Monday Mindspacing Vol. 140: Oh. Hai. Edition

Hai is the most hilarious incarnation of hi to me! Mostly because it's used for snark purposes in conjuction with someone doing something of or related to a previous decade. Example... I saw a man in a Pelle Pelle sweatsuit. Oh. Hai 1998! LOLOL You know it's been too long since you posted when your husband who hasn't posted in over a year taps you on the shoulder. (He should be quiet on that front, though.)

1) I started to blog about the girl who flashed Rashan at a Cinco de Mayo party but the story was too ridiculous for blogging. I felt too old for what I typed. She was drunk so I completely ignored her. Not worth my effort. But it was a very strange situation. It bothered me more the next day than it did at the time.
2) I ran a free "5K" on Friday. Those "" are so necessary. First, it was at most 2.9 miles versus the 3.1 it should've been. 2nd, it was an obstacle course complete with ropes, tires, fire fighters with a hose on hills, running on trails and grass. If you had told me that I would've stayed at home. Not a happy camper.
3) Reminder: Bitterness is not a good look at any time. It is worse during a holiday.
4) My mom and sister took this Mother's Day to let me know they'd like me to have some babies. Exit stage left.
5) I'm running 10 miles on Tuesday. It's surreal. A year ago I'd never run so much as a mile without stopping.
6) I want to take an adult ballet class. I loved ballet as a kid. I took tap and jazz too but ballet! So elegant. Le sigh.
7) It rained and rained and rained here over the last almost 24 hours. We had a roof leak about a year ago so I kept praying it wouldn't return. It didn't. Yay!
8) Our wretched fighting neighbors vacuum even more than they fight. Bizarre, n'est-├že pas?? Last week one of them started vacuuming in the middle of a fight. ????
9) I still need to edit our wedding video... I should probably get that done before our first anniversary, huh? 6 more weeks!
10) SIL and future BIL are sickening on facebook professing their love for each other. Rashan and I make retching noises every time. I still haven't decided what I'm cooking for their wedding dinner. Though she's vegan, no one else is and she didn't specify what she wanted. I told twitter I'm doing a bacon ice cream with honey butter sauce on leather plates. LOL I kid I kid. But I'm going to cook whatever I feel like cooking + these three way gingersnaps (ground ginger, crystallized ginger & fresh ginger) my MIL stans for.
11) The show "Girls" is hilarious! "Veep" is less enjoyable for me but still watchable.


Adei von K said...

my dog got played into doing a mudrun (or whatever they call those things that are going to be the new black. mudrunner...?) i tried not to laugh at your twitpic of the water spray... and "if i cussed #^#$%#@"

the E's showed out! exit stage left and don't come back! you and the gov't can stay out of my uterus!!!!!

neighbors, that's too weird. "I'm mad at you! and i'ma still be mad just as soon as i finish vacuuming this area rug, you just watch!"?? LOL

SIL wants cow tongue in a chitlin reduction atop livermush eaten with ivory utensils. she text me yesterday

K. Rock said...

1. A great blog story is a great blog story. Please put your standards away and entertain us.
2. Sounds like it was good it was free. They didnt tell ya'll there would be obstacles? That's weird.
5. That's a huge milestone. Congrats on reaching it. You doing them double digits now!
8. Maybe they think the noise from the vacuming will cover up the yelling.
9. I hope you are going to share it.

MrsTDJ said...

A Pelle Pelle sweatsuit? You saw this recently?? LOL! For shame!
8-LOL @ the vacuuming fighters. That's so funny ish.
10-although you were joking, I'm totally wanting to try bacon ice cream. Dude, did you see the Pancetta ice cream that Jeffrey made in the Chopped All Stars finale last week??? I'm all in!

Sparkling Red said...

1) I get delayed reactions to life more often than not. It's not until an event is finished and I've had time to digest it that I can truly know how I feel about it.

4) My grandmother bugged me about the fact that she has no great-grandchildren, but I didn't let it bother me. I gave her a nice, fancy soap - isn't that almost as good as a baby?

8) Bizarre!

9) My brother-in-law filmed my wedding three years ago and never did anything with the footage. I don't even know if he still has it anymore. I officially hate him.

Jameil said...

adei... it is a mud run!! i am so not down. i knew it already and this proved it. my uterus is called mine for a reason, right?!!? LOL @ the neighbor characterization. I hope she didn't text you for that. I'm not cooking chitlins! Oh the stench! See Christmas chitlins post.

K... 1) Put away my standards... yes THAT is the way to get me to post it. o_O
2) It was free. I didn't say it was good. They didn't tell us about obstacles. I would've gotten over all of that if it'd actually been 3.1 miles.
5) Didn't quite make it this week but next week I should be there.
8) Definitely not that.
9) Part of me wants to... part of me does not.

mrstdj... Now I can't remember if the sweatshirt was PellePelle or some other should be (is?) defunct brand I saw LAST MONTH!!!
8) LOL It is
10) LOL Jeffrey is BOSS

red... 1) Interesting! I usually know exactly how I feel in the moment.
4) LOL In some circles? BETTER!
8) Right??
9) That is horrible!