jetsetting thru my mindspace *updated!*

ok first apparently i should explain the new name. stace was frightened. almost thought she was at the wrong place. so i'm at post 92. around 50 or so i realized i didn't particularly like the title of my blog anymore. don't know how long mindspace will stay either. but here it is for now. i think its accurate. blogging is a way for people to jetset thru my mindspace. if you read my blog, you have a pretty good idea of the basis of who i am. how you imagine me via regularly reading is likely accurate, right ashli and stace?

So as we speak (or as i write, http://www.wiseman7886.blogspot.com/ is in cagli, italy)! get it! and karamale, currently of bogota, colombia is always talking about jetsetting. *speaking of bogota, guess what! i wrote about bog at work the other day (i think it was flooding or something) and i thought of you! i was so excited! also when shakira was talking about shakin it like we do in barranquilla (ooh la la! you'll be proud to know i spelled it correctly w/o looking and only looked to ensure accuracy *wink*) or whatever she said i fell out thinkin about that post!! hahahahaha* so i became inspired to write about my own international travels. like to here it? here it go.

my senior year in high school, spring 2000, via the marching band, i got the opportunity to go to europe for 3 1/2 weeks on a music tour w/american music abroad playing the french horn. now, it was supposed to be for people particularly proficient in their instrument. however, i can't really say i was that anymore. at one point i was. but then junior year i became drum major. marching really makes you a better instrumentalist b/c you have to concentrate so much. anyway, becoming drum major meant i was only playing an instrument for half the year. clearly that's not enough to continue to improve.

didn't really matter to me because i knew i wasn't willing to make the time commitment for band (i been searchin, oh ohhhhhhhhhhh, for so loooooooong, nobody like the force, nowhere to be found. makes me wonder what i'd doooo, if i ever was as sorry as youuuuuuuuuuu!). ok i was originally looking for a link to the force but look what i found! the go-go band mumbosauce is featured on wikipedia! that's hot! it was est. at hampton. never a big fan of go-go until sr. year mr. sgrho was a member of mumbosauce. so i went to one of their concerts. they go-goed (new verb, use it) some dirty south songs, most notable some lil john. i was DONE. enjoyed it mucho.

i'm really sidetrack bob-in it right now (daaaaaaaang! two new verbs for you in one day). i can't focus. too much goin on. well, this was supposed to be about my trip to europe but i guess i'll have to leave you hangin a la davey wayne. i'm listening to wpgc (in dc) on aol radio and i LOVE IT!! see? this is part of the reason i want to move to "the urea" eww! if that looks nasty. not urea as in urine. the urrrrrrrea. (you gotta put some feelin behind it).

anyway. about to go to simme's, a soul food restaurant here. well, we'll see. that's what it bills itself as. as a southerner, i'll go be the judge of that. we shall see. oh yeah!! guess what guys? i didn't like my phone until i opened my latest issue of instyle magazine and saw it on pg 167!! that's the 2nd time i've seen something i already owned in that mag and was so crunk!! the first time i shared the info w/my book club. i think they were like ok... you definitely are as young as we often forget you are! lol. anyway. headed to simme's w/the head of engineering for lunch. we'll see how the grub is. i'll holla!

ok... so... went to simme's. it was alright. i had chicken and waffles w/lemonade. the lemonade was a no go. definitely from powder or something ridiculous like that. get that outta here!! i'm straaaaaaaaight. never had chicken and waffles before. it was pretty good tho the chicken was fried a little hard for my taste. my biggest beef: piss poor directions!! the kid was angry. its a maximum of 15 mins from my house right? how bout it took an HOUR to find it. no. never again. don't look for me round here. took some lil hood girls hangin out on the corner to finally get me there. even the people FROM THE RESTAURANT couldn't give me proper directions. hell. to. the. naw.

watchin real weddings from the knot, i think. chile. this need to be called bridezilla. this girl is cursing her parents out on her wedding day. she told her dad she would walk down the aisle by herself. told him to get the f*** out of the bridal suite... and he did it. and she walked down alone. then barked orders during the picture taking and they did whatever she wanted w/o question ... whoa. somebody needs a whoopin.


Adei von K said...

This was truly a travel in your mindspace! Side Track Bob is our friend!!! He keeps things live!

I got my InStyle today!! Yay!!!! I saw your phone! Yay!

P.S. you're going to get hella lost

Karamale said...

LUUUUUUVED this post. not because i was plugged (heee!) but because you talkin bout jetsetting, which i'm always up for. in fact, now that the semester's over, i'll be updating that site with more articles.

meanwhile, it was cool to see the wikipedia article on gogo, even though i hate that "pots-n-pans" shit. i just hate how they remake stuff. the thong song just don't sound right slowed down, sorry (baaaaaaby maaaaake ya boooooty go).

but ahhh, you movin to the dc/va/murrrlin urrrea. you gotta learn how to say urrrything's "as shit":

i'm hungry as shit
it's hot as shit
you stoopid as shit
i'm broke as shit

read it and see, gotdamn. thas i'm talkin bout.

oh yeah, how dare you question the southernness of black floridians (on my blog) - especially from nawf flahda. if you ain't from dahn heah, don't come rahn heah. heah?

(sidetrackin off your sidetracks)

Jameil said...

stace... you're such a hater!!! lol

karamale... glad i could bring you joy. and you know its b/c you were plugged. quit lyin. yeah... clearly you're slackin on that site. not so subtle hint from me. HINT HINT DOG!

LMAO @ pots and pans shit! hilarious! yeah... it had to grow on me and i still don't like all gogo. have you heard thong song screwed? its just as bad as the gogo version.

and... you betta ask if you don't know. florida is cuban. esp. south florida. i guess n. fla might be southern since stace calls it south georgia.

Anonymous said...

its spelled..


...urrrrea is a part of your anatomy

What is this soul food restaurant in Pittsburgh of which you speak. Aint no way such a thing can exist.

The leavin yall hangin thing has gotten tired...im gonna leave that alone...the thrill is gone.

It aint no fun if you cant go sidetrack bob.

GoGo is cool...in like 45 minute intervals...after that...it gets quite monotonous.

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

I like *mindspace*. i wish i had
more space for my mind. As it were..

So...Wise...Sista said...

Thanks DP...I was bout to correct the spelling of "errrea". And how come Murrland/DC boys all wear New Balance? And grimy as it is I love me some Bawtimore. lol

I never had chicken & waffles til I moved to Harlem. Now seem like the corner bodegas even serve that shit.

Why am I plotting on when my black azz is gonne jetset thru Europe!

J, you're at your best when insanely random!

Jameil said...

dp and wise, thanks for the correction! :) lol also dp, thanks for not leavin us hanging anymore! :) and plz don't get it twisted. you won't find the kid listening to gogo for hours on end. now bmore club? chile yeah!! lol

rev... hmmm... interesting thought. wishing you had more space for your mind... care to elaborate?

wise.. girl! bmore is like my 2nd fave city. dc, bmore, philly. i haven't been to many more large cities. i've been to atl and new orleans. liked atl but wouldn't want to live there. new orleans obviously isn't the same so it would just be depressing to live there.

oh yeah! forgot i went to the nyc, too. i liked it but i was only there a few hours. not nearly enough time to form a worthwhile opinion.

and thanks! stace loves my random posts, too.

Anonymous said...

This was a good and I like the new name. I just happen to come across u and said I'd show u some love being that I saw the 1922 and it made me think about my bestfriend(who is your soror). Good read again

4EverJennayNay said...

you know... i dont care how old i am, i really think my mama would still sucka punch, roundhouse, and drop kick my ass if i tripped. and cuss, use profanity in her presence? dead. fugg the wedding plans. call the coroner and just make sure they burry me face up.

@d.p. and everybody else.
isn't urea a chemical found in urine? the urethra is the tube thru which urine travels from the bladder as its discharged. its also the tube that carries seminal fluid out of the penis. sorry it got technical.

@so wise.
I love Baltimore. I have fam that lives around the corner from Druid Park in a row house. I swear I thought row houses were the coolest things... until I realized what hood was. Baltimore hood is different from Durham hood.

im southern born and bred. and i have never ever been to or heard of a resturant in the south that serves fried chicken and waffles. maybe thats a deep south thing, i dunno. people in tx tell me that NC is the coast, not the south. whatever. we're south of the mason-dixon line, people still fly the confederate flag and there are confederate solider statues outside of courthouses, and let's not get on the KKK having their hotline published in the phonebook.

Jameil said...

dt... thanks!

nay... yes!! absolutely is in urine! and girl you know we don't eat no chicken and waffles in the south! you know better. i just ate it b/c i didn't go there for the alleged soul food. i don't trust no yankee restaurant to give me what me and my daddy can cook. puh leeeeeeease. not impressed. and don't want to be angry/annoyed when they fail miserably. sorry dp! :) lol and me and my momma were appalled a "southern style" restaurant can't make good lemonade.

Sherlon Christie said...

In the next couple of years...I will be traveling more...especially overseas...I have to use that passport sometime...

Anonymous said...

I love me some chicken and waffles!!!

Mrs A. said...

i think i tripped and fell over your mindspace. *grumble* i'm suing

Jameil said...

sp... yep! ain't no point in havin it if you ain't gon use it!

epsi... ehhh... it was aight.

miss a... you can go ahead and take my lil 53 dollars now. *name that movie!*

Supa said...

Hey Jameil!!!!

Jameil said...

heyyyyyyyyyy supa! :)

Cluizel said...

You you couldn't send me some chicken and waffles?

"she told her dad she would walk down the aisle by herself. told him to get the f*** out of the bridal suite... and he did it. and she walked down alone." ~~~that is one episode I wouldn't have cried for...and you know I cry for everything.

Jameil said...

wilder... i'm sure they have chicken and waffles in indy. lol. i wasn't that impressed.

and lmao!!!!!!!!! how about its hilarious you wouldn't have cried... you sure? i think it was verrrry touching. hahahahaha.