Monday Mindspacing Vol. 87

1) I skipped vol. 78 or something and didn't notice until 2 weeks later.  I thought it would stop irritating me... but it hasn't...
2) I need y'all to pray for me about this semester.  It's making me absolutely nutty right now and I need it to stop.
3) Rashan noticed a sitcom cliche the other day that I now can't stop noticing: everyone has fertility issues.  That is so lame.  TV makes EVERYTHING about life painful.
4) Please stop being so sensitive about everything somebody says on the internet.  Everything is not a personal affront to you.  But if you think I'm talking about you, I probably am.  LOLOL
5) I am getting increasingly agitated by how segregated the fashion blog world is.  White & Asian fashion bloggers gush over white & Asian fashion bloggers and vice versa.  There are a few black fashion bloggers who talk about white fashion bloggers but there's still not much mixing.  IRRITATING.  I thought widening my fashion blogger circle would fix this.  It's actually made it worse.  By adding more, it became more apparent that the trend I thought was noticing was real.  Scowl.
6) I'm really good at scowling.  Partly because I have a very expressive face.  Sometimes my trainer laughs at how expressive my face is when she tells me to do something crazy.  LOL
7) My mom & Rashan both say "Bless you" to me when I sneeze and they're asleep.  It cracks me up!  You wake up to say that and roll over?  LOLOL!
8) I used to think in hahahas online.  Then hahahahas & LOLs at very specific times.  Now it's almost exclusively LOL & LOLOLs and LOLOLOLOLs!  LOL :)
9) Today is the 40th anniversary of my grandfather's death.  It's weird to miss someone you never met.
10) I'm really tired.  I never get 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep anymore.  I'm about to sleep my face off in the car!


Sha Boogie said...

Please don't sleep your face off.. how will we ever see that beautiful scowl if you do? HAHAHALOLLOLOL!!

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. I think I noticed too. I think... Well how are you going to fix it??? You should have a special vol.78 post about all things wonderful!
2.* in my MLK/JJ voice* Dear God... Please help Jameil through this semester. Give her the strength of Samson to endure and the wisdom of King Solomon to accomplish... Last post you said continue *smile*
3.OMGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I said the same thing. Why is errbody having issues??? Even on the reality shows!! They are making it seem impossible. It just makes me want to have sex and get preggo!
4. LOL!
5. That's a crying shame that there is racism in the fashion blog world!! I've noticed too but it didn't bother me. Sadly I've accepted that it is what it is
6. This is hilarious!
7. Wow! I have never heard of that. They actually wake up to say it????
8. I still think in Bwhahaha! but you do have me LOLOLOL! more often.
9. :(
10. Get your sleep on then, Wait you're the passenger right?? o_O

Sparkling Red said...

1) I don't think there would be any problem with inserting a retroactive Vol. 78. I could accept that.
3) That's one thing I wouldn't particularly want to laugh about. It would have to be very deftly done.
8) I'm all about the LOL's. Also ROTFL and ROTFLMAO.
10) I find car sleeps very unsatisfying. I always wake up groggy and sweaty.

K. Rock said...

6.I am the same way. I actually like being over expressive with my face.
8. Do they all have different meanings? Is a LOLOLOLOL funnier than an LOLOLOL funnier than and LOLOL?
10. No!! How are you gonna live with no face?! You're just complicating life for yourself.

Mrs Count said...

2. You're almost done, you're almost done!
3. Were y'all watching S#!% my dad says when he realized that?
4. You talking about me, aren't you? Now I'm sad

Jameil said...

Sha... LOLOL! I'm pretty sure I can scowl in my sleep!

gp... 1) LOL! That not so sbutle message that these are too negative.
2) THANK YOU!!!!!
3) Please don't do that! LOL. Neither of us needs to be anybody's mama right now!
5) I want it to change!
7) Yes! LOLOL
8) I much more rarely think in bwahaha.
10) LOLOLOL!!!!!!!! NOPE!!

red... 1) I shall!
3) Right? I just want them to stop making it look so hard!
8) I def. also use ROTFL! :)
10) LOLOL IDK why the sweaty part is so funny to me! I don't really sleep well but I still take it!

k... 6) Me too!
8) Yep! All have meanings. LOL is a light chuckle. LOLOL is a true laugh. LOLOL is me guffawing! LOLOLOLOL is me ROTFL!!! So yes, I use that one too!
10) LOLOLOLOL (see?)

MrsC 2) Thank you dahling!
3) LOL. No. I think "How I Met Your Mother."
4) LOLOL Buck up kiddo!

Anonymous said...

#5 is sooo true!!