Monday Mindspacing Vol. 88

1) Can people stop assuming all women love chocolate?  I'll eat it every once in a while.  But love?  No.  Why are you a caricature about your stereotypes?
2) I like mayonnaise less and less the older I get.  It's tolerable when adulterated with sriracha and lime and and and.  Essentially, it needs to not resemble mayonnaise.  But sometimes even still it makes me want to vomit.  Good thing it's so fattening.
3) Ironically? I like aioli a lot.  What a siddity, stuck-up FANCY wench I am.
4) Let's talk about Chopped again.  I think you've exhausted chocolate as an ingredient.  We get it.  Sometimes it's scary in appetizer and dinner rounds.  But it's done.  If I can always figure out what to do with it, these people who cook FOR A LIVING should have no problem.  And Jeffrey... why do you have the spice tolerance of a 12yo girl?  I'm as tired of hearing about that as I am of hearing about Scott's onion preferences.  Speaking of which, my mom had way too much raw onion in her tuna and I was very amused!
5) Does it make me a bad liar if I don't like to lie because I don't like having to remember what I lied about?  Or be racked with guilt after I've gotten away with a lie?  Because I can sure get away with lies.  I say everything with a straight face and people never know if I'm serious.  I am.  I say what I mean.  I'm not really even good at lies of omission unless it will spare someone's feelings.  I'll avoid saying things if I know it will hurt someone and it's not essential that they know.
6) Does it ring hollow when people in relationships say they love Valentine's Day even when they're single?  Because I totally mean it!!  You gotta have people in your life who love you and spoil you that day whether you're in a relationship or not!  I have my godmother and my mom and some great friends!
7) I hate when I'm working out and some dude is looking at me like I'm gross b/c I'm sweating.  STEP YA WEIGHT UP, DUDE AND MAYBE YOU CAN GET LIKE ME!!!  LOLOL  I'm gonna start grunting when I lift weights so they know I mean business!!
8) Twittascope is one of the most annoying things about Twitter.  Why do you have your horoscope broadcast to your timeline?  Can't you PUHLEEEEEASE get it sent to your email?  I'll love you forever!
9) Why do men pour from 7 feet above the receptacle/plate/bowl/cup?  DRIVES ME BANANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!  I thought it was just Rashan but I've seen it on way too many shows lately.
10) My Pakistani friend loves me & Rashan and we love her, too.  How does she show it?  Cooking for us twice a month.  AND IT'S GOOD.  God bless that girl!!!!
11) I used to LOOOOOOOVE Miss Piggy!  And I thought Kermit was THE MAN!! :)
12) I HATE Disqus.  If you have it and feel like I've been commenting less than usual, you're right.  My comments are often eaten if Disqus will appear at all.  I'm convinced it hates me, Mac and/or Firefox.
13) Rashan said I make better guacamole than 95% of the places where we eat it. *swoon!!!* I LOVE THAT MAN!!!  Also, please get me OUT OF THIS CITY!!!  As flattering as it is, that should not be.  Our "favorite" (see: most tolerable & clean) Mexican restaurant here?  Barely passable guac, good salsa, HORRID margaritas.  GO BACK TO MEXICO AND RE-LEARN WHAT YA MAMA SHOULD'VE TAUGHT YOU.  I'm not kidding.  The most well-known drink of your specialty should be the best drink on your menu.  In ANY restaurant.  I have zero tolerance for this foolishness.
14) I can't stop falling in love with people's children... it's very strange.  I see these photos and videos online and I just want to coo!  Over 5?  In person?  I'm awkward.  LOLOLOL  As a child that age I knew how to talk to adults.  As an adult, I don't really know how to talk to children.  I don't know enough of them.
15) Rashan's doing a guest post here Wednesday... I was crying laughing when I read it!


1969 said...

Did you see the preview for Chopped Masters?????? I can't wait. I wish Conant was cooking with his old smarmy self.

Nerd Girl said...

1. Amen
2. Mayonnaise. Blech.
3. Aioli made with eggs=fancy mayo=blech.
7. LOL! I stopped going to a gym because their was one dude - yes one - who grunted through his whole workout. 'Twas unbearable!
15. Yay!

Rashan Jamal said...

1. I do think you are a closet chocolate lover. Like you've made such a fuss about the stereotype, you can no longer eat it in public. I'm mean, let's be honest... you're still a woman. Of course you like chocolate. LOL
2. Do you like Miracle Whip? I grew up on that so I'm not a huge Mayo user, but I still like it.
3 Of course you do... thanks for the link, b/c I never knew the difference
4. I really don't like any of the judges b/c they act all superior... Alex is cool when she's not on Chopped.
5. Yes, you are a bad liar.
6 Valentine's Day is stupid. Hmph!
7. Pretty sure that's not what they are looking at...
8. Word Up!!!
9. I think the real question is why do you let such trivial things bother you. If I spill it, then I'll wipe it up. No biggie
10 We should upgrade that to thrice a month. We won't see her that much in a few months. Need to get all the Saman food, er um I mean time we can
11 Muppets ruled!
12 Is that the commenting system you were telling me about?
13 Your guac is banging, baby! And yeah, we need some new surroundings b/c Winston is not giving me food life.
14 Kids are awesome... especially when you don't have to live with them. Get all the good cute parts and then be done with them.
15. And I cracked up writing it!!!

Naima said...

#1. Ditto.
#2 & #3. Mayo and aioli? I'll take both. I'm convinced that condiments and sauces are going to be the death of me.
#7. Hahahahahaha!! Yes, please grunt and please take a picture of their faces when you do!!
#14. Ditto!!!
#15. Ooh, I can't wait!

Mrs Count said...

2. I don't like mayonnaise. I'll put Mayo on my sandwich and then scrape it off.
4.I love hearing Scott whine. It's the highlight of every episode for me. His arrogance amuses me.
8. Ugghhhhhhhh
12. I can't comment on blogger blogs from work. I have no idea why.
14. I love other people's kids too. After age 7, they can keep them.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. It's shocking when women don't. My sister doesn't like chocolate and I look at her strange when she says it.
2. I like flavored mayo, like garlic mayo on a sandwich is the ish. But if it's a choice between plain mayo and cheese? Cheese WINS!
3.Me too!!!!!! is garlic mayo an aioli??
4.I watch Chopped here an there. I plan to watch Chopped Masters. Onion in tuna is THE most nasty taste EVER!! But I'm sure your mom's is good! LOL! My mother and aunt put onions in their's. :(
5. Just don't lie!
6. I love Valentine's Day. I didn't like this past Valentine's Day so much...
7. That's funny do it! LOL!
9. That is a man thing and it's crazy. Stuff splashing all over the counter! Hmph!
10. What does she cook?? I have to google the food.
11. I just cracked up laughing at this. The mistake was Fozzy bear. Got people thinking bears are friendly?!?
13. Awwwwww! That's sweet! Have you shared the recipe? I love flavorful things. That mess yesterday! Blech! SMH!
14. OMG I love people's cute kids
I'm pretty good with them in person too. Kids love meeeeeee!
15. I'm already laughing and I don't even know...

Not so Anonymous said...

1. I used to assume all HUMANS loved chocolate and anyone who didn't was clearly an alien or insane. I now know better, lol. H
2. Me too...I used to require Mayo on every sandwich, now I just forget about it. I wonder what that's all about?
4. Hi, Jameil the Alien...I mean chocolate hater...I mean, hey girl!
6. NO it doesn't with me! I believe because I feel the same way. My mother instilled the love of Love Day in us and so it's not even about romantic love to me, it's just about LOVE.
10. I'm jealous...authentic ethnic cuisines are the best.
15. Ohhh...he's coming out of retirement to grace up with his presence...we may or may not decide to welcome him back for his momentary appearance. Jk...heeey, Rashan!

Sparkling Red said...

THANK YOU. I am so relieved to hear that I'm not the only person on the planet who hates mayonnaise.

Jameil said...

1969... I did! And I can't wait! I need Conant to cook! I love how scared Jeffrey looked! Hilarious!

ng... 1) Hallelujah!
2) Agreed.
7) LOLOL! I HAAAATED those guys! I had a gym with many of them!!
15) LOL

rj... 1) Really? I'm gonna avoid making a threat toward you on the internet.
2) Pass.
3) LOL. You're welcome.
4) Jeffrey & Scott irritate me. I really like Aaron & Alex.
5) Hush.
6) But I bet you're celebrating it in a few weeks aren't you?
7) Hush.
8) So annoying!
9) Shut your face.
10) LOLOL I believe you're right for once. And because it benefits me.
11) They did!
12) No! This is another one!
13) Thanks! Let's get it!
14) Right?
15) SMH

nai... 1) Yes!
2& 3) LOL. I need adulterated mayo but the rest of it I mostly love.
14) LOL Hilarious
15) Very soon!

MrsC... 2) Why put it on??
4) LOLOL That's funny.
8) LOL Sorry...
12) That's awful!
14) LOLOL OPK. Best kind of K.

gp... 1) My cousin doesn't like it at all. I'm very chocolate picky.
2) Why would you have to choose? I'm a cheese FOOL!
3) No.
4) It's gonna be great! My mom likes crunch in her tuna and experiments too much to get it. I don't like it with celery or bell pepper either and she alternately uses those. Everything else will be great until you get to those. :/
5) -_-
6) There's never a reason not to like VDAY!!!
9) It's so ridiculous!!
10) A variety of things. They're really close to Indian food (since it was once the same country). Extra delicious! She cooks things that aren't on most restaurant menus and it's all AWESOME!!!!
11) LOLOL You ain't right!
13) I'm pretty sure I have. Here are a few recipes! http://therecorddish.blogspot.com/search?q=guacamole
14) Yay kids! They take a little while to warm up to me sometimes. I'm best with babies.
15) LOL

nsa... 1) LOLOLOL! That's awesome.
2) Hmmm... me too
4) LOLOLOL Hursh!
6) Good! My godmother did that for us!
10) So yummy!!
15) LOLOLOL He don't know, dun sun! He don't know!

red... YOU'RE WELCOME! You see you're in good company! :)

K. Rock said...

3. Aioli is just fancy mayo. Oh that's right you a bit of a food snob so I guess this makes sense.
7. That's probably not whay he is looking at you. You know guys treat the gym like a meat market.
8. In my short time there, I must agree with you.
12. Yep. Me too.

Anonymous said...

Yep, me and chocolate are only casual friends.
Blaspheme! *lol* Mayo is heavenly! Chopped Masters looks GREAT!

Jameil said...

k... 3) LOL Exactly!
7) :/
8) Wheeee!
12) It's awful. And all the fashion bloggers are switching to it now. Ugh.

mrstdj... casual friends. perfect description. mayo? blech. chopped is gonna be AWESOME!!

Nicole said...

I don't like chocolate either. People look at me like I'm some kind of abomination just because I don't like chocolate. Sometimes, they even seem personally offended. It's not that big a deal. I just don't like it. Glad to see there is someone else out there who doesn't care for chocolate.

Jameil said...

LOLOL. Oh the personal offense! I'm well-acquainted with that one! They'll all get over it! You see we're in good company!