Overheard in Gainesville

Beach Girl 1: Hey!
Beach Girl 2: OMG!  Heey!
Beach Girl 1: What are you doing here? Studying?
Beach Girl 2: Yep.

Location: Campus Library

Dummy.  Also tody at the library I helped an international student trying confusedly to take the anti-theft device off of a DVD.  I said, "They do that for you at the desk."  "Oh, thanks."  Yay!  He would've been standing there a long time trying to figure that out.  I can just feel it.  Look at me being all nice to people and stuff.


Opinionated Diva said...

"Overheard in Blogsville"

Girl 1: That Jam - she's so helpful!!

Girl 2: Who?

Girl 1: You know...Half Jameil, Half Amazing?

Girl 2: Who?

[end scene]

LOL!!! Ok...I'm not as funny as I think I am.

Enjoy your weekend!!!

the joy said...

Lol@ diva. I'm loving this whole "overheard" thing we're doing lately. I'm having a lil tickle, lol.

Rashan Jamal said...

Firstly, did Joy say she was "having a tickle"? I haven't heard that much since my great grandma died at age 98

That's not so bad. Maybe they were in the library blogging...oops that was you. LOL

Momisodes said...


Sorry, I'm still giggling at Rashan's comment about blogging :)

Vdizzle said...

Tell me why I helped this Vietnamese lady find hair-removal cream in Wal-Mart about three weeks ago?

Way ta help the immigrant population Jam!!

PS: Love Diva's scenario. It IS funny.

Adei von K said...

mouth wide open at Diva and Rah's comments!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

now I forgot what I was going to say... oh yeah


Jocelyn said...

You are, indeed, a model of restraint and support.

Desy said...

lol@diva and rah...

its soo good to see the softer side of jam...

Los Angelista said...

LOL at the Beach Girls. Guess they forgot what their tuition dollars were going for, huh?

And trying to take the anti-theft device off and the library police hadn't rolled up yet? See, that's when you know it was an international student and not a member of Black Students of America. Sigh.

jameil1922 said...

diva... hate hate hate hate hate! act right!

joy.. don't encourage her!

rj.... yes she did. my mom says her tickle box got turned over which is hilarious. don't be jealous b/c i get my blog on in the library.

momisodes... don't encourage him!!

v... we are awesome! lol. don't encourage her.

adei... don't love that. i'm SO there.

jocelyn... right??

desy... my leather so soft.

liz... lol. i suppose. dead @ library police. hilarity! i think he genuinely didn't know. he looked so perplexed.