It's Christmas in Winston!

Fresh off of fake Valentine's Day (remember, me & Rah celebrate in March!), I'm posting about my Christmas!  What?  Don't hate!  I had a great Christmas!

My mom got me Jameil earrings (gold grape-cluster orb drops) and a headband! 

Pserendipity got me the Barefoot Contessa cookbook I'm already in love with! Stace got me the Lorna Sass book I was gonna beg for until someone got it for me!!  Rashan got me the Rick book I never even asked for but wanted!! :)

Stace also got me this awesome dress she had her dad pick up for me in Ghana.  I LOVE IT!!  How awesome do I look in it!?  I felt like she was taunting me since she's in the hottest SoFla and it was barely 30 that day.  :/
 She also got me this HAWT black clutch!
 And now for the funniest series of photos ever!! The anticipation of KNOWING the gift you want is in the box!
 I can hardly hold it in!
 This is where I said, "I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!!!" Rashan said, "I love you, too!" I said, "Oh... I love you, too. But I was talking to my Le Creuset." LOLOL True story.
Twas a great Christmas!  Expect to hear about Valentine's day in oh about 6 weeks.  LOL.  I feel like I have 2 or three other posts I'm supposed to be doing here and on The Record Dish.  If there's a post you were looking forward to and haven't seen yet, do remind me, please! :)


Anonymous said...

LOL @ you holding your Le Creuset ever so lovingly in the last picture!!

Nerd Girl said...

LOL! I don't think I looked at my newborn daughter that lovingly! Cook something outta the Bayless cookbook and review. Por favor.

GorgeousPuddin said...

That dress is the hotness! I am dying at the Le Creuset pic!! Straight up hate! I want one!!!!! I went to RD just to look at the pie thing again. Straight up HATE! LOL!

Sha Boogie said...

BWAHAHAHA!! Iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou! And I love you.. oh..not you... YOU oh cute blue pot-- so messy! lol

Naima said...

That picture of you cradling your Le Creuset has me dying!! Hahahahahaha!

And yes, that dress is fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

The dress is fabulous! And the look you're giving the Le Creuset is giving me life! It's oh so loving! LOL

SimplyB said...

That dress is FAB and the Le Creuset is the perfect shade of blue!

K. Rock said...

Love the dress on you.Looks nice. Are you talking to your new Cruset baby? Get a grip!

Anonymous said...

That dress looks amazing on you. You look SO happy!

Los Angelista said...

Hahaha! I felt the same way about my Le Creuset tea kettle. And just imagine the WRATH when my husband left it on and ruined it!

BTW, gorgeous in the dress! ;)

1969 said...

Sigh...Le Creuset. LOVE!!!!

Jameil said...

mrstdj.... lolol

ng... lolol! poor lovegirl! i have reviewed something out of there before on the record dish!

gp... thank you! stop hatin! and stop snitchin! the pie plate and everything else there? love.

sha... lololol!

nai... lolol thanks!

lbn... thanks! lolol i do love it!

simply... thanks!

k... thank you! that is my new love! stop hatin! you and gp! hmph.

fdjd... thanks! and i was ecstatic!

liz... omg! i would diiiiieeee!! so sad for you!! thanks!

1969... me too!