"Well... You're Pregnant."

On Christmas Day I started feeling crazy. As the day progressed and into the next day, I started feeling more and more pregnant. My list of symptoms progressively grew until I had me, myself and I, Rashan, my mom & my sister convinced I was knocked up. (Knocked up is about the only pregnancy euphemism I like... because it makes me laugh.) We were shocked... but excited, too! (I also may have been terrified.) When I wasn't pregnant, I was convinced I was dying. And we were so disappointed. Before this, we'd decided we weren't ready to start trying but now, we were definitely ready. So we decided to try.

I had an appointment with the lady doctor (LOLOL) on February 4th to make sure I wasn't dying and to talk about trying to conceive. Actually it was a nurse practitioner. And she doesn't see OB patients. So when her nurse walked in, she asked, "Is there any chance you might be pregnant?" "Um... yes." "Okay... well let's get you a pregnancy test." I'd JUST gone to the bathroom and was convinced I wouldn't be able to get anything or if I did, it wouldn't work. I finally gave her my sample, she said, "I'll be right back." (Aren't you delighted by this level of detail?) I sat there nervously and she came back and said, "Well... you're pregnant." "I am!?" "You are." "OH MY GOSH!" "So it seems like that's good news for you?" "Yes!" "Okay good. I wasn't sure." Okay WTH? I know I look 20 but seeing as you're a nurse and have access to my one-page file (since this is my first time here...), you should know that I'm 30, married and here to talk about conception. That is now a useless topic of conversation but please pay attention.

They ask me if I have any questions but I'm trying to process everything so I don't know what to say. What the heck am I supposed to ask 5 seconds after I find out I'm gonna be somebody's momma!? I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to tell Rashan and what's next and and and! I'm also trying to hold back tears because I'M GONNA BE SOMEONE'S MOMMY!! We set some appointments, she tells me I'm exactly 4 weeks pregnant and I call Rashan and tell him to meet me at his job since I know there's not enough time to meet him at home and tell him before he has to go to work.

As I'm driving up there, I'm thinking of all the ways I can tell him. Then I see his face and it's all I can do to say "I'm pregnant" before I launch myself into his arms and start crying. He's incredulous, "You're pregnant?" And then he starts crying, too. Awwwww! So then we call my mom and she doesn't answer (of course) so we call his mom who we have to call on two different phones. ANSWER YOUR PHONES, MOTHERS!!! We say in unison, "Hey grandma!" She says, "Wha...? Awwwww! You're gonna have a baby??" "Yep!" "Congratulations! I'm gonna be a grandma again?? I'm so excited! You guys are gonna be great parents! Because you're already a great aunt and uncle. I love you both so much." Rashan's wiping tears again. So cute! Then he has to go to work and he's like, "HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GO TO WORK NOW!?!?"

Then at lunch, we call his grandma who says, "Maybe it's twins! Ooh! Or triplets! Ooh! Or quintuplets!" Grandma. That is quite enough out of you. She told us this weekend I'm carrying her 18th great-grandchild. Whoa! My mother finally calls me back. I say, "Hey Grandma!" "Grandma?? Grandma!? This ain't Alberta! [Her mom]" "I'm having a baby!" "You are?? I'm gonna be a grandma!" My dad says, "My baby's havin a baby!" LOL They're funny. So everyone's really excited. I was also extremely excited that I'd be exactly 12 weeks on April Fool's Day!!!!! I started screaming with joy! Guys! Do you know I've been waiting for years... YEARS to be able to have a huge true thing to announce on April Fool's Day!! Woohoo! It was everything I thought it would be and more! :) So much skepticism! Twas marvelous!


K. Rock said...

Aww this made me tear up a little bit! I am so stoked for you guys and your little bitty baby. Hope you keep us informed along the way. Pics and all.

Kali said...

Yaaayy!! I was coming by to harass you since its been a while since a post but nevamind. I am super excited that there will be a little Jameil &Rashan soon. Congrats chica!

1969 said...

Awwww. Congrats. How exciting!!! I can see you preparing homemade organic babyfood soon. LOL

Enjoy every minute. I'll be on the lookout for stories!

Anonymous said...

: )

Jameil said...

Thanks y'all!

Trish said...

Hey Jameil! I come back to Blog Land and see this exciting news!! I'm, so happy for the two of you!!