Breakfast? What's that?

So breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I LOVE it. Anytime of day... until now. This job has ripped out my brekky love and killed it. I wake up at either 1145 PM or 315am to go to work. By the time you've been up four hours, what do you want to eat? Real food right? Its so funny how everyone on the morning shift never eats breakfast unless the company buys it. Who has time for breakfast? I need some sustenance by 7 am. Real food. Like sandwiches (not pb&j, yuck!, and pasta. They always make fun of me b/c I don't eat grilled cheese. Ick. First of all, I hate American cheese. Its the nastiest, least flavorful cheese. I mean seriously, who eats this crap? And Kraft American singles make me want to vomit. Seriously. I threw up off of cheese toast once. Just nasty. Plus if I'm eating a sandwich, I need some meat! Some turkey, ham, something. And put that good cheese on it, too. Make me a siddity sandwich. That's why I love Panera Bread. Too damn expensive, but I'm always happy. Gouda, mixed baby greens, horseradish sauce. Mm, mm, MM!! Now that's some good ish!

When I was in college, I used to eat breakfast as much as possible... without actually having to get up and to the cafe at the crack of dawn. Anytime of day was game for breakfast. The best? Going to the club, then going out to get some breakfast!! Yeah! I can't eat anything else at that time. I mean, I guess I could, but who wants to? Me, the b.f. and the ex-best friend were... the Breakfast Battalion!! Lolol. We would get together, buy food at like 2am on a Tuesday or something and I would cook bacon, eggs and toast while they stood behind me and "supervised." Do I look like I need supervision? My ish was delish EVERY time! Lol. And don't forget the glass of o.j.! J'adore jus d'orange!! That was most def one of my fave HU memories. Good ole breakfast battalion. Ahhh good times, good times.

Did you know there's a site called mrbreakfast.com? Who knew?! I've learned more about random ish than I will ever need since starting this blog. My first posts always had a random link in the title. So I guess this is an old school post. A throwback if you will. Hey guys. You're making me want breakfast. Mmm... omelets! Mmmm... bacon! MMM... grits!! Ooh I love grits! God bless grits!! Yesss!! Oh yeah BTW being that you see my obsession w/meat, please tell me you don't consider donuts, bagels (ugh), fruit and cereal breakfast. That's like a breakfast appetizer. I hate bagels (too much bread). And I only like Krispy Kreme glazed donuts, unless its one of those bangin' ass cinnamon/sugar donuts. That has to be my fave!! Yum-o! Does anyone know where I can get like a whole box of those? Its like they're only at pastry shops or something. I don't know. But I need them delivered weekly.

Back to the matter at hand. If I'm creatin whole faux clubs off of breakfast I mean come on people, I LOVE brekky!! And now that love has been destroyed. Smashed to smithereens! The only time I want it if someone makes it for me. And only on Sat/Sun when I get off around 10 or 1030. Or maybe on my day off. Day off? What's that??? Sigh. So sad. I love you breakfast!! I'll be back!! Don't forget me!! You're gone but not forgotten!! Kisses!!


Rell said...

you should try going to Ihop at like 1pm in the day and see if that does anything for you.

Sherlon Christie said...

what exactly are grits?

ahleks said...

Haha, spchrist.

I have never thought to wonder what grits were but now that I think of it, I'd have to pose the same question.

Grits were introduced to my palate relatively late (I guess that's a result of living up north) and never liked the stuff at all.

Is it an acquired taste?

Veronica Marché said...

pl.n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb)

1. A ground, usually white meal of dried and hulled corn kernels that is boiled and served as a breakfast food or side dish.

2. Coarsely ground grain, especially corn.

Jameil said...

rell... i forgot to mention this. i don't like ihop (overpriced) or waffle house (dirty as all get out!! ugh!) my fave places are lil hole in the wall diners. at hampton there was "tommy's!!" LOVE tommy's!! that's one of those places i always have to return to, like the waterfront and a football game.

sp and ahleks... see open market's response. lol. they are deelish. you probably had them cooked the wrong way by some yankee and they were probably nasty! i had some at denny's a couple of months ago (after watching the pats/colts mon. nite fball game!! whoo hoo!! lol) and i couldn't even finish that lumpy mess. ugh.

marketress, lol you're hilarious!

E said...

You know...I've recently got hooked on eating a 'real breakfast' at least on the weekends. Typically I'll either eat a breakfast bar or a muffin. But nothing beats some scrambled eggs, bacon, grits, pancakes, the whole nine yards...yum, I'm so glad it's the weekend.

T Dot said...

Tommy's was that deal...good ole Hampton days.

And I'm mad ya'll parents never cooked grits for ya'll! And don't use being a Yankee as an excuse - I'm from Michigan!

Jameil said...

talia. come on. you know michigan is the midwest. and your moms is probably from like SC or something. yankees can't make good grits. fact. the first time i ever had nasty lumpy grits i was in NJ. po thangs. i'll make grits for y'all. awww. so sad.

i'm tryin to guilt my dad into making brekky tomorrow. he's like you've been working SO hard! i'm like yeah, i get off at 10, I'll be home at 11. can you make brekky please? i'll do the eyes and the face. you know the one w/the lower lip?

Anonymous said...

Ewww to grits I think everyone in my family eats them except my twin sister and I.

For breakfast I love pancakes/french toast, waffles (with King's Syrup- you know it's serious cause it comes in a glass jar), hash browns, home fries, scrambled eggs...stuff like that. Milk and cereal never really feels me up.

In college I rarely eat breakfast it's so sad, but I'd take extra time in bed before I head to my 8ams. I know brighest decision ever to take classes at 8 in the doggone morning.

When I went to boarding school I had that good ish. I'd wake up roll out of bed head to the cafe have cereal, bagles, fruit, glazed donuts, muffins, that spicy potatoe tasting string stuff, bacon, sausages. I miss the days of being cooked for and charged reasonably!

Jameil said...

no way cnel!! there will be no grits hatin on this page!! you know bmore is bout as country as it gets. i know you love them grits. ick to pancakes and waffles. first of all, they're called pancakes. second, since i had a belgian waffle in belgium, i reallly can't eat regular waffles. no thanks.

clearly in college there was absolutely no getting up early for brekky... hence the breakfast battalion. whoo hoo!!

simplifry said...

You mean there are people in this country who aren't aware of grits? I can understand not being able to get over the texture (I'm personally a soupy grit fan and loathe the grit brick served in some establishments,) I can even understand if you made the mistake of letting your grits get cold and turn into the aforementioned brick, but to not like the taste of grits is from pure lack of imagination. You can butter grits, add sugar, salt, pepper, applesauce, bacon, eggs...the choices know no limit. Grits are to carbs what Eggs are to protein. Then again, I am a southerner and we were bred to be creative with our "limited" supply of food-stuff. BTW, I am not a huge breakfast fan, but even I love grits.