Monday Mindspacing Vol. 134

1) Cough drops are disgusting. I hate the smell of them even more than the taste.
2) I saw The King and I for the first time this weekend. Not a fan. The songs were overwhelmingly meh. The story was boring. I usually love musicals. Not this time.
3) It is official. I am a stan for pasta. I don't even need meat in it anymore. Mmmmm
4) Ran my 3rd 5k on Saturday! It was very small but quite festive! There was a dj and I learned how to do the Wobble! The race course? There was a BRUTAL incline at the end. I was hoping for more but I shaved 3:18 off of my December 5k time. I wish it was more but I'm starting to need to change my training schedule. My mind and body are getting bored. And my hips are starting to hurt. That said... I LOVE RACING!! My first 10k is next week. The week after that, things change.
5) I can be so bratty. I boycotted a post-race "brunch" in part because it was misnamed. There's NO breakfast food on Saturday at this place. I mentioned that for people who might be looking for breakfast food, it's not brunch, it's lunch. Response: It's at 11 so we're calling it brunch. I'm like, really? Do you know what brunch means? What the "br" is for? If I'm eating out in the morning, I need my eggs. ESPECIALLY after a race. Plus this place cooks a lot of things I'm very good at cooking at my own house. The menu doesn't excite me. In lieu of going there, Rashan and I tried this hole in the wall and had an awesome breakfast for two for what would have been the price for one of us at the "brunch" place. Win-win!
6) Project Runway All-Stars might have killed the entire show for me. I can't stand the judges. ESPECIALLY THE HOST. And I don't even care who wins anymore.
7) I went to a ladies brunch with the girls from my old program yesterday. It was delightful! More please!
8) Remember how last week I wanted some info? I got some IMMEDIATELY on one of the jobs. It was a no. And I felt and still feel quite zen about it. No New Hampshire? I'm cool with that. I'm making follow-up calls on the other outstanding ones today. Wheeeee!
9) Whenever I blog about being in a horrible sleeping pattern, I sleep better that night. Is it that I need the release? IDK but leggo! (I really think I fixed it by running. I always collapse after races. I'm also amused that I've done enough races to have an "I always" to go with them!)
10) I want to go dancing! Hmmmm! Ooh! I know someone who's always looking for someone to go to salsa with her. Yes! I'm on it!
11) One of my smoking neighbors moved out after just a few months over there. Let's all pray we get new non-smoking quieter neighbors no time soon. Aaaaand go!


gradydoctor said...

1. Funny. They don't bother me so much.
2. Uhhh, okay.
3. Carnivore here.
4. Go Flo Jo!
5. Ha ha ha ha! I am the same way! I also don't like when people say "irregardless" for regardless or "pacifically" for specifically. Wait--is that different?
6. I stopped watching after Christian Siriano won.
7. Good times!
8. Dang.
9. That time change has KILLED my sleep.
10. I had a dream that I could merengue.
11. Good riddance!!

Sparkling Red said...

1) For sure. The only ones I even partly like are the original Ricola herbal cough candies. Any of the strong ones, like Halls, are too much.

5) That would be a good debating team topic. Brunch: defined by time or by menu? Discuss.
When my husband eats lunch at 4pm I refer to it as "linner".

Ladynay said...

1) Love them and the taste
2) bleh
3) Must have some flavorful sauce with it then
4) Woot woot!
5) smh
6).....no clue what you talking about
7) Awwwww YAY! Girls time out :)
8) yours is coming
9) can't beat a good night of sleep
10) Whitney's I wanna dance with somebody popped in my head! LOL
11) Got my fingers crossed for yall!

MrsTDJ said...

1. I do love Halls citrus splash cough drops, but the rest? Not so much.
2. Agree.
4. Congrats on another successful 5K!!!
5. BWAHAHA! High five oh NERDY ONE! I love it and I think I would done the same thing. Folks kill me with not understand the words they are using.
6. I didn't even DVR it. Something just didn't work for me in the previews.
11. Thank goodness!

Jameil said...

gd... 1) maybe b/c you smell much worse things daily. lol
3) lol as am i. but this is some good pasta!
4) *bows*
5) OMG!! Someone said irregardless at a funeral the other week and I couldn't focus for a good 5 minutes.
6) Probably not a bad move.
7) Yes!
9) Awww :(
10) Yes!
11) To bad rubbish!

red... 1) way WAY too much.
5) lol my meal times are all over the place! i generally consider my first meal of the day breakfast no matter its contents though usually something traditionally breakfast. but brunch? there had better be some breakfast-type food in there and i mean fast!! We eat brinner a lot-- breakfast for dinner!! No misnomer there! Help these people, please!

lady... 1) eeeeewwww
3) indeed!
4) Thanks you!
5) what i do??
7) yeah!!
8) yah!
9) surely!
10) love that song!
11) danke!

mrstdj... 1) i didn't know so many people had favored cough drops!
4) thanks!
5) lolol! right!? and the way it was said was so very loud and wrong. please have a seat!!
6) smart for you!!!
11) yes!