Goooooooo Bucs!

Hmmm... I wonder if black people know bucs is a synonym for pirates. B/c in my nearly 24 years of exposure to the Hampton University Pirates, I've never once been encouraged to call them Bucs. Ever. And yet, all the white schools I've ever visited who's mascot was the Pirates i.e. East Carolina University, Charleston Southern University, as well as the Pittsburgh Pirates, I always here "Gooo Bucs!"

So tonight I went to the Pirates/Braves game. Looooooved the Braves as a kid. For you baseball heads, the pitchers were Smolz and Snell. The bf told me I have to know the pitchers. You know I don't care. But that little bit of info before the game actually helped me sound really smart to my dad's co-workers. Can you believe I posted twice in one day? Aren't you proud? I know. Me too. D's job gave us the tickets. Parking: $10, peanuts: $3.75, ny style kosher hot dog: $5, 12 oz. bottle Coors Light: $6. Wow.... trippin. We actually didn't drink. That is amazing for both of us. We love our beer. But I did get a hot dog and he got peanuts. The hot dog was quite yummy.

Gangsta white boy. Maybe 7 years old. Sitting in the row in front of us (3rd base side, row L, GORGEOUS view of the city. For no reason. If you go to Pittsburgh ever, you have to 1) holla at your girl, 2) go see PNC Park. You will be impressed even if you don't like baseball). Back to the gangsta white boy. I don't know who his momma is. He didn't have a tint to his skin. Daddy must be redneck because the first thing I saw him do was fill his sweaty Pirates baseball cap with water, play with it to see if the water would drain out through the other side. Then he looked at it, smelled it, brought it close to his face, took a preliminary sip and then... that's right. Drank it right up. EWWWWWWWWWW!! LMAO!! Me and my dad. So disgusting.

Why do I say gangsta and question his maternal roots? Well you know how each player gets to select a song to come out to when he goes to the plate, right? Well, one player's song was Chamillionaire. Do you know this lil boy put on his ill grill/mean mug and sang along, "Patrollinnnn, they hatinnn, (unintelligible), tryna catch me ridin dirtayyyyyyy, tryna catch me ridin dirty, tryna catch me ridin dirty...." LMAO!! Me and D's Texas homeboy. Hilarious. Another player's song was Sean Paul, here he goes, "I got the right temperature..." What???? Who have you been hangin with?! Lolololol

You know who won. The Braves. The Pirates are horrific. This is their 14 consecutive losing season. 2 more and they will have the MLB record. The score was 4-1 when we left in the top of the 9th. I know you guys want to know what I was wearing. Pink tank top, brown woven belt, Sergio Vallente stretch denim skirt w/a longhorn on the right back pocket, 4 1/2 inch wedge sandals. I know. I couldn't help it. My dad said, "Gee Jameil. Thanks for dressing down." I said, "Oh, you're welcome!" Then I looked over and he was giving me the face. Heeeeey! I tried. I can only dress down so much. You know who I am. I can't help the fly." When we're leaving, this guy says to me, "I like your longhorn." Then blushes. Yeah... that definitely tells me you were looking at the booty. Should've kept that to yourself. Men.


Veronica Marché said...


4-inch wedges to PNC Park?


I ain't mad. Get 'em girl.

the joy said...

i am. a skirt? that would not fly at a braves home game. nottattall. i wear shorts and a tube top.

Jarrod said...

It's too hot to go to any kind of outdoor event. You a better person than me. As for "dressing down", I tell you like I told Buford. I think we've been "Hamptonized". Apparently wearing a suit to Ogden Hall for week straight during freshman orientation has rubbed off on us. I can't leave the house unless I iron something. Unless of course it's a Wal-Mart run...then I throw on the obligatory white tee, basketball shorts and Timbs.

KHALLI 88 said...

Yeah youguys have a beautiful ball park :) but your team sucks nuts not in a Broke Back Mountain Way but nuts all the same :) How you been?

Ladynay said...

I am with Jarrod, it's to hot to be outside no matter where you live!

I thought live sports stadium gear was a tee shirt or jersey supporting a team, shorts/jeans, and sneakers?

I been reading the wrong style book! hahahahahahaha

Jameil said...

duck... HAHAHAH!! i know. it was really my test of those shoes to see how they hold up. i mean i knew i'd have to walk from the parking lot to the park, to my seat and back. i figure if i can't do that, then the shoes will be those in the closet eye candy shoes.

joy... STOP HATIN!! lolol. my shorts are far more obscene than any skirt i own... and i'm not wearing jeans. so skirt it is! lolol

jarrod... that's what it is. i don't know how to dress down. oh well! stace was dyin laughin the other day when i told her my goal for soiree this homecoming is to be overdressed. not to the point of evening gown, but you'll see. i can't be too specific right now b/c you know how we are abt looking unique and much better than everyone else.

jarrod/ladynay... it was 85 at game time last night. being from the qc, that was just under the radar of too hot. if it was day time i would've said aw hell naw y'all trippin. but today's just the 5th 90 degree+ day here so my view of "hot" is highly skewed.

khalli... 1st you will not say Y'ALL. i've been here one year BARELY. i'm not ready to claim pgh like that. 2nd, not MY team. see #1. 3rd.. i'm fine. but if i go to your pg one mo 'gain and see you haven't posted i'll fightcha!

lady... that's right homie! read MY style book! :) lol. i was definitely in the minority w/my outfit but that's how i like it.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you got dolled up to go to baseball game, especially the Pirates!! They are horrible!! Hahahaha!!

At my school, all the white kids were talkin' about ridin' dirty. They dont know what that is!

La said...

JAMEIL!!! WTF?!?! 4 inch wedges and a skirt to a baseball game? I'm not even that bad and well all know how I love my heels. That's just ridiculous. Everybody knows you save the cute outfits for the basketball games where the players might actually SEE you. HA! (This tidbit of advice from my girl who's dating an nba player. Musta worked.)

And off topic, I hate baseball, but HOW GOOD ARE STADIUM HOTDOGS!!! Ooh and the pretzels. I'd totally go to a game just for those 2.

La said...

Ok and 1 last thought; I don't think you and Jarrod have been "Hamptonized" (You were institutionalized like most crazy people who go to INSTITUTIONS but that's another story for another day) I think its all HBCUs. If i saw one more chick at Howard get up for an 8 o'clock in a miniskirt, thigh high boots, hair perfectly curled and a full face of make up I think I might have screamed.

You know, after I stopped doing it after sophmore year. LOL!

Jameil said...

epsi... sigh. we know the pirates are horrible hunny. you're not breaking any new ground saying that. did you read 14 consecutive losing seasons? clearly how you dress is never abt where you're going. ever.

i have a funny story abt ridin dirty. that song came on in the car w/my mom (my first time hearing it) and she turned saying what is this mess? i said indignantly in my best becky voice, "they're hating because they're trying to catch him riding dirty!" she said what does that mean? i said, "with drugs!" she said mmm hmmm. hilarious!!!!

la... interesting... but i'm not trying to catch a player. i just like to be seen. at least i was wearing a tank top. i dressed down as much as i could. what was i supposed to wear? tennis shoes? those are strictly for working out. and my flat sandals are just as uncomfortable b/c they have no support.

stadium hotdogs are never off topic when talking abt a game. sooooo yummy!!!!!!!!! and i love giant soft pretzels.

damn bison always hatin. we are SORRY you picked the wrong/other/less important HU!! we are!! hamptonization works in the reverse. only freshmen traipse to class in such attire. true hamptonians look together at all times. all times w/o being overdone. lolololol

as far as the hbcu idea i'm going to have to disagree. you should go to some of the far smaller hbcus. i've been to eliz. city state, nc central and morris college's campuses (not to be confused w/morris brown). omg. NO sense of fashion. not even a SEMBLANCE of it. appalling. its like bad fashion exploded. horrid. *shudder*

Southern Girl said...

I just wanna say you know u did the fool for those 4 inch wedges to a baseball game, but hey you do you J, you do you:) That gangsta white boy sounds like he needs to be in D-town with me, seriously, he would fit his little 8 mile behind with the rugrats down here!! Sounds like you had fun girl!

Southern Girl said...
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The_Practitioner said...

I'm not tryna shit on ya industrial City, but Pittsburgh and gorgeous don't belong together in the same sentence. Much like Black Unity. (lol)

Oh yeah Bucs is also a slang word for dollars/money. ;o)

shani-o said...

1) I love that you like baseball! The world's greatest game!

2) Sorry, but you Hamptonians sure do a lot of talking about how much better ya'll are than Howardites. We cede to you on football games. We own everything else.

3) Isn't Bucs short for buccaneers?

4) Oh Hell Yes! to the flyness, lmao!

Jameil said...

southern... lol i did have fun :) and you know i gotta do it big! :) i'll ask the lil boy's daddy if he wants to send him to the d for a little bit.

serial... DAMMIT!! y'all bout to make me post abt this ish. pgh is NOT my city. barely one year. BARELY. its actually quite picturesque thru the smog. ha! lol actually all my friends who've come to visit have been impressed. its not the dirty city you may remember from your youth!

shani... your bison started it. but since you wanna keep it goin lets do this homie! you need to also concede basketball hunny and overall rankings. check black enterprise for the last 5 years. first hbcu to be on the most wired campus list. "and i could go on and on and onnnnnnnnnnn" and yes that's what bucs is short for.

Adei von K said...

"I like your longhorn" OMG, I am tripping the fcuk out!!! Word homie?! You was lookin at my booty?! Say you like it, say you like it! LOLOL

Hmmmm, have you watched the Boondocks? You know the white boy who Charlie Murphy 'plays'? Yeah, he soooo came to mind talking about your lil homie with the redneck daddy who is sooooooo nasty!! I bet he was barefoot too...

Hmmmm, I want a hotdog right now...

Love the fit! Gotta be fly for all professional sporting events; never know who might peeps you. Def would've worn some jazzy f;ip flops though...hey, its Jameil. Who would she be without the wedges?

Chris said...

I can't hate on your choice of dress, that park needs some excitement seeing as the Pittsburgh Pirates are absolutely dreadful. I definitely hope to visit PNC Park someday, definitely a media pass around my neck.

And white kids definitely listen to hip hop, that's why it sells as much as it does. Although the picture of Opie gettin' crunk to "Ridin Dirty" is very very funny.

Sherlon Christie said...

1) It is Smoltz. You forgot the "t". He's one of my all-time favorite pitchers.

2) The Pirates do stink. They should be contracted and they never try to compete. They draft good young players and just trade them away when they blow up...so they never had to pay them. I forgot what miserable entity owns the team...but he, she or it...deserves to be burned at the stake. It is even more of a disgrace considering that the STEELERS are the Super Bowl Champions.

3) Going to the ballpark is an event and it sounds like you approached it the right way. Fabulous.

Jameil said...

stace... no... when you're a 45yo white man i don't want you to say you like it. never seen boondocks and the daddy didn't look like a redneck. so odd. i want a hot dog, too. you know how i feel abt "jazzy" flip flops.

chris... i know white children listen to it but any 7yo child who knows all the words is odd (and disturbing), even odder when that child is white.

sp... yeah him. the mclatchys. pittsburghers hate that they sell away the good players EVERY TIME. similar to how we felt abt george shinn (hornets owner). how many hornets players can you name who got away? the ones i can think of most of all: larry johnson and ALONZO MOURNING. and that's what i'm saying! everything in life is an event. its all in your approach.

Dreamlover said...

The gangsta white boy story is hilarious, haha

But I have had such a shock, as a nanny to some rich country kids in Connecticut, and their super rich best friend, who was 8, was rapping like no ones buisness, lol!!

4EverJennayNay said...



I don't ever remember hearing black or white folk at ECU callin out for Bucs...

we did have the Bucaneer (sp???) grill, but I didn't know that.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe they are playing Chamillionaire at PNC park...99642257 hip hop songs..and they gotta play THAT one.

Yes...the Pirates suck...It isnt like anyone CARES that they suck. Long as the Steelers win. thats all that matters.

Only reason they got that pretty ass stadium is because the Steelers were GONNA get their new house and the Pirates werent gonna be able to fuck it up with their stupid baseball diamond. so they extended the sales tax another few mils and presto...shiny new house for the team no one cares about.

Jameil said...

dream... oh goodness! lmao!

jenn... well maybe on only the white folk called them bucs. i don't know what to tell you. i've heard it from ecuers! lol

dp... players choice. they can't tell the players, no you can't come out to that one, its too stupid. can you please tell everyone else again one more time that no one cares if the pirates lose? they don't seem to get it. AND I'M TIRED OF PEOPLE COMING OVER HERE THINKING THEY'RE TELLING ME SOMETHING OR HURTING MY FEELINGS B/C THE PIRATES SUCK. NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!! no newsflash there. irr.i.ta.ting.