BET was right?

Ok guys. I know this is so against everything I stand for, but did anyone see BET's "'05 Rewind The Good, the Bad and the Real Ugly??" That ish was hilarious!!! I liked to died!! (that was a southernism for you) Too funny!! Lololol. It was like Chappelle Show/Negro Best Year Ever/ Daily Show/Race-O-Rama rolled in one. Truly the negro best year ever. Clearly I used to love Best Week Ever. I think things go downhill through overexposure. That show's too overexposed now. Its not as funny.

Did anyone see Race-O-Rama? One of the best series VH1 has ever done. No joke. It was hilarious!! Me and Michy used to sit on the phone (I in Charlotte, she in Indiana-- ooh that was grammatically ugly!) and watch it together and fall out laughing. And everytime the reruns came on I ran to the phone to call her, Kyle, Stacey, and Nichole. TOO funny! The BET thing included people from that so you know I was too happy. And Paul Mooney was on there too. You know he cracks me up. But he was definitely wrong for ruining Tracey Ellis Ross' night at the awards. It was funny, but damn he ruined her night and i think she's so cute (not facially, but as a person). Yes I said facially lolol. You know another funny thing we used to say in undergrad (doesn't that sound so cool?? lol ooh undergrad)?? "She has a notty body.... her body should NOT look like that." That sounds so harsh but when you shove yourself into clothes that are too big or too small for you, it does horrible things to your body and body image. Please people. Try clothes on with people you trust. Speaking of which, when are more of my friends coming to visit to me so I can do this???? Geez!

Ok I know I've said this before but this Issac Mizrahi character is hilarious. There are chunks of his show that I can't stand (like where he says, "I'd like a delicious coffee, would you like a delicious coffee? giovanni!" and this gay black guy says yes? and then Issac and his guest give their coffee orders and he makes it. WTF??? that single-handedly set the race, and gay people, back at least 5 years. i know it did.) But he says these ridiculous things!! It cracks me up. Like "clap for her!" and "you have about a week to wear this" and more. Anyway.

So the New Year thing. God Bless January!!!! J'adore Janvier!! Did I tell you I'm boycotting all holidays? All of them. I worked Christmas Eve & Day and New Year's Eve and Day. The first holiday under my injunction was Thanksgiving. I really do not get the big deal. It made me know that I will NOT be cooking for a holiday ever again until there are at least 5 people to eat all that ish. I either ordering or going to someone's house. I can't do it. I can't look at the left-overs and I don't like turkey. I did enjoy spending it w/my soror and her family. Her aunt threw down!!! Ugh! For no reason.

Guys! I just bought some cowboy boots and I'm so excited!! I love them. Issac says they never go out and they never come in. Shee-it! I love them hoes and I'm wearin em for like the rest of my natural born life (as opposed to my false-born life right?) Anyway but he claims you can wear them however. I want this white dress (like a strapless) to wear w/them. How unnecessarily sexy would I be? TOO unnecessarily sexy. I love how I don't necessarily conform to other people's style options. Its great.

Ok sorry guys. Holidays. I'll focus. Then you read how "great" *read awful* Christmas was for me and I've never been a big New Year's person. What fresh hell is the big deal? Midnight happens every day. It does. I've seen it before. Many times. I hate resolutions. What the hell is the point? So I'm boycotting holidays. I like to spend time w/my people, eat, and celebrate all year long. So f the holidays!! And yes I will continue to growl when people ask me if I have a New Year's resolution! Tata!


>CW said...

just thought i would let you know...the ruler's back!!! ;) >CW<

Anonymous said...

LoL I'm considering adding boycotting BET to my list of resolutions. All their shows are rip offs of MTV or VH1 except Rap City, and Bobby Jones Gospel, if those two shows even come on. They need to do more than just entertain IMO.

Hmm I was watching too much TV over the last week and a half, especially between Isaac and Run's House, but Isaac's show is heelarious. I only tuned in cause you had mentioned it, and it's ummm interesting, especially for a straight man to watch. But he's decent, and I love the "Dying to Know" questions part cause they're generally good. But the funniest thing is him saying "Come back to me", I'm thinking dude where we gonna go, and why does a famous fashion designer only wear black and navy? That's what I'm dying to know.

Hmmm lol yeah I'm with you some holidays are overrated, and overcommercialized. We should celebrate, enjoy other's company, and uphold what we value in our lives on the regular, not just a day here and a day there.

Oh and resolve to stay who you are, cause your heelarious and one of a kind.

Veronica Marché said...

I HEART Isaac. He is too funny. What other talk show host instructs the audience to applaud? Usually that's the stage manager's job. "Clap for her"... LOL! Cracks me up every time.

Jameil said...

cole, you know i love you as a fellow hamptonian right? you will NOT call yourself the ruler!!! lololol.

cnel, aren't you the sweetest?! i'm gonna work my way into bet. if i have my way, you won't recognize it in 15 years. hopefully it won't take that long, but we'll see. you know you can't just go up in there and start tellin people what to do. they get mad when you do that. i'm so glad you watched isaac!! whoo hoo! someone else knows what i'm talking about!! i'm so excited! lol. i also want to know when he will stop wearing neutrals. despite his worth as a designer, i rarely like his outfits. i'm like sheeit i can be a designer. i would LOVE to be a stylist. hmm... still no takers for that. i desperately want to make-over 95% of the reporters on local tv here. ugh! i know this is pittsburgh but geez!!!!

can i tell you how he was on jay leno last night and i almost fell out of my chair w/laughter!! he took over the show and gave JAY, the HOST of the show the "dying to know" questions!!! Hilarious!! Off the chain!! If i had tivo/had known the extent of the hilarity!! Wow. I was DYING for Jay to stop losing his show!! Dude (isaac)even started answering his questions to Sarah Jessica Parker (who by the way i think is way overrated, do you know she was on isaac getting her hair brushed with a toothbrush?!! ugh!! b/c i'm so rich and popular i need little tiny brushes??) who was seated next to him. THAT was one of the best moments of Jay's show EVER. I'm convinced!! Lolol.

Rell said...

awwww don't boycott christmas, the other ones you can boycott, but christmas is still special.

I saw Jay last night too, had me dying.

Anonymous said...

Aiight J, when you take over BET/Viacom I want to be bigger than Ed Gordon, Tavis Smiley, Jacque Reid....shucks I want to be bigger than Dan Rather and Bob Scheiffer too. I want an hour of nightly news and regular town halls and I want for Teen Summit to return to the air.

Aiight, I'm done.

Jameil said...

c, how you gon just... wow. i don't even know how to finish. you're special.

market, chile! clearly i'm like, umm... you have mad people behind the scenes! i've seen them... including what you call your sweat shop!! lolol! so, what are they doing while you direct the audience?? lolol!! he kills me!! i'm so glad i have partners in crime w/this show!! its TOO hilarious!

rell, i don't know. christmas may survive. but that's up to the so called fam. they need to step it up. i'm sayin can i get a christmas card even? a hello? some shit. right now i shouldn't even be talkin to them. jerks. leavin me alone on christmas. humpf! matter of fact let me go wake d up and tell him about himself!!

Absolutelee said...

Well I can only comment on part of your post as I have never seen the Isaac show, but the way everyone on here is talking about it maybe I should check it out, though I'm not too much into fashion related shows.

However I did see BET's rewind '05 and thought it was decent. I know they may be biting off of other stations shows, but at least they have all Black people on the BET show and I thought it was funny. What I really thought was funny was how no one wanted to say anything off color about Suge Knight. Shit I don't blame 'em...LOL. Some of the people on the show were madd funny tho. The only person who I really didn't like was Paul Mooney. I have NEVER found him to be funny and still don't. His comedy routine hasn't changed in all the time I've heard him. And what was all that babbling they let him do as the credits were rolling?

BET could use some fresh talent up in thurrr (southern 4 ya), so good luck on doin' what you need to do to get to where you want to be.