Monday Mindspacing Vol. 132

1) I watch way too much tv. The fact that I have what feels like billions of shows drives me batty. I can't add another one until I drop at least one. Maybe 2 or 3.*
2) I've started a list of food-related things I want to do. Some are big, some small, all awesome!
3) When we hit 6 months of marriage, I told Rashan every time he gave me a kiss, he had to give me at least 6. Then 7 kisses for 7 months. (I know. We're disgustingly in love.) Now that we're heading into 8 months (on Thursday!), neither of us knows how this ends... or even transitions to something else. Like at 9 months, do we just do a kiss for every 3 months? At a year for every quarter? #newlywedproblems LOL
4) "Walking Dead" is Ambien for Rashan. (The show does nothing for me.) Every time he watches, he gets instantly sleepy. This also happens when he watches true crime shows. What a psycho.
5) I love watching the Oscars! It's a great excuse to get all fancy! :) I'd show you a picture but blogger hasn't let me upload anything in weeks. Next year we'll be hosting our own party. It shall be marvelous!
6) I tasted star fruit for the first time last night. It was fine. Not bad, not good. I had meatless meatballs, too. Never ever again. I was right when I said I don't believe in stuff like that. Completely right.
7) I'm addicted to running. I think about it all the time. Addicted is maybe the wrong word seeing as I can control myself and manage to run no more than two days in a row... but I love running! I'm doing 7 miles for the first time on Tuesday!! But also thinking of waiting until Wednesday so I can run on Leap Day. I have a strange fascination with Leap Day.
8) Maya Rudolph is funnier to me every time I see her! I love that woman!!
9) I didn't write any goals this month... or get enough accomplished... Back with a vengeance in March!
10) Yo son! The conference room scene on "The Office" last week? One of the BEST scenes in the entire world! HILARIOUS!!! Dot dot dot dot DOT. Tell me you saw it!!!!
11) No grown man should wear boot cut pants or pants with pleats. There is your fashion tip for the day.
12) Last week on twitter I was talking about the snobby palate I had as a child. I hate canned tomato soup. I think it is one of the most disgusting things known to man. I haven't even tried it since I was a 8 or something. Back when I hated all non-ketchup, non-pasta-related tomatoes. I'm going to try to make some fresh tomato soup one of these days and see if I finally like it. I love gazpacho with fresh tomatoes. Let's see how tomato soup fares.
13) "The Sandwich King" is better in season 2. He's more comfortable. But the SET. It makes a huge difference. I know you were wondering. You're welcome. (Let's also hope fewer of his sandwiches take LITERALLY hours. I wish I didn't mean literally. But I do. Made the first season unwatchable.)

*You're more assured of number one after reading this, aren't you? You should be. I justify my food shows by cooking... and writing a syllabus for a food writing class. TYVM.


Trish said...

1. We didn't have cable for almost two months and now I am struggling trying to get my tv schedule back on track.

2. Mmmm food! Can you tell I'm hungry this morning??

3. Aww JaShan, I heart you guys!

4. I have no idea what "Walking Dead" is but it doesn't sound like something I'd like to watch!

5. I felt fancy when I went to a play last week, I'll have to write a post. I am long overdue.

7. That's the kind of addiction I'd like to have.

8. I love her on Up All Night!!

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

LOL@ @ #Newlywedproblems, ha!

I can totally see you with snobby palette as a child. Not surprised. AT ALL!

I love to hate walking dead. It gives me 'daymares' but I can't stop watching..

Nerd Girl said...

Why is your comment page all strange looking? Do I need new glasses...

1. Me too. And the sad thing is 98.9 percent of what I watch is NCIS re-runs.

5. I think I'm going to try and watch at least 2 Oscar nominated films this year. For Sunday's awards, I had no idea who/what was up for an award. I just watched the red carpet.

6. Never had either one.

12. I've had good tomato soup before - wish I could remember where. The tomato soup I made a few months ago? Dis.gus.ting.

Sparkling Red said...

3) That is quite the lip workout.

4) When Walking Dead comes on I leave the room. I'm afraid it will give me nightmares.

6) If only starfruit tasted as good as it looks.

Adei von K said...

2) I can't wait to see your food-related goal list!

4) the macabre bores him??? CREE.PY!!

6) freaking love starfruit!!! all the Jamaican ladies at church back home had trees in their backyards and I couldn't wait till Sunday to get some!

7) how was the leap day run??

10) i love when you love the Office lol, that is so your fave sitcom!! and when you don't like episodes it's like, "oooh. dang"

what is tyvm?

Jameil said...

trish... 1) w/o DVR I wouldn't know when to turn on the tv. lol
2) i'm always ready for food talk!
3) :) merci!
4) zombie show people love on AMC. it does nothing for me.
5) oooh!
7) as addictions go, it's pretty good!
8) i love her everywhere!!!!

sha... i'm so amused that i was a child w/a snobby palate AND that i'm just now realizing it! pickled beets, yoohoo & kraft singles were also on the list! the show does nothing for me.

ng... template change blogger-wide apparently. i kind of like it.
1) lol. you, my mom & my 14yo niece. something for everybody!
5) ooh! which ones?
6) i'd try starfruit again but meatless balls made of fake meat??? no. not ever.
12) gasp! what went wrong???

red... 3) lol! when i'm sleepy (when he goes to work) i just lay there and let him do all the work. LOL. That sounds terrible.
4) lol. i'm surprised it hasn't nightmared me but glad it hasn't!
6) right?!

adei... me either! the five mother sauces and making pasta are both on there!
4) lol. could be worse. what if he took notes???
6) you guys and your tropical fruit grown in your yards! never ceases to amaze me!!
7) I skipped it. I could barely walk!
10) lol. seasons 2 & 3 are the best. last season was extremely rough aka TERRIBLE. this season has been much better!
tyvm = thank you very much!