Movies 2011, Weeks 5 & 6

January 30- February 5, 2011
28) The Toast of New York. Cary Grant stars in this 1937 film about con men who will cross anyone to make a ton of money.  Didn't love it, didn't hate it.  3.3 stars
29) Alice in Wonderland.  The Johnny Depp & Helen Bonham Carter version from 2010.  I really, REALLY need to stop watching kids movies.  So not my thing.  3 stars
30) Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer.  Documentary about the former gov. of NY, brought down by his relationship with hookers.  Interesting information... with some good quotes from many sides, those who loved and hated Spitzer, and Spitzer himself, though of course he wasn't too forthcoming on the details of his downfall.  It dragged in some places, particularly toward the end, by focusing on things that really had nothing to do with Spitzer.  3.6 stars
31) Gasland. 2011 Oscar-nominated film about a process to drill natural gas in the U.S. after the filmmaker was approached about drilling on his family land.  The filmmaker's heavy-handedness, particularly with voicing was more than mildly irritating.  I wanted to shut it off after the first 10 minutes but I suffered through... for you.  You're welcome.  I wouldn't be surprised if this film won because of the topic and the fact that it takes on Cheney's company, Halliburton.  2.9 stars

February 6-11, 2011
I promise I didn't intentionally watch two films with wedding in the title!  The first one isn't even about a wedding!  It was an Oscar-watching weekend!  Wait until you see next week!
32) Tony&Janina'sAmericanWedding. The story of a family ripped apart by US immigration laws and the disastrous effect.  Pretty depressing but a good film. 3.5 stars
33) White Wedding.  South African comedy about a groom trying to make it to his wedding and his bride's trials with wedding issues.  Eh.  Just okay.  3 stars
34) The Fighter. 2011 Oscar nominee based on a true story.  Marky Mark... I mean Mark Wahlberg stars as the fighter with Christian Bale as his crackhead trainer brother.  I enjoyed it.  4 stars
35) Black Swan.  LOVED IT!!!  Another 2011 Oscar nominee.  Natalie Portman deserves all of the Oscar buzz she's been getting!  There is some confusion and dislike about the end but I thought it was great.  I don't need my every question answered.  4.6 stars
36) 127 Hours.  Another 2011 Oscar nominee based on a true story.  This one starring James Franco as a hiker who gets trapped in a desolate location for 127 hours.  There was a pretty gruesome scene.  Yikes!  One of the people watching with me got nauseous and Rashan got a physical pain.  Wow...  I didn't love it but I can see why people would.  3.2 stars


mrstdj said...

I haven't seen anything on your list this week, but I am going to see Black Swan after work on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to it. I want to see Fighter because I love, love, love Marky Mark. Hubs wants to see 127 hrs, but I'm trying to stall long enough for him to forget. *lol*

Jameil said...

mrstdj... did you love it??? the fighter was pretty good. 127 hours? are you squeamish? b/c if you are, i don't recommend it! lol

InnerDiva said...

Hey Jameil,
Since you've seen Black Swan, could you explain it to me? I just didn't get it. I wanted the hour and a half of my life that it took to watch the movie back.

Jameil said...

LOL! I don't want to spoil it here but suffice it to say I saw it with 10 other people and at least 8 didn't get it either. I didn't feel like I necessarily needed to get it, I just enjoyed the ride! :) But if you want more explanation and to discuss it further, send me an email! jameil1922@gmail.com

1969 said...

I too loved Black Swan. Natalie Portman went so outside of herself and did a great job. It was disturbing but you couldn't look away!