Quick Update

Is that not the cutest baby in the world!? Wow! I get all superlative-filled when I'm around babies. Awwww! That's my cousin's youngest son who I had a blast with in Mississippi. That's my fave picture of us. AWWWW!!

So far I've watched 3 movies today and will get in at least one more. I'm still TWENTY-TWO movies behind. LAWD!!! I need to watch 5 movies a day. My goal for Saturday is 6... We'll see... One of those may be at the movie theater. I'm sooo sick of 2 hour plus movies because most of the time they're that long and they really don't deserve to be. EDIT.

I tried tamales and pig ears for the first time when I was in Mississippi. The latter? Stace and I thought they would be fried pig ears. Instead they were BOILED on a dinner roll with cole slaw, hot sauce and mustard. NASTY. The entire consistency was straight mush. UGH. Stace took one bite and stopped. I choked down the whole thing. Not delicious and at the end I felt a bit ill.

For the latter I can dig it but tamales will never replace my fave Mexican food: CHILE RELLENOS!! Speaking of which, me and Rah had Mexican food last night and it was BANGIN!! The only I'd had without cooking myselfin almost 2 weeks! I was going through serious withdrawal and we had to go on a mission to find it because... we saw his brand new niece yesterday! AWWW! Just one day old yesterday and the cutest in the world!!

OMG my grandma saves everything! Some of it she should throw away but some? AWESOME!! I have pics of her 3rd grade report card from the school year 1937-1938. Wow!! I also saw my mom's baby shoes (the white pair was dated her birthday: June 30, 1955) and her first socks! Awwww!! I was amazed that her foot was ever that small.

Guess what? I don't really want to do anything today... or tomorrow... we'll see.


Anonymous said...

Um, why didn't you holler while you were here in the 'Sip???

Pig ears? Good gosh amighty! You are a braver woman than I'll ever be. I just can't see it. Ewww.

Okay, now I feel kind of bad that I throw or give away everything that doesn't have a practical use. Guess I'll get myself a box for sentimental type stuff so my kid can reminisce in the future. Think she'll notice all of her "reminisce" stuff starts at the age of 4??

Anonymous said...

That whole pig ears thing, NEVER!! I felt like puking just reading about it.

Sparkling Red said...

AW! He IS the cutest baby. Although I'm usually convinced that whatever baby I'm looking at Right Now is The Cutest Baby.

And it's so awesome that you got to see your mom's baby shoes. My grandmother had my mother's baby shoes (and her sisters') bronzed. That was the trend at the time, apparently. I wonder if that could come back into style?

Southerner in Suomi said...

That baby is adorable!!

I say do nothing. It's fun!

Jameil said...

nerdgirl... i thought you guys knew i was in town and weren't interested. my bad. girl those pig ears were NOT the biz but apparently that's all people go to big apple inn for. and they're only $1.05. don't feel bad about not keeping stuff. she keeps too much. keep some, but everything in the world? pass. lol @ begins at 4. you'll have pics so it'll be okay.

epsi... i like to try new things. it's good for conversation if nothing else and sometimes you end up likin it.

red... me too! i know a few people w/bronzed baby shoes. i think my mom threw mine out. i've never seen them.

v... i know! and but... i really should do SOMETHING. lol