I am so in love with the fitness programs at this school.  In one week I have taken capoeira (didn't like it because I didn't feel like the instructors really explained what capoeira is. I need to know the motivation behind what I'm doing.), tai chi and latin rhythms (learning salsa and merenge this week, other weeks samba, cha cha, and bachata will be added in).  Last week I tried to go to capoeira but couldn't find the classroom and ended up in taebo aka MURDER!  I have a taebo dvd and it's no joke.  Since I have it at home and there are 120 fitnesses classes every week, why would I waste one of those classes with that?  I took it for about 25 minutes then left.  I was already sweating plenty and bored.  Plus she kept giving us all these water breaks.  I DON'T NEED NO STINKIN WATER BREAK!!  Well maybe one but not 3 in 25 minutes.  Come on chick.

For those of you who were worried about me working out and fasting yesterday, fear not!  I wasn't fasting all day and by the time I finished my 2nd class I knew I would eat in an hour.  It was only from sun up to sun down and H.akeem Ol.ajuwon used to do it WHILE PLAYING PROFESSIONALLY!

I will admit after the 2nd hour-long class I was dying of thirst!  I took tai chi but it was sooooo slow.  I knew it was bit slow and should've known I wouldn't like it since I don't like yoga.  That's mostly because when I work out I want to break a sweat so I KNOW getting  a work out plus my mind moves too fast when my body's moving that slowly.  So afterwards I took latin rhythms and loved it!  Very fun!  I even got up on stage with the instructors when they requested it.  Lol.

Now if I can only get workout equipment in our classrooms like these people have at their jobs!  This is the ultimate in multi-tasking!  It probably also says something the rest of the developed world would be appalled by about Americans and their refusal to relax while doing anything.   If I could watch films while working out on the bike or elliptical -- if there was somewhere to put the computer!-- I surely would.  I LOVE doing other stuff while working out.  The amount of reading I need to do in a week (WAY more than undergrad even in my program, though still less than other programs (for us about 80-100 pages a week while some are reading 150-250 a week and we only take 8-12 hours for a full load)) then combined with the number of newspapers I like to read and the fact that I don't have the internet at home, I NEED to multi-task.  It gives me great pleasure to get things done on the bus, while waiting for the bus, in the gym, while brushing my teeth, whatever.  I will absolutely watch non-documentary films while washing dishes (of course keeping my computer as far as possible from the sink).  I like to watch every single frame for docs which is why I watch other stuff, too.  With non-docs I can just mostly listen and watch every once in a while-- another reason I can't get with the subtlety.  I'm usually doing other stuff.  Let's keep it moving!  And PLEASE PLEASE let's get some gym equipment in class!  Lol.  Aren't you glad I'm starting to get a workout schedule back?  ME TOO!!

Oh and last night I went to another black law students event at this cool bar (you'll love it, Stace) since they invited all black grad students.  I had a good time and hung out with some fun people.


La said...

I wanna take every last one of those classes, lol. The dance classes sound so fun! I used to love salsa and merenge especially because it's so much fun that you don't really realize how hard you're working. How can you not like yoga? It's so relaxing. My bi-weekly yoga class is one of very few places I don't feel anxious like I do all the other parts of the day. Granted, I always have to follow it with some cardio, but it's a pretty good strengthening exercise.

Rashan Jamal said...

I watch all movies and tv show like you watch docs. I don't wanna miss anything. If I'm not paying attention, its usually because I don't like it.

Glad you didn't like capoeira. I don't need you learning how to beat me up exotically. LOL

Adei von K said...

wow. that post was waaaaaaay too much energy for me!!

this multi-tasking thing... working out while reading, while eating, while surfing the net, while watching tv... too much!!! sit down somewhere!!!

those latin classes sound AWESOME!!!!!! T & Th right?! lol

Vdizzle said...

My high school coach made us do taebow after the small Saturday workouts. I think the fact that we (HIGHSCHOOLERS) had practice on Saturday.

The Latin dances are the business!! There was a Latin night in Baton Rouge that I always went to (is this why I love Latino men so much?) and I would be sore the next day from dancing so much.

Sandy C. said...

Latin rhythms sounds fun! I hear you on the tai chi. My mind tends to race when I'm stationary or in slow mo. Like while showering. Man, I wish I could do some reading while doing that :)

jameil1922 said...

la... dance was awesome!!! i was breaking a sweat and cheesin the whole time!! yoga is TOO relaxing. I need some crunk in my system when I'm workin it. I know the benefits of it but that doesn't mean I want to participate. Toooo slow!

rj... i watch top chef and project runway like that but every other show gets the half watch. i can still beat you up exotically. don't get it twisted! i might keep going just so i can. you know men are to be seen and not heard. lol.

adei... sniff sniff. that smells like hate. ol stace lookin girl.

psb1: there she go hatin again.
psb2: who stace?
psb1: who else?

and stop stalking me about my classes! tryin to show up uninvited and mess.

v... taebo is not a game. i want their food. this is the perfect way to get my HH!!!! ahhhh!!

sandy... it was great! i'm always singing in the shower so i rarely do any thinking in there but sometimes i do make mental lists.

yet another black guy said...

alright it's been time for you to go sit down LOL

jameil1922 said...

yabg... lol. hate!