The Birthday Trip Pt. II

You'll want to start at Part I...

... I walked in... and everyone turned... and stared. One second... I don't recognize anyone. Two seconds... ok I recognize her but I don't think she'd come to a party in my honor. Three seconds... oh, there's Ashli. Four seconds... there's CC. The floor fan blows my tulle skirt a la Mariah Carey videos of the last 5 years.... "SURPRISE!" Blank stare from me. Blink. Blink. Blink. "Girl we were tryin to surprise you, damn!" <--- But who are you? Didn't know this person from Adam. I said to the bf, "Who are all these people?" He said, "I don't know. I don't know half these people either." Huh? Hilarious. Then Jamar came into view. I said ok that now makes 4 people who I knew before the bf started working at ESPN. Most of my friends couldn't come because they were so far away. I expected that from most people. There were a couple of people I was looking for who weren't as far away.

I had asked for a surprise party including his friends and my friends. For awhile there were a lot of people I didn't know. I was kind of confused. And when I walked in I was actually scared. I love to be the center of attention. This is true. But everyone stared at me for 5 seconds without saying anything, just kind of grinning. Some of them were looking around the room. Probably b/c they didn't know this was for me... hilarious. CC and Ashli brought me an earring and necklace set, a sweet card and a cute black and white striped tank.

I walked in said to the college bartender extraordinaire, "Make me a drink." She says, "Do you want some Hennessey? Umm... no. So Ashli took a barcardi concoction with pineapples in it, put it at the bottom of an infamous red cup, then poured a generous helping of Tanqueray Silver on the top (that's right, we only drink the good stuff), gave it a stir and handed it to the guest of honor. Whheeee!! This is gonna be a great night! I took a preliminary sip, and said, "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so good." I proceeded to drink that. Then the bf pulled out two champagne flutes, and popped a bottle of Moet. Oh boy! That's what I'm talkin about! I finished one glass, then filled another. I also had Ashli make me another drink.

Word to the wise (and I already knew this), champagne does not play well with others. I started doing Hampton cheers with one of the other Hamptonians, who I met that night. "Rock the Blue and White, Rock the Blue and White!" then "Pump it up, go head, go head, pump it up go head!" then "If your team's alright, alright let me hear you one time, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah whoo!" Oh I was on fi-yah! I wished Classy Jojo was there. She never hesitated to join me in doing the cheers in the stands sober as the day we were born.

The bf tried to get me to eat but I wasn't interested in food at that point. I later grabbed a hot dog, but didn't eat much of it. Some random girl was calling herself the dj playing all this slow music. It was horrific. Somebody sit her down. Ashli, another drink please. And I got a tour of the house. Very cool. Exposed brick walls. Lovely.

Laid out on the cool red couch. Convinced the bf to leave at like 130. Y'all know I can't hang anymore. My bedtime is like 3 pm. The next morning definitely had the angry stomach. GRRRRROWL! We went to McD's for breakfast, watched "Boomerrang," then headed to the grocery store to shop for our mini dinner party. I made honey-glazed pork chops, rice, and broccoli. I picked up the organic broccoli. The bf says, "Organic? What does that mean?" "No chemicals." "No chemicals?! But does it still taste good? The chemicals make it taste good." "What?!" Wow... really? The chemicals make it taste good. Hilarious. A city child. Oh yeah, I also made my now famous peach lemonade. People love it. Minute Maid frozen lemonade, fresh peaches and lemons, sugar and people lose their minds. Why did his friends walk in and have to turn on LIFETIME so they could watch the Fantasia story. Oh HELL no. Appalled. And one dude was taping it for some girl. I was like y'all did not have to watch this. Foolishness. At dinner the bf announced my promotion... I'm now a producer. Are you proud? :D

The next day we hung out, watched the Fantasy Football Draft Special on ESPN. It was hilarious. Bought some beer, then we went to a restaurant downtown. I think it was Max Downtown but I can't remember the name. It was in the same restaurant family as that restaurant in Hartford. Then me, him, Ashli and CC went to open mic night at this bar. A black bar. This guy was horrid. Like seriously no one should have ever let him on the mic!! Someone should have told him in life. Like maybe his family. A sister, a cousin. Someone should have said, "You can't sing. Don't ever go in public. Thanks."

The next day I left. Fabulous trip, even more fabulous bf! :D


Madam DLBG said...

YAY...I was tired of being in suspense...coming through here 3 times a day all expectant..whew, u and the bf r so cute

"chemicals make it taste good"


GreatWhyte said...

I KNOW THAT'S RIGHT!!!!! Let's hear some noise (whoo!) over he-yah... let's hear some N-O-I-S-E!!" Sorry - I had a flashback to the Hampton days of old (and yes, they squeaked out a victory yesterday afternoon - whew!). I was that loser who kept waiting expectantly for them to add, "STOP! And let the GRAD STUDENTS do it!!!!!" of course that never happened, but I was steady cheering :) Congratulations on having such a great bf... and happy belated birthday :)

Ladynay said...

Chemicals taste good? LOL That's like me refusing to use fake sugar or fake eggs! LOL

Congrats on the promotion!

Dreamlover said...

I'm sooo happy for you and your promotion!!!


And the party sounds like it was fun, boo to the boring guests who wouldn't dance and cheer with you and LMAO at the people who saw you walk and in didn't realize you were the birthday girl!!

And the "Fantasia story", OMG!! Who knew it would be the "thing" to watch, haha

CNEL said...

LoL aiight in 11 months I'mma need u to put me onto a good bartender

Yea goin to someone's party you don't know well = awkward!

Seems you like you had a deservedly good time.

Congrats on the promotion, that's why you one of the mentors ;-)!

Jameil said...

madam... i know i know. lol and how hilarious is that? i fell out in the store.

x... let's make some n-o-i-s-e right over h-e-r-e! WHEEEEEEEEEE!!! ahhh yeah!! girl when they're like stop and let alumni do it!!! and all the "cool" people are standing around near the endzone refusing to participate i'm like whatever. i worked for 4 years to stop and let alumni do it! lololol... thx for the bday/bf wishes!

lady... fake eggs maybe tho i prefer real... fake sugar? oh hell no. the fake stuff is worse for you. everything in moderation i say.

dream.. thanks! the party was fun b/c i had my girls there and some of my other fellow hamptonians. clearly the people who wouldn't cheer w/me were promptly ignored. and fantasia... stop it!! i said to the bf i'm so bloggin abt your friends a)watchin lifetime, b) recording it, c)all up in it. oh hell no. AND football was on. y'all so wack!! lmao.

cnel.. i already toldya i'd be your bartender! get ready! i'm a mentor? i should be.

CNEL said...

Yea you're a mentor. Didn't ya get the memo? Whose one of the first people I come to for advice J Ham. With as flaky as people are, and as nutty as the people in our chosen profession, I need as many sources of hope as possible you included.

Aiight its a deal J's in charge of my 21st birthday debauchery, shennagins, what hev you!

the joy said...

ah yeah. not that strange entry... but it sounds like you had a fun time and got lavished with gifts. i only hope my bday is as fun... vegas!

Supa said...

What, no pics?? Growl

*going back to read, now*

Happy belated, ma!

Southern Girl said...

awwww! fun! I'm very glad that you had a wonderful birthday...now only if I could find a man half as decent as your down here in Dallas....thats going to be hard...