The 'Ville :)

So... the long-awaited Kyle and Jameil trip.

He was flying back from Cleveland for the women's Final Four. He had a layover in D.C. First his flight from Cleveland was delayed for hours. I was worried he'd miss his connecting flight. He was scheduled to get back to Hartford at 3:30, wash some clothes, get on the road by 7:30 or so, arrive in the middle (Danville, PA) by 11. But you know how things work with us.

He gets to Dulles and its straight. He's on time for his connecting flight! Score! But its cancelled. The next flight won't get him to Hartford until around midnight. Curses! Son of a! He calls the travel agent who tells them to go to Reagan. That flight is delayed too!!! I'm bout to throw stuff now. I ask him if we're still gonna meet. He says yes. So I say, fine, I'll leave now. He wants me to wait until he gets back to Hartford to leave. Why drive at night for no reason?

He finally gets back to Hartford at the same time I get to Danville. He gets pissed because he wanted me to wait and I guess I kind of implied that I would BUT HE DOESN'T SAY ANY OF THIS, just gets an attitude. Sigh. I really started to call him back and tell him not to come if he's going to have an attitude when he gets here. I drove 4 hours there, I don't mind driving 4 hours back. I do, but if it's gonna be unpleasant once he's there after I was already in kind of a bad mood, and feeling the need to evaluate my life? Stay where you are.

He finally gets on the road at 11:30. 4 HOURS LATER THAN ORIGINALLY PLANNED!! He calls at 2 a.m. to say he's stopping at a gas station to take a nap that will be at most 2 hours. I'm sleeping on and off anyway so I'm like ok... (still sensing the stank attitude). He calls at 4 and says "Where are you?" I'm like, at the hotel (half asleep). He's like, "I mean what room?" "Oh." So I tell him the room number. He knocks on the door, I open it, let him in and quickly shut the door, IT'S COLD!!!! 20s and 30s in April is not cute. (BTW, today, Apr. 18th, 45 degrees. COME. ON!!! Is this really what passes for spring in Pittsburgh? GTFOHWTBS. Now).

He reaches out his arms for a hug. I give him one. I'm still feelin him out. I know how he can get when he's cranky. We hug some more and he says, "All the traveling is already worth it." I died. DIED! Damn I love this man. It was a 20-hour work in progress to get to me and after 10 minutes he was already happy. That's love. We went to Applebee's. I had this ridiculous bruschetta burger with fantastic parmesan garlic fries. OMG burger love on my fave bread. Focaccia is the TRUTH!!

We also went to see Blades of Glory. Of course it was so silly. Worse? The two girls I saw that night with open-toed shoes. One of them also had on a bubble coat. Fool. Stop. It. Now. HATE when people don't dress for the weather. We mostly slept while we were there. Then the next day we got up, went to breakfast and left.

Know my least favorite question? "When are you going to see Kyle again." I rarely know the answer and it reminds me how far we are apart. The last thing I need is a reminder that we are 8 hours apart. Way to depress me, kiddos! Thanks.


Charreah said...

day late I know . . .email the online editor Rashaun. He's also on myspace along with the magazine;)

Southerner in Suomi said...

Um, anyway...don't think about when the next time you're going to see him, think about the last time.

He done good with that comment. You guys rock!
And 8 hours is way better than 15.

Anonymous said...

your relationship constantly renews my hope and i love that ... and im am so on board with the dressin for the weather ... dont even get me started ... u know what ... im not even gonna go there ... but i know you understand!

the joy said...

I take dressing for the weather a step too far. I won't wear bright when its rainy. Must wear blue, brown, some rain color.

Anyways, yay Kyle! I love the long day hugs. I need one now. Its like being wrapped in a love blanket.

La said...

21 hrs. I win!

Wanna know what's even more depressing? When you tell people you're in a long distance relationship and they go, "oh." *followed by a grimace*. I hate that. Do I need your face judgement?

Yay Kyle!!! Good man. The world needs 20 more just like him, except, someone else. Cuz, you know, he's yours, lol.

CNEL said...

Whew Kyle impressed even me. I don't know about all that travelling. Trust me if a man is going travel that far, that long, he ain't going mess it up with a mucked up attitude. Yes men can be just as tempermental as women, but also just as sentimental. I knew you didn't have anything to worry about once he got on the road. You were that light at the end of the tunnel.

Ladynay said...

Yall are too cute, period!

Anonymous said...

Young love...its SO cute.

Heck I was in the Burgh for a week over Easter and it didnt break 40 until i got on the plane to go back to Texas.

Yeah...you enjoy that.

and why my mother call your station the negro news network????

Jameil said...

queen... i don't even begin to have a clue as to what you're talking about.

v...is it really a competition? because i'd gladly let you win that one. i don't want to be 30 minutes away but i'd take it.

ai... glad we can help! :) that's part of the reason i talk about us b/c it depresses me when people think there aren't any good ones left. there are. there has to be.

joy... that's horrific. that doesn't depress you? i'm so sick of my dark winter wardrobe. and even more sick of this horrid crap they call spring in pittsburgh.

la... i'll gladly let you win. see my response to v. this ain't a contest i want to even be a part of. i definitely do NOT need your "ew. that must be hard." STFU! if you haven't done it before for more than 6 months with someone you love, i really don't want to hear it because your opinion is irrelevant. the "i feel so sorry for you" look is also annoying. i won't bother to rank them.

kyle is fantastic.

cnel... of course men are just as temperamental. y'all have periods and mood swings too. i've known that for years.

lady.. :)

dp... isn't it tho? :) stop rubbing this weather in my face. lmao @your mom!!! HILARIOUS!

Sha Boogie said...

LMAO@ the open toed shoes..for shame! But, none the less, seeing it is always good for laugh, I thought I was the only one whose seen someone in a bubble coat with open toed shoes, STOP!! What is that about?

Don't Be Silent DC said...

I had this ridiculous bruschetta burger with fantastic parmesan garlic fries.

That looks really good...I haven't been to Applebee's in ages and need to check it out.

HATE when people don't dress for the weather.

I have called fools out too many times for wearing flip-flops in 20-degree weather.

Glad that throughout the travel troubles, you two still managed to get together!