If I Must

I know that when I get home, internet service will be shady at best so I should go ahead and leave you guys with something to rock your children to sleep with. At least I'll have the option of going to the nearby library in which I won't be eye-stalked or touched by the security guards "trying to tuck in a tag" yes BOTH of those happened in the same hood library in Jackson. I had to immediately leave after the second one. And come to think of it, why are there security guards EVERYWHERE there? Are people poppin off in the library the size of the average Wendy's so much that you need TWO security guards? Because this is the smallest library I've ever been in. You can see the entire thing from the front door except that one back corner and it seems like everyone is concentrated at the front by the computers. On a positive note, I was glad to see Macs. On a bad note, too bad several of them did not work.

This past weekend I saw Stace for the 3rd time in 4 weeks. It was AWESOME!! I think we were best friends in a past life, too if those exist. We clicked sophomore year and have managed to stay in touch through letters, email and cell phones despite not living in the same city in 7 years. At least in this last year we've lived in the same state. That is fantastic! We have a blast together! Yay! First was our HU friend Bran's daddy's birthday party, then Stace came with me and my mom to Mississippi, then this past weekend was Dani's boyfriend's birthday celebration... allegedly. Because Stace and Dreezy were with me and Rah most of it... except Saturday! Me and Rashan's one year anniversary... AWWWW!!

We ate at Rathbun's, the restaurant of a chef who beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef!!! My lamb scallopini appetizer with pancetta and goat cheese gouda was delicious. My Dr. Loosen Riesling was delightful. My grouper with fingerling potatoes and yellow tomatoes was a let down. Too much acid from what I believe was white wine vinegar. I figured out the vinegar because one mouthful was overpoweringly full of it. I couldn't even finish it and please believe the portion was small. For dessert, peach tart tatin. Like my meal, it took WAY too long to come out, but was delicious! In fact, it took SO long to arrive our waitress took it off of our check. It's a shame the point of the meal, the ENTREE was the least appetizing part.

For breakfast the next morning we went to the Sundial Restaurant at the Westin in downtown Atlanta. (Side note: downtown Atlanta restaurant week starts Sunday and runs for the next two weeks.... $25 3 course meals. SWOON!!! I've sent Rah my top 4 list already.) It's a rotating restaurant with 360 degree views of the city from 72 stories up. The visual elevator was closed but I did not like riding up in the circle and I didn't love eating while rotating. But the food was delicious! I had crab cakes benedict with medium poached eggs and home fries and of course a mimosa. I ordered a bellini and got that instead, though so bummer on that. When I go home, I hope to put away Classy Jojo for her birthday and see Trashy Hoho!! Ow!! Good times, good times. Lol. Hopefully I'll be able to maintain my 3+ movies a day habit, with the help of the library and netflix. If not I'll be kidnapping some computers or something!! I might get stuck with watching some of my mom's "black star power." Dun dun dun. Saaaaave meeeeee!! Adios kids!


Sha Boogie said...

somehow you always make food sound delicious!! and i end up hating you for it because i leave your blog hungry, hmph lol.

Adei von K said...

not a shotgun library... not one the size of a Wendy's!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! DYING!!!!
A bit pissed BOTH the macs I got one did not work. Freak it, I'll go read children's books.

Jackson is the security guard capital of the WORLD.

I feel like I spent my whole summer with you!! LOLOL starting with my birthday SURPRISE (AAAAAAAAHHHH!) I've seen you more than my own family!!!

Yeah, I don't want the entree to be nasty. That's sad.

You're going to kick of your Charlotte weekend by watching "Last Holiday" with your mom. Have fun.

Jameil said...

sha... lololol. yesss! if i can make you hungry i've done my job!

adei... it really was! lol! read that book. and for 95 people there are 90 guards. ridiculous. come on for some more summer!! lolol. the entree was muy saddo. i've seen last holiday. saw it the last time i was home. horrid as are you for saying that.