2012 in Review

Is it too late to review 2012? I think not so here it is! As always I set some goals/resolutions whatever youwant to call lthem. At the beginning of the year, I set out to accomplish some things. I really realy like the fresh start of a new year. Here's how I did.


  1. Try some old recipes again. I think I did great on this! I'm still very used to trying new recipes and do so more often than not but I made a concerted effort
  2. Re-vamp my food blog. I'm still not where I want to be on this mostly because I'm re-evaluating this blogging thing. 2013 shall be interesting.
  1. Run 750 miles, a 10k and a half marathon. That's about 14.5 miles every week. I'm so excited about where I'll be this time next year! A few things made this more difficult than expected, including half marathon taper and recovery but I made it to 715. So close! I also got in, 2 5Ks, THREE 10Ks and a half marathon. Love it!
  2. Work out 3-5 times every week. Yes! Very happy! I re-added strength training to my life and it's making me feel so strong!
Life & Career
  1. Read 45 books. I read 50 in 2011. I read 58! Woohoo! Really unexpected but I got into a good grove with some memoirs, quick read novels & nonfiction humor.
  2. Make a real effort to find a church. I didn't attend a single one locally in 2011. I tried 3 churches in 2012. I actually found one that I really liked so I'll be back and I'll try out at least one more.
  3. Use my time more wisely. That means creating a plan for my days and executing it. I have to have a plan and deadlines to get films created, books read and syllabi written. This was hit or miss. I'm going to have to drastically shake things up this year.
  4. Buy a camera and a new desktop computer. If I'm going to make more documentaries, I need the equipment to move it on forward! Not in the budget. Hopefully this year.
  5. Complete my professional website. Self side eye.
  6. Change my name. Yay! Done!
  7. Volunteer.  Leading my running group is the ultimate volunteer session but I'd like to do more in other areas. I spearheaded a coat/glove/scarf drive for local Head Start. I can do more.
  8. Complete at least 10 more 30 before 30 goals. I'd done 11 and did 6 more. I'd revised my list to more accurately reflect my current lifestyle. I moved them to what would have been my 35 before 35 but will now be 40 before 40. I think big goals for each decade is good. I also have a life list of things I want to accomplish. Mayhaps they should all be one? We'll see.
Career & Money
  1. Budget our spending to make room for more things we like to do. And of course, we need to build our savings. The savings part is still a challenge but we had more fun than expected in 2012!
  2. Save $1,500 on our grocery bill this year. I did better about wasting food but there's still room for improvement. Rashan and I saved over $1200 via coupons and store sales. Even better? Our percentage saved was MUCH higher in 2012 than 2011.
  3. Get a magnificent job. Sigh. Still hasn't happened.
  4. Watch more documentaries. I did! But I almost always feel like I could watch more so I shall.
  5. Make more documentaries. I did the cinematography for a short unexpectedly! It was fun.
  6. Attend at least 2 film festivals. I didn't... BUT one of my films got into 2 fests... EVEN BETTER!!
Of course I will have goals for 2013 but for those you shall have to wait. They're a work in progress. Any big goals/resolutions this year?


laughing808 said...

my biggest goal for 2013 is to earn 30 credit hours. I plan to sit for the CPA in 2014!

Oh and I guess a huge challenge that I set for myself is to run 3 times a week so I can do a marathon, wish me luck!

gradydoctor said...

I'm training for a half marathon! Very exciting stuff!

Nancy said...

My list pales in comparison to yours. I only have three goals on my list for this year, but to me, they're huge goals... so I guess it's enough. I can only imagine what your 2013 list will look like. Good luck with every single pursuit.

Sparkling Red said...

It is tough to go back to old recipes when there are so many new ones to try.

Wow, you're so organized. I used coupons this year, but I have no idea how much money I saved. That's a huge book-keeping effort!

Bliss said...

Congrats on all of your 2012 accomplishments. I'm so proud of your running!

I need to learn how to coupon. Maybe I should start by not throwing out all the ads that come to the house...sigh.

Jameil said...

laughing... go forth and conquer! you don't even need luck! just determination!

grady... very!

nancy... that's awesome! It's probably more fun to have fewer goals. :)

red... exactly! even variations! the local stores print it at the bottom of the receipts and keeps track of it. I only have to keep track of the coupon savings. I just add the receipts to a running tally on Evernote!

bliss... thank you! I take about an hour once a month to clip and organize but end up saving around $90/month on average so definitely worth it! I'm not even as hard core as some people. Many spend at least an hour per week.