Chivalry is NOT Dead

Praise Jesus. Just yesterday one of my classmates and I were talking about the ridiculously rude people on campus.

Then low and behold, without hearing our conversation, another helped me carry my equipment. Most of them hold the door for me and the other 2 women in the program. Then this morning on the bus one guy got up to let a girl have his seat since it was becoming standing room only [which is beginning to wreak its own special havoc on my arms when I have to stand and hold myself on one of those vertical bars (obviously at 5'2 the horizontal above me bars are too tall) while the bus takes corners and all other sorts of odd things.]. Then another guy got up, then another and another until the bus was filled with only men standing and ladies seated. It was a miraculous day!!!

Okay so maybe it wasn't quite like that but the 2 guys who did stand for the ladies made my day!

Oh yeah and my classmates now know of my deep love for all things Rachael Ray so yesterday after we came back from mock interviews to test all of the audio equipment one group said, "We interviewed Rachael Ray." When I tell you I almost lost it! It was hilarious. But now for 2 consecutive days I've been able to tell people why she's so awesome! Yay! Lol.


anonymous1 said...

I blame the parents. Every time I see a woman in distress, I feel my mother's breath on the back of my neck. I'm automatically charged to respond/help/be concerned.

Open Grove Claudia said...

ooh!! I'm delighted that people are caring for the lovely Jameil! :) Of course, I'm dying to know why Rachel Ray is fabulous. She has a great smile and a cute husband - that's all I know!

Rashan Jamal said...

Hey, I seen Rachael Ray at the Whole Foods today? Should I have gotten her autograph for you? LOL

Good to know some people still have home training.

Desy said...

it is so nice to see goodness of men...much like an eclipse...

is it the cooking or the personality (RR)?

Adei von K said...

i just checked my messages! rache is a cool kid.
i just KNEW by the way sandra made drinks that she loves "the sauce" and of course wouldn't spit those out!! LMAO!

it is the most charming thing to see a guy get up for a woman. I love it. holding doors, notsomuch cause women do it too. standing for a woman? good home training

rah, did you really see rache?

Vdizzle said...

I have an aunt who really disliked Rache for a while. But she never had a valid reason. I was so upset with her. She has never explained herself.

Yaaaay manners!!! Do you remember the 60 minutes ( or something) special about stopping to help a stranger? The only two people who reacted were two black guys. I cheered!!

Muze said...

awww. i love when men do stuff like that nowadays. it's so rare to see it. makes my day as well.

first time on your blog i believe.


hope all is well.

Opinionated Diva said...

the dudes in the NY/NJ area haven't received that memo yet. they bum rushed all the seats as soon as the train doors opened...there were more men SITTING than women!

the one day i really need a seat...and I get elbowed out the way. As you can tell I'm still mad. hmmmph!