Monday Mindspacing Vol. 89

1) Rashan... it's like he's never lived anywhere cold.  We knew his body was highly charged with electricity when it was cold a few weekends ago.  He didn't know how to release the charge so I told him to touch this GIANT metal pole... AND HE DID IT!  Then looked like a shocked toddler who doesn't understand what just happened.  I told him to do it because I didn't think he would!  For the record, he got the literal shock of a lifetime!  DON'T do that in the future.  Touch your rubber-soled heel to something metal... He knows now.  (I died laughing writing this! LOLOL)
2) Rashan said he'd never eat a grasshopper.  I didn't get it.  He compared it to me wanting to never eat a rat... even though he also never wants to eat a rat.  Okay is there ANYWHERE where rats are a delicacy?  Everyone tell him this is not the same.
3) Rashan raps aloud what feels like all the time to me.  I hate it.  And he raps way less than he wants to.  I've always hated people walking around rapping.  You look like a crazy person.
4) What kind of pregnancy announcement is: "I don't care what anyone has to say, I am documenting my pregnancy, the good or the bad"? O_O  Honey, who said something to you and you're only 8 weeks along?  Calm down.
5) Can someone ask the Investigation Discovery series "Disappeared" to have some sort of conclusion, please?  It's driving me crazy!!!  Of the 10+ episodes I've seen, there was ONE conclusion.  FAIL!  Find somebody!  Find A body!  Do something!
6) The show "Heavy" is the devil.  I go between wanting the terrible food they're eating and wanting to workout every second of the show!  "I Used to be Fat" is much better on the straight working out.  But the really overweight people absolutely inspire me to work hard in my workouts!
7) People.  Please stop complaining about gas prices.  YOU'RE STILL GOING TO BUY GAS!!!!!!  Which makes your whining irritating and ineffective.  I don't believe in whining about things you can't or won't change.
8) A few hours after I found out my brother & sister's mom died, I found out one of the girls my line sister and I brought into our sorority died of complications related to lupus.  Friday was not fun.
9) I found a 5k in my area that raises money for the same cancer my brother & sister's mom died from.  I'm running in it March 26th.
10) I watch enough crime shows based on life to be appalled by the disparity in sentencing for ALL crimes along racial lines.  It's not right.
11) I got fancy for our program's yearly Oscar party and actually did some research this year for our pool.  The previous years I came in last place both years!  This year I came in second.  ONE POINT out of first place!  BRUTAL!!  But I won $20.  And why was there an informal poll for best dressed at the party and no one I was sitting with was polled.  DA HEEZY???  I call shenanigans.
12) I have been in a horrible mood for the last few days and I'd really like to pull out of it.
13) 76 days until graduation.  Let's dance!  Let's shout!  Shake your body down to the ground!
14) I hate the birds chirping outside my window at 1:32 am.  GO TO BED!!!  There's nothing that urgent.  Also, what am I allergic to that I encountered today?  I hate it.


Mrs Count said...

1. Bwahhahaha
5. Right! I watched one episode and was like "wait, they ain't find her? Then why did I just watch this?" I need a conclusion.
7. This!
13. Are you going to help me up off the ground when I get down there?
14. Shoot them. That's unacceptable

Nerd Girl said...

1. Huh? I am all kinds of confused. His body was highly charged and he had to release it? Is this code speak?
2. Some people in Louisiana eat nutria. Does that count? I'd eat a grasshopper before I'd eat a rat any day.
7. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate paying over $3/gallon for gas? Carry on...
9. Go you!
12. Ditto. I kinda want to slap someone. Really, I just need a good night's sleep.

K. Rock said...

3. I have seen guys do this and I can confirm that it is crazy.
8. Man, that sucks.
9. Sounds great. Good luck.
10. SO true. It is definitely a real thing.
11. Glad all that movie watching paid off.
12. Unfortunately I can't help you because I am right there too.
13. Yipee. Yeah for graduation.

Ladynay said...

You and the sweetie are funny.

76 days? That's it? Uh oh! That's what's up!

Good luck on your run!

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. THAT WAS SO MEAN!!!!I don't know anything about the super cold either! I would have did too! Why not??? I TRUSTED YOOOOOOOOOOU! LOL!
2. Neither of those should be consumed I mean what is this, Andrew Zimmern??
3. You mean you are telling us that you don't like people busting out with Bonita Applebum or It's just me, myself and I or... I could go on but I will say if I'm in a good mood and a song fits I bust a rhyme. lol
4. Hmmm....she shouldn't let folks stress her.
5. Glad I don't know this one. I never found out what happened on The Colony.
6. I'm like that about people on the street. If I see somebody extra heavy I walk faster or workout harder. I stopped watching IUTBF the unsupportive parents irked me, and no Heavy since Rickywayne.
7. I just CAN'T 3.89 is insane!
8. :(((
9. Yaay!!
10. Agreed!
11. Go Jameil! Booo to the haters!
12. Is that why you are being so mean to Rashan??
13. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!! :)))
14. What in the world?? I've never heard a bird at that time before.

Rashan Jamal said...

1. MURDERER!!! You just tried to kill me!
2. Both vile disgusting things.. Seems like a good comparison to me, plus I always have that Pulp Fiction quote about sewer rat tasting like pumpkin pie in my head
3. Why is it okay to sing whenever you want, but not rap? That's #raysis!
4. It was for you since you hate pregnancy photos.
5. i watch it every week like this is gonna be the week there's a resolution.. We need a resolution... c. Aaliyah 2001
6. Never watched either one. Not big (pun intended) on reality shows. LOL
7. What about you? You don't never complain about things you can't change? Coughs*mary*coughs
8. Dude, that really sucks.
9. Get it babe! Run your face off
10. True dat
11 I took your last place title this year... and that best dressed thing was ridic.. it's like they just forgot about it and pulled a name out.
12 I would also like that. Please and Thank You
13 I got my vacation day today... I'll be there, but I'll also be square... I don't have to choose.
14. Alas, the nightingale... that's Shakespeare.. I'm well read. LOL

Sparkling Red said...

2) I watched a National Geographic documentary that showed the natives of Peru eating guinea pigs. It's their standard meat, like chicken is to us, except they had live guinea pigs living loose in their house. They just grabbed a few and killed them every mealtime. Craziness!

3) That would drive me crazy too. I also hate tuneless humming.

5) LOL - they are clearly running low on material for reality shows. I bet they picked up those files out of the "rejected" pile where they've been since 2005.

11) My Oscar-night experience went as follows: the woman in line behind me in the grocery store was buying lots of gourmet-flavoured popcorn. I thought "Why so much popcorn?" and then realized she must be throwing an Oscar party. End of experience.

Anonymous said...

1. Hilarious and just a teensy weensy bit mean! *lol*
3. OMG! Are Rashan and my husband related??? I give hubs the side eye all the time and say, enough Mc Fresh!
5. Yeah, I stopped watching it because it was just too depressing.

Jameil said...

Mrs. C... 1) Right!? LOLOL
7) LOL
13) Sure! Anything (ish) for you!
14) LOL Ain't it!?

Nerd... 1) OMG! Go home ROGER!!
2) I'm gonna throw up. Why did you make me google that?!?!?!
7) LOLOL. I'm sure I'll be in your corner after this trip to Mississippi!!
9) :)

k... 3) LOL
8) I know.
9) Thanks!
10) It makes me really angry!
11) It was really research rather than stuff I wanted to win in a lot of cases. But I did love The King's Speech, Black Swan & Inception. That's WAY more than any other awards season!
12) Ugh.
13) YEAH!! You really need exclamation points back in your life!

lady... LOL. We're a mess. Thanks!

gp.. 1) LOLOLOL! Please! You're from California! I wouldn't do that to you! But that man lived in NY for YEARS and Atlanta is cold enough for him to know better!
2) Seasoned grasshoppers are so not a big deal. I'm about to eat some for the both of you. Y'all just don't know how to act.
3) Yeah... I don't. I may bust out... frequently but his rapping just irritates me to no end!
4) But you know that's easier said than done!
5) Such a mess.
6) You know you wrong for that!
7) I agree! That is!
8) I know.
9) :)
10) Wheee!
11) Super boo to the haters.
12) Has he been talking to you?
13) Super!
14) Ugh. GO TO BED BIRDS!!!

rj... 1) LOL!
2) SMH I didn't say I wanted to eat rat!!!!!
3) B/c I'm me.
4) I don't hate clothed pregnancy photos but I don't need to see your naked belly.
6) eye roll
7) NOT THE SAME!! I limit my time around her as much as possible which means I don't complain about her anymore. When I HAD to be around her I just needed to vent. If you can't take the heat, stay in the cold. Don't even turn it on in the car.
8) I know.
9) I will!
11) I was so glad you were last! LOL It was more like she asked her friends who should win and she had 2 friends there as opposed to the 22 or so other people there. WACK!!!
12) scowl
13) Yay!
14) Are you? Or were you?

red... 2) NO! But the thought of grabbing a few and killing them at mealtime sounds hilarious. LOLOL. But I'll go veg at their house.
3) OMG! Someone's mom does that and it drives me WAY battier than the rapping. My childhood hairdresser did it too. HATE!
5) Put them back!! Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets is WAY worse.
11) LOLOL!!

Mrstdj... 1) LOLOL
3) McFresh! Awesome.
5) It really is!