Movies 2012: Weeks 41-43

I was happy to get in a good amount of docs as well as some fiction films I really enjoyed. Yay!

Week 41: October 7-13, 2012
129) Lola Versus. An independent film about a woman dealing with upheaval in her love life and other relationships. I found the story line meandering but Rashan enjoyed it. 2.5 stars
130) Cowboy Del Amor. A documentary about a Texas man who connects American men with Mexican wives. Amusing at the beginning, the film lost some of its luster the more we got to know more about the go between's ridiculous ideas of womanhood. The film also began to drag in the last 20 minutes as it took too long to reach a conclusion. 3.2 stars
131) My Perestroika. A Russian film about a group of school mates who grew up in the Soviet Union and the adjustments they had to make as young adults when the union was dissolved. Interesting look at massive upheaval on a group. 3.4 stars
132) Snow White and the Huntsman. Charlize Theron stars as the evil stepmother leading a crusade against Snow White (Kristin Stewart). Theron is absolutely amazing! The story proceeds so amazingly that you forget this is a fairy tale usually told to children. And the visuals. Oh the visuals!! The dark look, the cinematography, the costume design, the effects. I was absolutely mesmerized. Fun watch. 4 stars

Week 42: October 14-20, 2012
133) Cabin in the Woods. InSANE horror flick with the most unconventional plot I've ever seen. Really really awesome! I had no idea where this film was going... over and over! They even had me fooled at the end! Of course there were a few things I didn't like but they were outweighed by the mystery throughout. I'd definitely watch this one again. 3.8 stars
134) Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. A group of elderly Brits (played by some of the most recognizable elderly Brit actors & actresses) head to India to save money and for adventure living in a lovely resort hotel... that they realize is rather ramshackle. Amusing and interesting as they deal with living in a mostly unfamiliar, and for some overwhelming, country. There were even several love stories at different stages of life throughout. 4 stars
135) Small and Beautifully Moving Parts. An indie film about a pregnant woman unmoored and in search of herself as well as her estranged mother. Meandering film with characters that flit in and out. I guess you could call this a journey film. I didn't particularly connect with any of the characters, though. 3 stars
136) Senna. The story of the Formula One champion Aryton Senna. You knew the entire film that Senna was going to die young so there was a natural tension. Every race I was on edge. The film was constructed entirely from archival footage and interviews. It was strange not seeing any current sit-down interviews but it worked. I didn't like how they made a competitor the villain. I know you need a rooting interest but it felt unnecessarily manipulative. This film also felt way too long. 3.3 stars
137) Think Like a Man. The feature film based on the best-selling book by Steve Harvey with tons of celebrity cameos. Too many to count. You saw the love issues of the commitment-phobe, single mom, independent woman, player, mama's boy, etc. from the man and woman's perspective. I was surprised to find it amusing. Much better than two other celeb vomit films I can think of: Valentine's Day and New Year's Day. Celeb vomit. adj. a film that crams in as many recognizable faces as possible. Origin: Jameil. Is it a great film? No. Is it a terrible film? No. 3.3 stars

Week 43: October 21-27, 2012
138) More Than a Game. The story of Lebron James' AAU and high school teams in Akron Ohio and the bond between the "Fab 4" turned "Fab 5." Mostly typical uplifting sports story. I wasn't particularly in the mood for a sports doc but as they go, this one was well done. 3.2 stars
139) The Bigamist. Insane film starring Joan Fontaine about a man who is secretly married to two women. His life begins to unravel when he goes to adopt a child and is investigated by a worker at the adoption agency. Crazy proceedings and justifications led to an unsatisfactory "conclusion." Use the term conclusion loosely. Let's say end. 2.9 stars
140) Donkey in Lahore. An Australian man meets and falls in love with a Pakistani woman while performing a puppet show in her country. Deciding to marry is one thing, converting to Islam, getting her family to agree to marriage and all of its changes is another. Wearying film in part because it was unnecessarily long. The process itself took years. Great conflict but too much time was spent showing the struggle. Still a worthwhile film. 3.6 stars

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