The Illustrious Trip Pt. I

i picked the bf up from the airport around 8pm. i made sure i was extra jazzy. rhoyal blue tube dress, gold earrings, gold purse, beige muslin wrap 3 in. wedge heels. gotta help the him remember how much he misses me, my beauty and my fashion sense. this girl told me i had on a great outfit. he had on these fly "s dots" white w/blue and gray checker-type pattern. we went to the telly to get settled in but first he saw the posterboard-sized sign i painted and covered in glitter for him. then we went to the telly. he had a piece of the cake i baked him (vanilla w/vanilla frosting). i couldn't eat any b/c i hate frosting. i will only eat cream cheese frosting and sometimes chocolate. but i'm extremely picky. when i was little, i only got bday cake for my parties b/c everyone else liked it. i never ate any. my mom didn't know this. when she found out, she wouldn't let me do that anymore. from then on it was ice cream cakes (i had a face one year w/a cone as the nose-- adorable!), pound cake and cheesecake.

anyway. y'all know stace calls me sidetrack bob for a reason. we went to a place called "wings, spuds and suds" next to the hotel. got some wings and a pitcher of yuengling. wow... can you spell full. i can. m-e t-h-a-t n-i-g-h-t. dang. both of us. we pretended to go to the club but were too full. and i had been up for nearly 24 hours. i fell asleep. po thang.

i woke him up at 5 am. i couldn't help it. i was wide awake. and i let him take a nap later. bob evans for breakfast. i had on my green and white polka dot (luuuurve polka dot) tie front silk tank (featured in the bailey's commercial w/jill marie jones where they're looking for a dd) w/low rise jeans and the great shoes. when he wakes up he must have brekky, no matter what time. ain't that crazy? but i love the brekky so i say whatever homie. it was kinda burnt tho. not cool. then we went to heinz field (where the steelers play) and pnc park (where the horrid pirates play. they haven't had a winning season since the 1990s!!) we also looked at the roberto clemente bridge where they have mats on the sidewalk and large banners in the spans. then we walked down to the waterfront to look at the gorgeous view. we had a drink at atrias. horrible bartender. she was not friendly, gave no drink suggestions, and actually made the drinks too strong (ain't that a switch). now i'm a drink connoisseur. so if i say a drink is too strong, its too strong. with a well-made drink you can taste every element. this cosmo had far too much liquer (that's the alcohol-laced flavor additive for you non-drinkers, not to be confused w/liquor).

then we went to oakland (section of the city that's home to university of pittsburgh and carnegie mellon university). i wanted him to see the colleges. and what it must be like to go to college on a ginormous campus in the middle of a large city (pitt). then.... i took him to meet my dad. he (d) did not behave. when i went upstairs for like 2 seconds, my dad said, so... you're the one who stole my baby girl's heart. ok what? baby girl? you have never in yo life called me baby girl. bf: yes, but i gave her mine too. (nice answer!) when i came back downstairs, my dad hummed (quietly enough that i didn't hear, partially because i walk hard and climb and descend stairs like a herd of elephants... a large herd. my nickname as a small child, think from the time i could walk until like five... was "lil poundin feet." i got indian in my family, y'all. LMAO!!) so anyway. he hummed, "here comes the bride." when the bf told me that later, i was ready to fight. like for real.

so dad took us to dinner at this yummy restaurant in monroeville (eastern suburb) called john harvard's brew house. deee-lish. the waitress told me i looked pretty. when we left, the bf told my dad, he plans on being around. isn't that sweeet? i have the sweetest bf in the world, y'all. asleep by 9 again. so sad!! lololol.

we just went wild. breakfast at cracker barrel's (my FAVE!! i could eat there 6 days a week. no lie. maybe even 7.) he loved it too. i had on a canary yellow tank w/a sweetheart neckline, jeans, a turquoise scarf around my head, large faux pearls notted around my waist, and silver flat sandals. then we went to kennywood for about 2 1/2 hours. its a very old amusement park-- kind of county fair-ish. i liked it and wanted to stay longer but he didn't so i didn't hold him hostage. we did get a funnel cake, tho. i also discovered i still have allergies. i started sneezing... a lot. i didn't know i still had these allergies b/c i don't go outside. i don't like elements. cold or hot. the weather is parfait here. no warmer than 80 for the last week or two. no colder than 72. that's what i'm talkin about. i don't like to sweat or be cold.

there were some old scary ass rides. i'm not a roller coaster girl. i don't like my stomach dropping. but i don't like to be left out so i go on rides and scream like a banshee the whole time. he begged me to get on the skycoaster-- see amusment park bungee jump. he said, "its so fun! first it feels like you're going to die, for only a couple of seconds, then it feels like you're flying." honey. baby. sweetie. sugar. doll. THAT. is not the way to sell an attraction! you feel like you're going to die?!! die?! what?! naw. you trippin.

anyway next we went to the waterfront shopping complex. we saw "the devil wears prada." the fashion.... OH THE FASHION!!!!! omg!! the fashion!! i'm convulsing on the floor right now. fab. u. lous. for no reason. just wrong. i loved the movie. he liked it too. darker than you might expect, particularly if you read the book (which i did). afterwards we went to the improv to see "sommore." she was hilarious. HILARIOUS!! a lot of sexual humor. i had a cadillac margarita. it was sooooooo yummy. THAT was a well-made drink. i tasted the cuervo (i love tequila), and lime perfectly, with a little salt on the rim. he had a jackie gleason (that ain't nothin but a jack and coke). they had a lot of fun drink names. i wanted one of everything. except whatever the blue one was. it had blueberi stoli and blue curacao and some other crap. i don't like blue drinks. they look like windex.

back to the telly to change. i got super fly. pink shirt w/a low back and a halter, drape neck front, cuffed denim, brown faux snakeskin peep toe stiletto heel w/gold chain detailing (ninewest of course). he looked delish too w/a black and gray vertical striped button down w/dark denim. ok this is getting ridiculously long so we'll have to make this part I. part II to come.


CNEL said...

1) If we were to put you in charge of my social calendar I'd never ever be bored, I'd also always be healthy!

2) I didn't get what the hell "telly" was to damn near the end.

3)HaHa your Dad cracks me up humming, he was dropping hints like a mugg.

4)The boyfriend manned up with the I plan on being around

5)I can tell you're a Style watching, Food Network watching somebody.

Adei von K said...

Get it jazzy!!!!!!! I am sooooo digging the fashion show J! or should I say, lil poundin feet who likes pound cake!!!! LMAO get it sidetrack Bob!!!! LOL

Really BF? It feels like you're going to die but only for a few seconds?? Now I do rollercoasters and drop rides but I will NEVER sell them to anyone that way!! LOL

I finally saw the commercial, love ad and love the shirt! tres cute!

Your pops: wilin!

Veronica Marché said...

I KNEW I liked you for a reason! You betta be giving a play-by-play of the fly ensembles! Get it!

"But I gave her mine too"... your boyfriend might be freak. in'. a. maz. ing. What??? That was soooooo cute! I just hollered "AwwwwwwwWWWW!" really loud.

Man, I miss Kennywood. The Pittsburgh Plunge = my ish. Although most black girls aren't Pittsburgh Plunge-friendly. And from the fly outfit you described, I'm guessing that you weren't that day.

The Skycoaster? Was he smoking crack? C'mon now. But I'm glad you got a funnel cake. You canNOT leave Kennywood without a funnel cake.

Girl, I saw The Devil Wears Prada too, and when I say I was salivating... those thigh-high Chanel boots...? What??? OMG, I need to see it again, just for inspiration for my fall wardrobe.

Hurry up with Part 2. I wanna know the rest!

the joy said...

ok. your boyfriend is awesome. he sounds like mine.

i love funnel cake. i'm so going to ihop!

let your dad say what he will. its his sign of approval.

Soldier said...

Ok. thats really cool. The whole happy-couple-and-a-cool-dad-feeling and no drama thing is something everybody could definitely use.

UR sidetrack-bobness is hilarious!


Anonymous said...

Your dad is just checking him out. Making sure he is a stand up guy. If I was you, I would be worried if he didn't do it.

Kennywood is sweeeeeeeeeeeeet (Oops. I let my inner white boy out).

You are a lil fashionista over there!!!

Jameil said...

cnel... i'm tryin to toldya. ain't no bored w/me. i had waaaaaay more stuff on the agenda than we even did, too. i don't play. i'm THE consummate entertainer. no lie. and i'll make sure you get some food, too homie. glad you now know what i mean when i say telly. d= not funny. 4)i know! ain't he adorable?! 5) and you know this.. maaaaaaaaaaaaan!

stace... ahhhh yeah! you know i'm fly. iiiii stay flossy w/my fashion show don't you know... this wasn't a roller coaster. it was a bungee-ish ride. nooooo! passs.

duck. lmao! how bout i read to the bf what i wrote and he was like oh yeah? i might wanna meet that guy. he sounds amazing. word? i told him not to break his arm. i wasn't tryin to get on anything too crazy. those boots were the jump off. but you know they don't make them for those of us w/black girl legs.

joy... the bf is the bomb!! sign of approval huh? if you say so...

soldier... i'm tryin to tell you. i can't do the blue... except sigma/zeta blue juice. and that's just b/c its free and tasty. matter of fact... where the sigma parties at homecoming???? and can i get some omega oil, too? sidetrack bobbin it is what i do.

epsi... so you're saying that's how d shows his approval???? you need to explain that one to me plz. you know i gotta keep it fly.

Ms.Honey said...

Girl you were killin em with the outfits...I have a thing for shoes so you def gonna have to hook me up with a pic of the ones you wore with the last outfit lol

Sounds like things were fun...

Dads are funny with their many questions and then acting as if they dont' know what the heck just came out of thier mouth...he was prepared though.

I heard that movie was good might have to take it in this weekend.

4EverJennayNay said...

i wish i had time to really read and comment, but i gotta get to work.

just wanted to say hey and good to know you are still breathing. i'll be back later to really read.


T Dot said...

Loving the fashion show - all of the outfits sound amazing. And it seems like ya'll had a good time. Now come on with Part 2. :-)

Anonymous said...

wow..all the BEST thiings about Pittsburgh

The Pirates have not had a winning season since 1992...see cabrera, Belinda, Bream, and Bonds.

Ahh the waterfront...is it still on the verge of takeover by the darker edges of Pittsburgh

Last time i heard they were shooting in the movie theater.

BTW...I make my annual return to Pittsburgh August 16-22

A brotha needs ONE night with whatever bloghomies Pittsburgh can still conjure.

I am on the verge of stamping my DaveyWayne BF seal of approval on him....I just need a few more good moments.

Ladynay said...

Yay! Bf passed the daddy test!

You really did see the devil wears prada cuz you decribed everything your wore! LOL

Sherlon Christie said...

you hate frosting? wow.

Cluizel said...

LMAO...you are ridiculous! I love the full fashion updates. And all of this breakfast talk (you know how much I LOVE breakfast)...almost makes me want to run and go to Bob Evans/Cracker Barrel...

You guys had some GREAT food interludes...good shit. :)

Dreamlover said...

Your bf sounds fantastic!!! /and I would have killed your dad, here comes the bride?? OMG!!

How crazy is that??

And I loved the outfits and the outings, I wish I had been there, it sounds like it was fun, haha

Jameil said...

libra.. yes he was prepared. it was so cute. go see the movie. its good.

tdot.. i'm comin, i'm comin!

davey wayne i've been holdin back. he's the greatest. isn't everything on the verge of the takeover by the dark side in pittsburgh???

lady... lolol. that was mostly for stace. she's always asking me what i wore.

sp... its nasty. i can eat buttercream. but regular frosting? pass.

wild... i know!! i luuuurve food!

dream.. he is fantastic! and daddy was wilin!!!

Karamale said...


"lil poundin feet" (embracing that indian heritage)

honey. baby. sweetie. sugar. doll. THAT. is not the way to sell an attraction!

you a fool.

Summer G said...

hope u dont mind my nosiness. i liked this post... and i'm heading to Part 2 immediately after i send this comment. **CHEEEESSEE**

LMAO @ blue drinks looking like windex. i have been bartended for over 6 years and that is the FIRST time I've ever heard such a comparison. I think I will make up a drink CALLED "Windex Willie". lol

P.S. I'll be sure to send you the recipe. BOOOOOOO!!! to the slackass bartender that made your Cosmo. She should have her Shakers revoked!