I know you guys have really really missed journeying through my mindspace. So here is another trip. Enjoy the ride.

I have been off for the last three days. I have been soooo productive. Oh its great. I've done... ok I'm lyin. I've done nothing. Sit around and watch tv and get on the internet. Oh and talk on the phone. Today I'm gonna pay some bills. Matter of fact. Let me take care of that right now. Hold on. Ok paid some bills. I've now been productive during my time off. Oh yeah, I'm washing clothes right now, too. Y'all can't see me!!

How bout one of my girls needs to call herself da Illest. She's always catchin some weird disease. In college, she got chicken pox. CHICKEN POX! Those things effect you after 12?? Who knew. Her ass looked so funny. She tried to get on 2 or 3 different planes to go home for the holidays but had been blackballed. Oh it was hilarious!! I was dyin laughin. Her dad had to fly up and drive her 18 hours home. Good times, good times. Then she caught mono. She's also had strep throat a couple of times. I had the other throat disease. I can't remember what its called. Not throat gonnorhea. Tonsilitis! I couldn't remember. I got it every March for the last three years. This March was the first time! Whoo hoo! Anyway. Guess what she has now. Guess. You'll never guess. TB. That's right. My dog has TUBERCULOSIS!! I didn't even know that ish still existed in the free world! LMAO!! She found out when she tried to get a job at a hospital last week. DYING!! She was so pissed. Didn't even want to fill out her meds. But she did. And she starts work in 2 weeks. And wanna know the most hiliarious thing? The hospital was like, "Yeah, you have TB." Really nonchalantly. Like I had the roast duck with the mango salsa for lunch. Fu-NNY!! What's next? Measles, mumps, rubella?

I entered a chili cook-off at work. I didn't win but several people told me it was delicious. My news director said mine was the best by far. One woman even asked me for my recipe! How cool is that?! :) I was so excited. So I'm going to give it to her tomorrow.

Today is the Roots concert. I'm very excited. Its my first Roots concert. I only own one of their cds and I bought that 3 weeks ago when I found out about the concert. I loved them on Dave Chapelle's Block Party. My friends have seen them so I'm tres excited. I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to wear. I'm heading to Target today to see if I can find anything interesting. I was thinking abt being a stereotype. Big afro, pick w/the clenched fist, fake kente cloth around my hair, cowrie shell jewelery, shirt that says "black and proud," red/green/yellow wristband, jean skirt and jesus sandals. Think I'll fit in? lmao. So I was thinking about going in a completely opposite direction. J-loed out, pressed hair, pencil skirt, 3 inch stilettos, lots of gold bangles and all gold accessories. Lots of bling. Perhaps I'll meet somewhere in the middle. Can't rock the stilettos b/c its a standing concert at a club-type venue. You know how they do. And tickets were only $10! That's what I'm talkin bout! Ahhhhh yeah!

Wednesday I'm going to see Kelly Clarkson. A girl at work got some really good tickets so I'm going with her. Now I likely will rock the heels to that because I won't have to stand. And you know I gotta be fly.

Can I tell y'all the people are in danger of going crazy here today? The record high for this date is 93. You read that right. How hilarious is that?!! I was dyin laughin. Its already 87 at 12:50 so you know that record is in danger. I've heard all sorts of "hot weather" teases on the different news stations here. So funny.

Ok so remember the wedding I talked about in my last post? Yeah... well I saw the pictures today. Pretty. But scary!!! WTH?!! I was like I can't do this! I just wanted to reiterate the idea of getting married like tomorrow is scary. Do you feel sufficiently re-introduced to my mindspace? No?

Let me tell you how much I love Project Runway!! I neeeeeed it in my life. Like seriously! Wow... And Austin from the 1st season would absolutely be allowed to design my wedding dress if I wasn't designing it myself. How bout I got pissed watching the Best Man the other day b/c that dress looked like the one I have in my head. Now what on earth is that about?!!! I don't appreciate that!! So I'll have to tweak the design. Good thing I have a few YEARS to take care of that!!! hahahahahahaha.

Also... the birthday is a mere month and some change away, AUGUST 23RD BIOTCHES!, and I need some suggestions. Y'all have had some gangsta celebrations. So let's hear it.


GreatWhyte said...

Tbroat gonorrhea? Another hilarious "Jameilism." But on the stilettos to the Kelly CLarkson concert thing - be careful with that. White people LOVE to stand up throughout an entire concert, and then you have to stand up in order to see anything. Just a tip...
Sounds like you are enjoying your time off - I am so jealous.

Chris said...

vacation is a helluva drug. I hear the Roots give one of the best lives shows in all of music, so lucky you, you get to tell me how the show goes. As far as temperatures, it hit 100 already and it feels like 110. Who's not moving from this air conditioned spot? You got it.

Adei von K said...

If I were your homegirl, I wouldn't talk to you anymore...

You forgot conjunctivitis...

I was talking to homegirl's homeboy and he wanted to know if 'consumption' is next on the agenda. LOL

Once again with yor raggedy ass Roots wardrobe...YOU. MAKE. ME. VOMIT! LOLOLOL

Dreamlover said...

Your poor friend, haha, some people have all the luck, not!

I bet you have great times at the concerts and Project Runway rocks!

Even though Heidi Klum does slightly get on my nerves!!

And you know you will be married within the year, haha, start redesigning the dress!!

4EverJennayNay said...

You are too funny too me! And ya girl with TB??? Wow. I hope she gets well soon. I really didn't know people still got that. I had my tonsils taken out at 20. I was the biggest baby ever. I cried and cried.

I'm half way jealous of you and that Roots Concert. After "Things Fall Apart" hit, I was hooked. I felt like an idiot cause my sister had been into them for so long and I just never bothered to steal that cd. One day I'll make it to one of their concerts tho.

So...Wise...Sista said...

I'm well over 12 and have never had the 'pox. I hear if I get 'em now I might, like die or something.

Yo, in high school when kids were getting mono everyone trying to figuring out if it was the kissing kind or the "other" kind. We usually decide it was the former, unless you were lame.

The Roots for $10??!! I woulda jumped on a plane to see that! Which CD did you get? Get the Homegrown joint for the true essence of them.

Man, your randomness is contagious. :)

Anonymous said...

I have had more time off than you!!!! Hahaha the entire summer!! j/k

I am jealous about the Roots concert. I love me some Roots and you get to go see them.

Kelly Clarkson??

Dont complain about 93 degrees. We had 105 here in Baltimore. I dont want to hear its too hot in Pittsburgh.

Jarrod said...

You do more in a week than I do in a month. Am I a slacker? Ah well... Oh and congrats on your cooking skills. But you are from the south so I figured you could burn.

Jameil said...

X... lololol you know you love that tg! thanks for the kelly heads up! this is my first non-black concert.

chris... i actually missed the concert but i'm planning a bday trip to philly to see them in their element w/common next month.

stace... hahahahahahaha i bet. and what is conjunctivitis. i think my outfit will fight consumption.

dream... heidi only pisses me off when she rags on santino. i LOVE santino!!

i can GUARANTEE you i won't be married before the end of the year.

4ever... i said if i get it again, i'm gettin them hoes taken out. no more penicillin and the like for me.

wise... yeah... more dangerous the older you get. stay away from small children! but isn't there a vaccine now?

i bought do you want more. i will buy homegrown today at your suggestion.

epsi... GO GET A JOB!!! then i will come laugh at you. :PPPPPPPPPPPP
also please try to read and follow along. i wasn't complaining abt 93, tho i reserve the right to do so. i was saying its comical that people think that's hot here. it is hot, but its not a "scorcher" like i heard this morning. DYING LAUGHING!!

jarrod... you caught me on a good week homeslice. not all people from the south can cook... but most of us can! :)

Southern Girl said...

Can I just say that your fashion sense is kicking my tail! LOVE IT!

Have fun @ the roots concert! $10!! WTH! I agree with so....wise... would've flown there to see it!

Project Runway is FAB!! All i gotta say about that!

And P.S.~ I am in Dallas where the temp right now at 10:48 in the A.M is 92...so by 12:30 we will be at the 102 mark....plus its humid! OMG!

Veronica Marché said...

She said "roast duck with the mango salsa..."


I am so through with you.

So through.

Anonymous said...

I thought they had gotten rid of TB

Ladynay said...

I heard that Roots concerts are off the chain!!!

You need to post your chilli recipe, I wanna try it!

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

I thought Chicken pox for adults was called Shingles? i think its the same thing... whatever it is if you get in your teens or olderr - your F*ckd.

Post (or email me) your chili recepie..


The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...
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Charles X said...

cant wait to hear about the concert. take me with you!

Jameil said...

southern... i can't mess w/texas!! that heat!!!!!!!! i would die. DIE!!!!!

duck... YOU LOVE IT!! **MWAH!!!**

epsi...LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! me too!!! but there's a cure for it now and a preventative shot which she allegedly had gotten...

lady and ace... chili recipe coming! :)

rev... shingles/pox/whatever. point is... my dog had the first grader's disease.

charles... lolololol :OD

Sherlon Christie said...

I visited Charlotte...and I love the nickame "the Queen City"

Toni "Turtle Dove" Phoenix said...

Damn! I love chili.. but a sista has never cooked it. I gotta get that recipe... thumbs up...

G. Cornelius said...

I go see the Roots everytime they are in the 300 mile zone...I saw the not too long ago and of course loved it...Nice post...I'll keep you posted

Anonymous said...

The Roots in Pittsburgh (what venue?)...imagine that.

Shit never happened when I lived there.

I can top all yall mofos...

in 2002. I caught...



Wise..THAT is what can happen when you dont get CP as a child

GreatWhyte said...

Scarlet fever? Now THAT is a throwback for your ass. On the TB thing, that ish is REAL. We get patients all the time (common in the Asian communities) who test positive for TB. Could be that your friend tested positive but doesn't really have the disease (she/he could've just developed antibodies because of exposure). Either way, the drug regimen is a pain in the ass. Also, the same virus that causes chickenpox is responsible for shingles - another pain in the ass.
Jameil - updated you on my NATO membership today (LOL) - check me out...

Jameil said...

sp... goooooooo charlotte!

ok toni! :)

g... nice!

dp... SCARLETT FEVER?!!! WTH?!! that is bananas!! wow! what is cp? it was at margarita mamas.

x... word??? tb is "common?" that is so odd. for real.

erin... omg you're soooo funny. like the chestnut or mercury ent. hall/legion. did they ever get appropriate parking?

So...Wise...Sista said...

Hey...I think I'm gonna be at that Roots show in Philly. Email me if you do go!

Jameil said...

wise... ooh lala! turns out i likely won't be going. i'm so wack sometimes.