Today is my first day blogging. Ever!

Yes, its true, I'm a blog virgin. Well not anymore. Thanks to my fellow Hamptonians for introducing me to this spot. Now for business. Can we please talk about driving in Pittsburgh?

I am new to this city- only 2 months under my belt. Now let's just say that I am not too pleased. That's the nice way to put it. I am trying to give it a chance, promise, but somethings are unforgivable.

First: please learn to drive in tunnels since there are at least 2, (maybe more) in this city. Can you read the signs? They definitely say "don't cross center line." I see this at least once a week. They also say "maintain speed in tunnels." So... if the speed limit is 55, then shouldn't you drive faster than 45. I'm gonna go ahead and say MOVE you jerk!!! That is enough to incite road rage and I'm not the type. Did you see the dude who killed the cute little five-year-old black girl in a road rage incident. They're showing his trial on court tv. Abominable.

Second: The highways. Can we please get some acceleration/deceleration lanes? Please do not force me to yield or come to a STOP before I get onto the highway where people are driving 70. I got the Lancer. We are not doing 0 to 70 in less than 5 minutes. So quit trippin.

Third: The crazy/scary signs. Why do the bright yellow highway signs say things like "slow down, save a live," "watch for drunk drivers," "targeted DUI zone." Ummm.... drunk speeders everywhere? I'm NOT down for that. I kinda like my life. Despite the wack city. Thanks guys. To quote Morgan, "Let's all calm down now."

Some welcome. There are so many things I have to say about this city. But let's start slow. Stay tuned.

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