Monday Mindspacing Vol. 157

1) My first half marathon is in the books! It was extremely tiring but I'm already looking forward to the next one. Full recap coming later in the week. You know what I need other than new toenails and a massage (oh my legs!!)? A race sponsor. For real!
2) Due to a generous benefactor (LOL) I'm going to New York THURSDAY to see my BFF! Yay!! I love that I have such awesomeness in three consecutive weekends! Thanksgiving, race, NYC/Connecticut! We're going to Connecticut Saturday for our friend's dinner party, coming back Sunday.
3) Yes, I've already mapped out running routes in NY and Connecticut. LOL! I wanted to run with groups there but it doesn't look like it's gonna happen. No matter. By this time next week I'll have run in 3 states in 6 days. How cool is that??
4) Y'all... I'm newly re-crazy over this chipotle salsa from TJs. It's almost like I remembered, forgot and now I'm remembering again how awesome it is. I want to eat it on EVERYTHING!! And by itself! I'm sure this is a cry for help.
5) I'm trying edamame tonight for the 2nd time. I wasn't impressed the first time. This will be my first time cooking it, though. I'm doing a duo - a crunchy, oven-baked appetizer and a garlicky puree. Can't wait!
6) A girl in my running group is pregnant with baby number 5! We announced it dramatically to the group with a riddle I penned. "Oh yes it's true! No if, and or maybe! One of your leaders is having a baby!" Oh the speculation! Almost EVERYBODY thought it was me. One girl went so far as to say, "I knew it wouldn't be long!" Ma'am... Get your money back from Miss Cleo! Twas hilarious!
7) I've been having a hard time limiting myself to two eggs per day lately. My appetite for eggs is currently INSATIABLE!! They're just so gooooood!
8) Rashan has been sick for a good week. I do not like it! Not one bit! I finally convinced him to stay home from work on Thursday and he started feeling better after an uncharacteristic 4-hour nap.
9) It's supposed to be 70 today! 69 tomorrow! Excitement!! I wish I could run! (Addict. My running addiction is WAY worse than my TJs addiction... as evidence by every post for the last year!)
10) Did I tell you about my neighbor who likes to have ragers that start at 4 a.m.? He's restarted after a layoff period. He's way too old for this behavior. He's at least 50. Sir... Having your homies over at 4 a.m. on a Thursday, blasting music with their smoke filtering into my apartment? So beyond not awesome.
11) In related news, I applied for 4 promising positions last week. Lord PLEASE let one (or more) of them pan out! How is that related? It will allow us to MOVE!! Keep praying, peeps.



Ladynay said...

I remember when you running was just a thought, now you're an addict! Way to go!

Got my fingers crossed about the job situation. You don't need loud music and smoke filtering through at unacceptable times of the night!

Jameil said...

thank you!! on both fronts! :)