Mississippi Trip 2011 Vol. 1


1) Why was I stuck in TWO accidents in the sleet that hit the day we headed for Mississippi?  In Birmingham, we went 2 miles in 1.5 hours... our exit was at the second mile.  |||||||||||||//////////////////_________   Please slap me in the face.  We then spent a few hours in the city with my aunt.  Then right after we crossed the Mississippi state line, we got stuck about 200 yards behind an accident that required 8 tow trucks, 3 ambulances and a mess (yes, a mess) of police cars.  And when we finally got past it TWO HOURS later?  We saw a tractor trailer off to the side that looked like nothing or very little happened to it.  :/  I left home at 5:45 am.  I got to my grandma's at 4am EST.  NOT AWESOME.  Guess who  went to sleep & drooled her face off she was so tired.  My mama.  LOL!!  J/k.  It was me.
2) I hung out with Nerd Girl & Love Girl at a Vietnamese restaurant.  She was amusing & my mom adored her.  Pserendipity went to Memphis instead.  You chose your husband over me?  I mean... Is that dude gonna love you for the rest of your lives?  He is?  Oh... okay.  Then I guess I'll let it slide.
3) Fish balls sound DISGUSTING but the ones I had? Delicious!
4) Mississippi is batting like .988 on restaurants!  So awesome!  Every place I've been to here (minus the lowest rungs of buffet chains my aunt & uncle love-- BLECH), I liked most of the food I got.  Super great!  Can Winston-Salem do even a tenth of that?  We just want TWO good CONSISTENT restaurants.  One extra casual, one less casual.
5) I liked my grandma a lot more this trip.  Small doses are key.  It also helps when she was nothing but complimentary: (As I'm working out) "You have nice legs." Then later, "You look great in that color!" "You're like me, any hat you put on, you can wear it well." (That one was for both of us.)
6) My uncle & I cried together as he talked about missing my grandpa.  I feel a lot closer to all of my uncles than I've ever felt since making this film.  My mom, too.
7) The word grandpa looks weird in reference to him.  I've always called him granddaddy or my grandfather.
8) The dvr got up to 30% and counting with all of my shows and I'm so blown!  I try to keep it out of the double digits.  So Wednesday after I return?  I'll be watching more tv than necessary!  LOL
9) Why was my grandma sweeping the house at 1:28 in the morning?  I bet this is my fault since we took her to the Mexican restaurant at 9pm!  She eats dinner at 5pm but was tapas-in it up!  Son!  She'd never had guacamole.  (I'm gonna go ahead and give her credit for my food adventurousness.)  She LOVED it!  She was eating it by the forkful.  HILARIOUS!
10) Raise your hand if you've been working out at least 3xs a week for the last 6 weeks.  MEEEEEEEE!!!  Now put it down if you have also been eating WHATEVER you wanted with little regard to said workout.  *sheepish face*  For shame.
11) Y'all.  If you find yourself wasting money on things you don't need, take that wasted money and put it in a good trainer.  It's cheaper than you think it is and SO worth the money.  Mine is constantly suggesting things that sounds insane to me until I do them!  For instance?  One-legged push-ups on alternating legs.  (Get in position, lift one leg, do a push-up, repeat, alternating legs.)  A week later, I'm STILL proud I can do those!  My mom, Rashan & my grandma were all equally impressed! Most common response: Whoa.  LOL.
12) We talked to my Uncle Charlie Friday night to confirm an interview Saturday at 1-- his chosen time.  He called my Uncle James around 8am Saturday and told us to come on. O_O You live 3 hours away!  And we planned other stuff for that morning.  We MIGHT be 20 minutes early... Except we were 20 minutes late.  LOL.  Didn't matter.  He fed us the second we walked in the door.  We did the (AWESOME!)  interview.  He sent us down the road to his daughter's for some delicious gumbo and amazing banana pudding.  I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!
13) My new favorite Mississippi towns (villages?)?  Homo Chitto (chitta), Bogue Chitto (boga chitta) &... HOT COFFEE!!  FOR REAL!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your forgiveness! I hadn't seen Tim in 3 weeks, so I rushed to Memphis. At 2 weeks and 6 days, I totally would've stayed for lunch.

Why did I want to text stalk you guys to see what you were eating?? I refrained.

And SO MAD I didn't get to meet your mom!!

Oh! How was Babalu? Seriously, what did you think we were eating down here!?!

GorgeousPuddin said...

Starting with...
13. I didn't want to BELIEVE YOU!! but I googled them O_O o_O! In my travels I may have been to HOT COFFEE and not known Bwhahahahaha!
1. That sounds horrific! I have never been in Miss. in the winter. Crazy huh?
2. Awww! Sounds fun and yummy!
5. Yaay!
6. :((
10 & 11 Go head!! LOL! My next investment...ME!
12. Officially jealous of all this family lurve and good eating. You have me wanting to go to Miss. RIGHT NOW!! LOL!

Sparkling Red said...

1) Mercy. That is TERRIBLE (pronounced the French way). Even the traffic on the 401 (busiest stretch of highway in North America, no lie) isn't that bad.

3) I like fish balls so long as they don't have little bits of fish bone in them. (I'm looking at you, neighbourhood chinese noodle restaurant.)

9) She'd never had guacamole? Thank goodness you were there to save her from a guacamole-less life!

Sha Boogie said...

*sigh* I totally want a trainer.

And your grammie gets major cool points for loving guac... loves it!

*enter sad face here* for the traffic - I want to bite my face off when I'm sitting in traffic. serious. I do.

Anonymous said...

Damn, that traffic sounds like the mess that hit the DC area about 2 weeks ago. Sorry!!
Glad that you enjoyed your Grandmother more and exposed her the loveliness that is guacamole!
30% on the DVR??? Girl, I stay between 60-80! *lol* I panic at 80, but feel great at 79.

Jameil said...

p... LOLOL @ 2wks 6 days! You know I don't mind being food stalked! LOL! My mom loves to meet people from MS! She would've been all in your every grill! Babalu was yummy! Really loud, though. I didn't enjoy the lamb at all but everything else was mmmmm! I thought y'all were eating soul food! Which I have NO problem with! But you know my momma fed me & Stace pig ear sandwiches while we were there!! COMPLETE AND TOTAL FAIL.

gp... 13) why you start there? lololol super true!
1) It. was. AWFUL!!! I've actually only been there in the winter about 4xs myself, INCLUDING the last two times!
2) Yes to both!
3) All this disbelief from your end of the world! I'm for real!! So good!
5) :)
6) I know.
10 & 11) Do it! If you have a good trainer, it will be AWESOME!!

red... 1) TERRIBLE TERRIBLE!! How are you gonna be worse than the 401, MS & AL??? HOW!?!?
3) Ew! How unacceptable!
9) Never! & Yes!! LOLOL

sha... you should get one! So awesome! And life-changing! Yay grandma! Please don't bite your face off!! See your comment from my previous post! LOL

mrstdj... AWFUL! Grandma & guac = fab! I was mesmerized! LOL. 60-80?!?!!? I would DIE!!!!! LOL @ 79! Hilarity! It got up to 44%! I was dying!! LOL