bother to ask so I didn't bother to order), the food finally came. She says,

"those hard pieces on your plate are garlic. i think there are 10-15 pieces. you don't have to eat them."

Excuse me?
FIRST of all. i know wtf garlic is!!!!
2nd they are not PIECES they are CLOVES.
3rd there's a HEAD of garlic in my kitchen right now.
4th since you don't know they're cloves, you probably don't know garlic comes in heads which you break apart to get the individual "pieces" actually known as cloves.
5th ever heard of rachael ray? yeah she taught me 90% of the food tricks and language i know. she's the garlic queen so please believe i KNOW!!
6th i watch food network more than any other channel, style network takes a close 2nd.
7th, and most importantly...

*insert hip hop dalmatians, "she don't know don son! she don't know!"*

I'M A FOODIE!! I was too through. That's why her tip got cut down. And I didn't order the drinks I wanted or the dessert I considered all because I didn't want her to get any extra money. I left her 18%, but i would've left more if she had been a decent waitress. When someone tells you they want water for now, you come back and ask what they want now about 15 minutes later. Ugh. Cnel! handle my light work son. and i'm out.


Madam DLBG said...

LOL...if ur Ren then I'm Ten, LOL, I hope u told her about her "ignorance".


Jameil said...

omg! another rach lover!! fabulous!! the bf bought me one of her dvd sets and one of her books for v-day. that's all i wanted. how fab is he? i didn't tell her but i was definitely looking for a complaint number.

Dreamlover said...


U left her 18%, haha, u should have been with me. Think about $0.

I don't think bad service deserves SHIT!

It pisses me off that u gave that biatch anything, haha

courtney said...

just wanted to say hey soror!

the joy said...

gettem fellow foodie mama! she's an idiot for explaining to you something in the title of the plate then giving you permission not to eat it. boo!

btw on my page were you refering to posts about him or posts in general?

Ladynay said...

18% for bad service??? I wanna be your waitress! Shoot! LOL

4EverJennayNay said...

18% is pretty good. cause if i really don't like you, don't hold your breath for any tip.

I have the hip-hop dalmations as my crew. they chime in with the same lines dun son!

Anonymous said...

tsk tsk tsk...servers NEVER learn...

you never make assumptions about what guests KNOW AND DONT KNOW...

shame on you for not ordering what you want...

what you do (and this is YEARS of serving experience speaking) is you tip on what SHE sold..and not on what YOU ordered.

mad some white chick had to teach you about garlic, though.

Anonymous said...

and who the hell are the hiphop dalmatians?

GreatWhyte said...

Brown Sugar... the hip hop Dalmatians!!!!!!!!!!!!! LM big AO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jameil said...

dream... it was an accident that i left that much. i thought i left less.

courtney.. eeeeeeeeeeeeee-yip!

the joy... like i don't know i don't have to eat everything that comes to me. if i'm paying for it that's my perogative right? stupid. i have no idea which post you were talking abt.

lady... it was an accident. my parents have always been big on taking us to restaurants and making sure we knew if you were going out to eat, you had to tip well. plus i was in a good mood. and i don't like to be the stereotypical black person who doesn't leave anything or leaves 10 percent.

jenn... HAHAHAHA!! i knew my brown sugar heads would be down! :D

dp... i figured it was a sign for me not to order as much. a $60 bill at olive garden is unnecessary. why are you tryin to get me riled up? teach me about garlic. HMPH!!! see x for who the hh dalmations are!

x... ahhhhhhh yeah! lololol

CNEL said...

18% that is a lot, and she seemed like a B.

But yea she needs to get it together!

How about she not presume your ignorance, ever?

Adei von K said...

she did try yur life dog. and she was with the wackness. no soup (tip) for you!

Don't Oppress Me said...

Rachael Ray is The Homie!
30 Min. Meals, 40$ A Day, Tasty Travels, I watch all that shit.

We're gonna have to go back and beat that ho down, just so she knows not to try you no more.

Jameil said...

cnel. it was an accident... and i'm pissed abt it. i need to call mngment.

stace.. i know right!

don't... YES! best idea all day! and you love rachael ray? ride or die!

Veronica Marché said...

This fool said "don. son."

And I'm through.